Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grandma Gets Revenge

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yep, looks like Mr. Reindeer just had the tables turned. Go granny, go!

Looks like she's also mowing down Christmas trees,
Liz B. - but I guess that's a matter of perspective.

- Related Wreckage: Yes, Let's!


Today's charity, Share Our Strength, works to eliminate childhood hunger here in the U.S. Some of you may recall that we initially featured them on Saturday, but the site wouldn't accept $1 donations. We've since created a First Giving page for it, though, so now there are no minimums, plus you can watch our progress!

Click here to donate your dollar. Or go the extra mile, and sign up to host a Great American Bake Sale!

Wondering what all this is about? Check out Friday's post to catch up.
Half Assed Kitchen said...

I don't know...kind of looks like a flattened muppet to me.

Trevor said...

I think it would be awesome if we organized a national day of cake wrecks bake sales for SoS!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for putting that song in my head. By the way, judging from the way that the reindeer head is undemolished, while the rest of him is flatter than a crepe, I'd say that he was run over from behind----Cake Forsenics-
I'm gonna open up a new field. And why is there random green peices in the snowbank? Because, if he was run over head to toe, she woulda crashed into the tree, and carried the needles along, shedding as she goes, but he was run over from behind, so she crashed into the tree later, so there must have been a strong wind that day. Word verification-restr.
Restr, and put her in a cell for running over reindeer- but, that raises another question- where's the other reindeer?

Me said...

Wow, that cake has serious philosophical perspectives. It really makes you think before you devour it.

MarliO said...

The bulldozed slain deer is taken down again! Didn't know that grandma had access to a bulldozer.

By the way, this is (a) late and (b) Canadian (if it matters), but I wanted to bring to everyone's attention an amazing charity. Farm Radio International supports African farmers by helping them exchange information by radio. The results are incredible. http://www.farmradio.org/english/donors/publications/brochure/brochure_e.pdf

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I read your blog in my google reader and I had to click on the picture to see if I was really seeing entrails coming out of that deer! I mean, if the smack down was intentional, I'd get the joke. But this is even funnier to have the string of lights make you do a double take. Wow.

Chrissy said...

But at least the Christmas tree is kind of cute. LOL

Anonymous said...

Don't know if it's too late to suggest a charity but I have long been a supporter of Heifer International which is an international organization teaching farming skills and providing initial crops to under-developed communities all over the world. They teach sustainable farming, educate the community on hunger and poverty world wide and are very well run organization. I highly recommend supporting them! And thanks for this site. I enjoy looking at all the hrm...interesting cakes. ;) -Teresa Kowall, Atlanta USA

No place like home for the holidays said...

um, this makes me think of egyptian frescos, how the reindeer is shown from above while the tree is given a profile view.....can't we choose one perspective and use that?

Anonymous said...

Wow, the perspective on that one amazes me.

Also, you should donate to the ASPCA. They help animals in need. You might have seen the really sad commercials with Sarah McLachlan.

Sharon said...

Where's the incriminating Granny tracks?

CookieMonster said...

It is all a matter of perspective. Obviously, this wrekerator has trouble with spatial reasoning.

Nancy M. said...

Just want to add a little tidbit about Heifer International. Something I think is super-cool about the organization is that while they do help people get on their feet with donations of animals and training, they also ask that the recipients of these gifts try to give back to the program if they can.

Also, Rudolph had it coming, man. He was just asking for it.

Taylor@MyOlderBrothers said...

You guys don't know what you're talking about. The perspective is fine.

That's not sky, that's a body of water with a fluffy coastline.
And obviously, the tree was cut down, so it's laying in the snow.

So the whole cake is a bird's eye view.

Terry Lee said...

looks like bambi on a snowy slip 'n slide. poor baby.

another awesome charity today!!

Anonymous said...

Why am I suddenly thirsty?

*going to check for eggnog in fridge*

Andrea in Ohio

WV: pockest: UMMM... I know that pock is a real word, therefore I cannot make a joke about this word in relation to cakes. *shudders*

Mallory said...

This is one of my new favorite-est wrecks.

Anonymous said...

CIDNY--Center for Independence of the Disabled in New York.


Please help.

Anonymous said...

This wreck reminds me that the ASPCA is a good charity to donate to.

gba_gf said...

Road Kill, on a cake? Really? Why?

Bec said...

A charity to add to your list of possibilities: http://www.autismspeaks.org/

I work with special needs children and Autism is kind of a blanket term for a spectrum disorder. The amount of money spent by families of autistic children on research, support, and procedures is huge. If we could even make a little dent in it would be awesome. There is a 1 in 68 chance your son could be born autistic and a 1/91 that any of your children could be born with. With odds this low, it is something that could affect a lot of cake wreckers out there so lets pitch in to help!

Melissa (& Billy) said...

Just goes to show--don't mess with Grandma! XD

(In other words, wreckorators beware! Grandma's coming for you!)

Unknown said...

Love the one they had to label as snow.

One charity I love is First Book (www.firstbook.org). They provide new books to kids who wouldn't otherwise get a new book - and access to books is the best way to prevent illiteracy.

I also love the Minnesota Women of Today (www.mnwt.org) but they are very local to MN. I might host a cake wreck fundraiser with my local Women of Today chapter sometime in the new year :)

Hobbit said...

Oh, poor Rudolph!

Now would be a good time to remind you wonderful Cake Wreck folks not to forget the Humane Society or PAWS. :-)

Brandy F said...

Am I the only one that sees a Frogger game?

Unknown said...

I would like to suggest Doctors without borders as a charity.

Anonymous said...

It's demeaning enough to be shackled to some crazy old weirdo's makeshift cargo sled and hoof it across the entire globe in one night. The last thing poor Rudolf needs now is to see himself eviscerated on a holiday dessert.

BTW Jen-- here is my vote for a charity: United States Quad Rugby Association! They support quadripleigic athletes across this fine country. This sport changes lives and gives people their mojo back. We must support mojo! Visit them here: www.quadrugby.com.

Liz in Seattle

Danielle said...

Crikey! It's another sighting of Poo-Dolph the Bulldozed Slain-Deer!

Or maybe it's just a deer skin rug sitting in the snow. Makes me think of that polar bear/underwear man cake.

Unknown said...

Does it look like Fozzy Bear to anyone else?

Jessica - Magical Mundane said...

Wow that is just great LOL "Grand...ma ran over a Reindeer, Just to get revenge on Christmas Day, She had heard about her neighbor Wilma, And decided to make the SOB pay...."

On a side note, I nominated you for an award on my blog but please do not feel obligated to do anything. You probably get a bunch of these MeMe's. I just wanted to give you some props. :)


Nads' Bakery said...

Am I looking at Rudolph as roadkill???

Melanie said...

Again - lovely idea with the charity countdown. Happy to donate my daily dollar.

Hoping you can help me Save the Boobies:


Mama Bear said...


May I still suggest an organization?
CURE Childhood Cancer is an awesome organization that helped our good friends. Out of the federal funding that is directed toward cancer research, less than 2% is directed toward solving children’s cancer. This organization funds research, provides emotional and physical support to families in treatment and also for bereaved families.

Stella said...

Oh look, it's the reindeer BUG.

Jackie said...

love the random red border... really adds to the image of a squashed reindeer!

Erin said...

Love your site, but I must admit until now, I've been a lurker;/ But your charity idea is so great, I wanted to throw you a couple of names, really worthy causes (that I support but am not affiliated with btw) that I hope you'll consider:

Star Ecostation:
It's a California exotic wildlife refuge. Basically, if animals are brought into the country illegally and confiscated, they can't go back and they can't stay here. Hmm, what a conundrum! So this amazing organization takes them in and gives them a second chance.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Simply the best domestic animal sanctuary you'll ever see, hands down. They have specially designed habitats for dogs, dogs with special needs, cats, including feral that will never be adopted, rabbits, even a horse or two, I believe! Their outreach is incredible, too-- a lot of Michael Vick's dogs went here and they have done rescues in New Orleans after Katrina and I believe in some wartorn areas too.

LOVE your site and visit it often. Happy holidays to both of you!

Trixie61 said...

Is there a sister-wreck to "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road"?

Casey said...

So glad you're introducing us to these great charities!

Fanboy Wife said...

If only they would have mixed up the perspectives a little bit more, then we'd have a Cubist cake!

jillb-ilslp said...

I suggested hopeforlouisville.com the other day for the homeless.
But I would also like to bring this one to your attention:

100% of the net proceeds will go directly to Rett Syndrome research


* Debilitating neurological disorder that predominantly affects females.
* The most severe form of autism.
* The leading cause of severe impairment in girls - most cannot speak,
walk or use their hands.
* As prevalent as Cystic Fibrosis, ALS and Huntington's.
* Another little girl is born with Rett Syndrome every 90 minutes

I became very close to the founder because I was her daughter, Sarah's speech therapist for a few years. They are your-kind-of-folk. Their annual fundraiser is on April Fool's Day, when kids around the country dress up to raise money and awareness.

Thank you both for doing this amazing thing! I find myself smiling about it several times throughout the day. Love you guys!

And btw - Grandma was obviously driving a John Deere and leaving bits of wreckage along the way. Don't mess with NaMaw!

Stephanie said...

*snickers* Grandma's revenge indeed... either that or someone thought Santa was trespassing. :P

Redd said...

the second cake would be almost cute if, you know, it wasn't for the plastic flotsam.

As for the last cake, um, Rudolph was so happy that he finished decorating his tree, that he decided to celebrate by doing cartwheels. Yeah, that's it.

WV: coldons
I really shouldn't visit this site after midnight, because I couldn't think of a joke to go with that wv that wasn't rated 'r' or worse...

Anonymous said...

It looks like Rudolph was taken by an avalanche!