Thursday, November 12, 2009

Boston in the Fall

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanks to our two new stops we added on the tour, John and I can now say we have been to Boston in the Fall. The town and trees were lovely, of course, but they paled in comparison to the goodies awaiting us at the show:

It's Cake Rex!

This delicious dinosaur was made by Jenn, John, & Melissa of Birchgrove Baking. They also supplied this super cute sheet cake:

[announcer voice] But wait, there's mooore!

We also had the lovely Erin and Sharon of Cakes By Erin provide several delicious sheet cakes, PLUS this:

John, who likes to live life dangerously, referred to this as Yankee Stadium [smirk], but it's actually Fenway Park. (Not that *I* know any better, of course, but he was corrected rather passionately by the crowd.)

And here are all of our lovely bakers!

From the left, that's Melissa, Jenn, Sharon, & Erin. These gals rock, y'all.

Ready to see our "winners"?

Here we have Alyssa, Meagan, and Lisa, our grand prize winner.

Check out their entries:

We were in the city of Framingham, so Lisa got all literal on us with her winning entry. (It's a frame around a ham, see?)

UPDATE: Lisa has informed me that it's not "just" a frame and a ham: the hands are also "framing" the composition in the, and I quote, "progressive form of the verb." Lisa, please tell me you're an English teacher. ;)

You might not recognize this Wreck, because it's one of the new ones in the book. (Have I mentioned lately that the book has about 75% NEW Wreckage? And that it makes for an EXCELLENT holiday gift? Hmm?)

My Wrecksistant Extraordinaire Anne-Marie drove from Maine to attend the show, and she was thrilled to see this bed bug Wreckplica from one her posts. (Complete with ravioli pillow!)

Here are a few more crowd pleasers:

Disco Newt!

They got sprinkles.

There were TONS of great Wreckplica entries in Boston, though, so check out the rest in the FB album here.

And lastly, I have to share what artists Kelli N. & Travis D. made for me, because it made me very, very happy:

Ta da!

Isn't it awesome?!? Mere words cannot describe how much I love this plaque. So thanks again, Kelli & Travis; this is going to look great on my "Wrecky World Domination" wall. ;)
Abby said...

if the first part wasn't about Veggie Tales then i have no idea what you meant by Boston in the Fall. but if it WAS... way to be! : )

Anonymous said...

Hahaha—great cakes in MA! Wish we’d had something more out of the ordinary from a bakery for you in KC, though the little cupcakes are always a treat. :) I just thought this was odd, though, because this town is actually full of creative talent, being home to Hallmark and all— you can’t swing a dead cat in Kansas City without hitting a graphic artist!

Chris in KC

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

LOVE the cake Rex!~

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Veggie Tales reference!

The ham in the frame is wonderful. Gotta love a literal sense of humor!

Lynn in MN
btw-Why aren't you guys coming to Minnesota for your book tour???

Jules AF said...

Oh my gosh. The Cake Rex is absolutely adorable!

Exit, Pursued by a Bear said...

"EXCELLENT holiday gift? Hmm"

OFFS, the word is "Christmas".

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm SO sorry I wasn't able to attend - it looks as if you had a wonderful turnout and great-looking wrecks. And the un-Wrecks were gorgeous! Thanks so much for posting this; I was a-wishin' and a-hopin' you would.

WV: acken... my heart's just acken 'cause I missed you in Framingham!

Merry from Annie's Book Stop/Sharon

john (the hubby of Jen) said...

Exit, pursued by a bear,

Actually, we here at Cake Wrecks believe that the book (available at your local bookstore for just $12.95! What a deal!) should be given as a gift at all holiday gatherings. It would bring the world together! It would solve world hunger! It would bring laughter to the children!!! *wiping away tears*

Now don't you owe it to your fellow Americans of every faith, color and creed to go out and buy this book (only $12.99!) if only to bring a little joy to the world?!?!

Heal the world...
Make it a
For you and for me and for all who order cakes...

So go out there Mr., uh, Bear and spread the joy this RamaChanaKwanzMas. For the children.

Thank you,


Me, Myself, and I said...

I'm so looking into ordering a cake from whichever of these bakeries turns out to be closer to me. I've been in Boston in the fall, but I've never thrown my mashed potatoes up against the wall.
I'm thrilled that so many people knew that reference.

Jennifer said...

I <3 <3 the Cake Rex! So cute, but so achingly sad that his useless upper appendages will prevent him from cutting himself a slice of cake. :(

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! The Cake Rex and the plaque are outta sight! I love them so much. Thanks to all.

Amanda | Glittericity said...

But have you ever painted daisies on a big red rubber ball? :D
I love the framed ham! Hey, are you going to post pics of the Atlanta stop?

WV: profte - nerdy meme turns cake-wrecky:

Step 1: Bake cake
Step 2: Frost cake
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profte!

Anonymous said...

And I've never licked a spark plug. . . and I've never sniffed a stinkbug. . stink bug? Stinkbug. Hmmm. . .something.

Loves it =) Go Sox!

Amanda said...

The fact that John referred to that cake as Yankee stadium and made it out alive is a small miracle in itself.
I should get one of those for my brother for his birthday. He would die if he got the "Green Monstah" in cake.

Bookworm said...

a) LOVE Cake Rex--super cute and creative!
b) That sprinkle cake is making me very hungry for ice cream covered in multicolored sprinkles...(:

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so wish I'd been able to make it! Totally would have made the trip if I hadn't had work. The Rex is ADORABLE and what I wouldn't give for a piece of that Fenway!

Sixkidsmommy said...

I love everything about your site. No matter what kind of a day I am having, I know I am in for a hearty chuckle once I visit here. You guys really rock!

Anonymous said...

the cake rex is awesome! But the Cakess by Erin Fenway Park got the baseball field wrong. All the base tracks are supposed to lead into the pitcher's mound, not around to each other in a diamond shape!

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh! That Fenway cake is amazing! Looks like a good time ; )

smbelcas said...

What was not mentioned in this post was how freaking hilarious Jen and John were! I attended with a non-CakeWrecks-reader and we were both in fits of laughter. (I was actually crying at one point, laughing so hard.)

And... the Birchgrove Baking cake was DELICIOUS as well as beautiful. Yum!

Anonymous said...

John is lucky he didn't get killed for calling that Fenway cake, Yankee stadium. That is just SO wrong!


john (the hubby of Jen) said...

Anon@ 9:44,

Wow. Awesome obscure reference. It took me like a full minute to get it. I read it to Jen and she laughed immediately. I hate that she's smarter.


Anonymous said...

to John @ 6:43 - hey, we really, truly have The Book on display on our front table - and everyone loves it. Which reminds me, time to re-order again. Yay!

Merry at Annie's Book Stop/Sharon

WV: flans. If I had my druthers, I'd druther have cakes than flans any day!

Unknown said...

ANNE-MARIE way to represent!

Leanne said...

The Cake Rex WAS awesome (and tasty!). You guys were hilarious, and if anyone's still wondering about the obscure baseball reference, it's on page 136. :-) I'm also really glad the weird formatting thing got fixed on this entry, it was all squished into the left margin for a few hours there...

WV: priumshi - both times I've typed it now, a "t" has needed deleting from the end... automatic string of letters, y'see...

Tara Jackson said...

YES!! Love the Veggie Tales reference as well!!

And the Cake Rex is just incredible! My favorite tour cake thus far!

Tara in Nashvegas :)

PS For those that don't get the Veggie Tales reference, here ya go:

juliet said...

So glad my immediate Veggie Tales thought was confirmed! Am adding the book to my Christmas list.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Fenway cake!!!!

I would love the have one of those!


Unknown said...

"We are the wreckerators... who don't do anything..."
Sadly, Veggie Tales give my son nightmares. We have to wait until the kids are in bed to watch them.


I have to say these bakers you featured today ROCKED it (or wrecked it if you will!).

Such great cupcake entries too.

Anonymous said...

Swine Flu kept me away, but looks great!

(can't believe you guys ADDED a tour stop that I could've driven to in TEN MINUTES and I was too sick to move, grrr)

joyce said...

the sprinkles crowd at the ball park was the best! Best use of sprinkles! Great proportion. wow

Angie said...

Love the Veggie Tales son (3 yrs old) is constantly singing about "The Pi-rips who don't do anyfing, they just say home and lie arouff" :-)

Cakey Goodness said...

Hmm... Veggie Tales have the potential for great Sunday Sweets or tremendous Wrecks. I'll have to keep an eye out.

BTW I'd still like a "what if I'm not the nerd?" shirt!

Rhonda said...

Swine flu kept me away too :-( So very bummed, I had my wreckplica all planned out and everything.

Unknown said...

I guess you're no longer eligible to be a pirate.

my3boys said...'re supposed to sing about piratey things!

That Kind of Girl said...

hahaha, the idea of referring to Fenway as Yankee Stadium cracked me up. Living dangerously indeed! As a newly-minted Bostonian, even my ire would have been raised by such a comment, were it not made in jest.

Nicole said...

Man, before I even read the post, 'Boston on the Fall' made me crack up! My dad recently traveled there as well, and when my brother and I asked, "So, you've been to Boston in the Fall?" and started cracking up, he was so confused!

Anyways, Rex is AMAZING, as are the other cakes and cake wreckplicas. Keep you-know-whating that chicken!


Unknown said...

At least you weren't in Dedham!

Dazey2 said...

I'm getting the feeling that the bakers of the Cake Rex cake took a look at my blog post of the exact same thing:

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Rex cake. My grandson's name is Rex. Would love to get that for his 2nd b-day. Guess it would be hard to ship...
Wish you could have made it to an area close to us. Love your blog.

Madge, Neal & Wall-E said...

I meant to tell you this when we went through the signing line, but I was dumbstruck by the mere thought of being so close to such famous people. Or something like that...anyway, it's a continuation of one of your favorite jokes:
What's brown and sticky? A STICK!
What's red and can go through your teeth?





heh heh...

Anonymous said...

I had to respond to this post:

Anonymous said...
the cake rex is awesome! But the Cakess by Erin Fenway Park got the baseball field wrong. All the base tracks are supposed to lead into the pitcher's mound, not around to each other in a diamond shape!

I am confused what was wrong, here is a link to a pic of the field, not sure what was wrong?

john (the hubby of Jen) said...

Anon @ 11:07,

Well it's a bit of an inside Cake Wrecks joke. See we did this post a long time ago called "Why we need more male cake decorators." The cake was supposed to be a baseball field but all the baselines ran directly to the pitcher's mound which isn't how it's supposed to work. It actually took me a while to get it but I appreciate that someone has that good of a memory.

So there it is.


Unknown said...

What an adorable plaque!

Unknown said...

Oh my gaaawsh the sprinkle cake is meeee! (My husband looked very amused at the incredibly high pitched squeaking that this post resulted in!)

The dinosaur was the bestest. And super tasty too.

H. R. Taylor said...




BowserRanch said...

OK, my highly technical 6 year old dinosaur-loving geek child wanted me to point out to you that Cake Rex is not technically a Rex because he has three digits on each hand. It is more accurately a Cake Allosaurus. He then suggested that you lovingly bite off the extra digits :)

Anonymous said...

You guys have weird humor. The only thing scarier is that it puts me in fits of laughter. Maybe that's only weird because I'm 12.