Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day Pictionary

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Looking for a fun bonding experience with Dad this weekend? Then how about a little cake Pictionary? It's easy! Here, I'll get you started.

Is this:

A) A sofa

B) A ball cap


C) Worth $3.99

The answer, of course, is D.

See? Easy!

Ok, your turn.

Is this:

A) An exploding cup of hot chocolate

B) A golf bag


C) An appropriate use of an ellipsis

("Aaand the results are in! Happy Father's Day... Bobby! That means Carlos, Jimmy, Leon, Billy, Brad and Tony are NOT the fathers!"



Okay, now here's a tough one. Prepare for multiple multiple choices!

Is this:

A) A chubby bearded pirate with a missing foot sitting on a stack of marshmallows

B) Santa's love handles

C) The Hamburgler, turned inside out

D) Pretty much anything except a grill


E) Still more appetizing than this:

Ok, so maybe that wasn't so hard, after all.

Thanks to Sarah J., Amnesty, Kimberly M., & Rachel M. for playing!


Please tell me in the comments, because I have no friggin' idea.

Thank you.
Rocka said...

What the... I have to confess, I am about to be zero help. I have no idea what these should be. Just... Wow. I am so stoked that we're setting the bar so low, though. That means that if I make a cake this Sunday, it doesn't have to resemble a dang thing. SWEET!

WV: Malion.
My cake this weekend: "Dad, you're one in a malion!"

Fluffy Cow said...

1) A mooning Smurf
2) Half calf mocha latte with a twist
3) A chair made of flesh
4) Several attempts of phalluses

*looks over answers*

theatrgrl said...

The third one looks like the rock monster from GALAXY QUEST!

Pam Wheeler

bassgirl said...

The second one is easy! It's a skunk stuffed into a hand-stitched shopping bag. No brainer!

Oldish Lady said...

I dunno about the rest, but that last one appears to be a collage of a ruler, a doggie biscuit, a dog bowl and two donuts.

I have no idea why anyone would want a cake with those particular items, especially in those colors, but it's a free country and it's not illegal (probably.)

S + J =B, D, P & W said...

hat, golf bag, bbq grill, and tools. wow and yikes!

Susanna said...

An overweight baseball player sliding into first base!

sendingtheclowns said...

They are:

1: a blantant cry for help that is EXTREMELY not worth $3.99.

2: a blantant cry for help that is not worth the cardboard it was ellipted on.

3: a blantant cry for help that would garner much more enthusiasm on April Fool's day.

4: a blantant cry for help that was already bad enough without the plastic flotsam having been put on backwards...

There-that was easy!


sara said...

The last one reminded me of a robot, and tic toc from return to oz had that same mustache so I'm gonna have to saaaaayy WTF?!

Sharon said...

I too saw a coffee cup instead of the golf bag at first. The mystery CCC? Hmmmm.....wrench, saw (or a key), ruler, O-rings (or washers because it was easier to pipe than those bothersome corners on nuts). Looks like the wreckerator was going after a tool theme, but MAN that was bad!

WV: skinson = Lay me some skin, son! (shows what era I'm from)

Sharon's Edible Art

Aliza said...

Further proof that:

(a) Nothing good will come of a CCC

(b) No bakery that sells CCCs can come up with a competent design


(c) Anyone who orders a cake with a design from a regular (as opposed to super-fancy) bakery is planning to submit an entry to Cake Wrecks.

Gary said...

About the last one, as one friend would say, "I don't even want to know."

Kristin said...

The last one is definitely a hammer, tape measure, wrench, bolts, and... an Easter basket?

mary b said...

As far as the last cake goes, I don't think I'd be showing off a measurement of 4 inches. Just sayin.

Liza said...

1) a baseball cap with ear flaps?
2) a frothy mug of root beer?
3) abstract "art"?
4) dog bone, peanut, poo, ruler and some o-rings?

really? I can't believe that among the unemployed there isn't one competent cake decorator that could replace these morons!

Jennifer said...

The last one is of a ruler, saw or hammer, wrench and lug nuts? That's my guess.

Sarah McNair said...

My 3 year old says the third one is a hippopotamus.

Anonymous said...

I had to look up what an ellipsis was.

From Wikipedia -
"In reported speech, the ellipsis is sometimes used to represent an intentional silence, perhaps indicating irritation, dismay, shock or disgust. This definition is more known with younger, internet savvy generations."

Good to know that I'm now part of the younger, internet savvy generation. Once again, proof that Cakewreck rocks.

No idea what the pink one is. I'm thinking arm chair or pink robot wearing a brown belt. All dads like robots for father's day.

Caroline B said...

I don't of them looked a bit like a tankard of Guinness but that's all I could manage and maybe that was wishful thinking.

Fool in a Tree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fool in a Tree said...

I thought the first one was Blue's mutant cousin who never appeared on Blue's Clues.

The third one is a chair from Pee Wee's play house. The uneven legs and odd shape makes this chair Chairry's soul mate.

I want to say the last one is the Tardis repair kit.

Oggie said...

According to my 3 year old:

1) a flower
2) a refrigerator
3) a chair
4) a hammer, a dog bone, a basket, and two donuts

sendingtheclowns said...

Okay--I just realised that the plastic crap on that last specimen isn't really backwards-it's just that the photo shows the cake upside-down. (!)
Ahhh, that makes such a difference, n'est pas?


jo said...

other options besides those already presented:

1) a shirt? a pair of slippers?
2) a mug of beer over flowing with foam? a corset? (hey, you never know)
3) a robot? dad in his armchair watching the game next to a roll of paper towels (or tp?)
4) a round edged ruler, numbered backwards? the wreckerator must be left handed. nice....meanwhile those "tools" look like colored bones and what's with inflatable dish of Easter grass? and the Os?

TornadoAlli said...

Does that 2nd cake say 'fappy' Father's Day?... Ewww.

sendingtheclowns said...


I am SO glad you looked that up; I was going crazy. But, somehow for me, it still isn't quite clear, because of the beginning:

"In reported speech, the ellipsis is sometimes used to represent...(yadayada so on & so forth)"

What about what it means in UNreported speech? Further clarification seems warranted.
Don't look at me, though. I'm looking into what the word sispille means backwards.

LeftWingLock said...

Got the hat.

Got the golf bag after reading the choices and squinting really hard but like the skunk in a purse explanation better. Still not sure why the "H" on it drops below the baseline such as a lower case J or F would. Makes it look like Flappy Father's Day, which sounds like more fun.

Absolutely no frickin' clue.

Got the tools with the giant dog biscuit. It's nice they remembered the doggy fathers too.

GrnEyes said...

What have fathers around the world ever done to deserve such hideous cakes? Do these "bakers" just hate their dads and this is their means of self expression? Get some therapy people, don't take it out on the cakes! Incidentally, that pink one made me want to vomit and the brown one resembled a frankenstein toy. what is up with that?

Anonymous said...

1) A blue Waddle Dee from Kirby with a baseball cap over his head.
2) Maybe a root beer float in a very ornate mug?
3) Deformed, anthropomorphic rhinoceros. Easy.
4) The last thing a Wreckerator made before realizing how pathetic their life was, snapping and running out of the grocery store while screaming for revolution. Or maybe they're getting paid by CCC thing and enjoy watching shoppers stare in confusion.

sendingtheclowns said...

One more question: what do you call that affliction that causes people to put letters into words where they don't belong??
I don't know either, but there should be a blatant call for the removal of non-words such as "blantant."


Anonymous said...

The first is a hat, 2nd I thought a beer mug or ho chocolate bu it does indeed look like a golf bag, I thought the 3rd one was an arm chair but I guess grill would work too, I suppose the last one could be tools.

M. Dale said...

Anyone else see dad's tombstone in #1? Yup, a tombstone floating in the clouds. Happy Father's Day!

john (the hubby of Jen) said...


You're absolutely right. I'm changing it now.


elissa said...

B. A. and None of the Above (The 3rd one is a dancing robot).

Fortunately, Dads don't care about this kind of thing, as long as they get to eat the cake and put up their feed.

WV: carpreac. A startled koi, cut short (carp react).

Donna M. said...

1. Blue (from Blue's Clues)...after eating a wreck.
2. A rootbeer float (that you drink while eating wrecks)
3. what the average butt looks like...after eating wrecks.
4. the remnants of #3 after eating wrecks 1 & 2

sendingtheclowns said...

Anyone else get a huge boot out of those "MANAGER'S SPECIAL" stickers?
Y'know?...because if the actual MANAGER thinks this thing is a sacrifice at a $3.99, then HEY--it must be:
really special/extra tasty/have money hidden inside/worth $2.99.
Personally, I think it just means, "Getitthehellouttahere before it crawls out on its own."


mel said...

Let the psychological tests begin....
#1 - the long lost cake from Picasso's Blue Period, with an experimental dip into what became, when fully developed, the DADA era
#2 -- looks vaguely pornagraphic
#3 -- an experiment that went horribly, horribly wrong -- just cover your eyes and think of rainbows and unicorns
#4 -- the obvious saw, ruler, wrench with nut, two spare nuts, and an old cupcake sprinkled with plastic grass left over from Easter(sometimes a cigar is just a cigar)

Addendum: the lettering on cake #2 reads "fappy Fathers Day..." so to all those fappy fathers, enjoy your day....

@sendingtheclowns 9:51 am: funny, and I feel your pain :-)

wv - atembin: to try, as in, "Next, I'll be atembin a flag cake!"

Anonymous said...

I thought the golf bag was a beer stein. And I was more concerned about the beer being poured incorrectly leading to weird looking foam than I was to the idea of a kid giving their dad an alcoholic looking cake for Father's Day. I come from a part of the country where we like ourselves the beer.

Also, the grill, I thought was a fire hydrant. But thanks to religious reading of cakewrecks, I quickly identified it as a grill. I remember a similar grill style cake that I spent forever on trying to figure out how in the world it was remotely a grill. It was kind of like those magiceye trick images. But thanks to cakewrecks I can now figure them out quickly :)

BB, Miami said...

1. The blue monster from Monsters, Inc walking away with his head down.

2. A skunk breaking into a garbage can.

3. A robot sitting on a white suitcase.

4. Doggy chew toys, well chewed.

Danielle said...

I have to say, when I saw the "Golf Bag" before reading the options, this is what went through my head..."Oh, come on. Give them a break. I can easily tell this is a beer mug with some foam on top." LOL Then I saw the options and um, well...yeah.

Roses said...

I'm pretty sure one of these was either:

a) a mug of beer, or
b) a corsette

(Sadly, golf bag wasn't even on my radar for that one. Thbbbt!)

Anonymous said...

I think it's supposed to be the contents of a tool box.

The brown and blue thing in the top left corner is a saw.

Below it is a ruler.

The blue "doggie bone" is a wrench. And I'm guessing the 2 circles are bolts.

But I don't know what the blue and green thing is in the bottom left corner

Juli said...

Pic #2 is clearly a posse of skunks thrown tails-up into a blender.

Nadia said...

It could not be more simple, Luanne. You want me to show this to the cat, and have the cat tell you what it is? 'Cause the cat's going to get it.

It's dignity! Gah! Don't you even know dignity when you see it?

Konica Croft said...

My three year old says

#1 a thinking chair
#2 A cup
#3 Another thinking chair
#4 A world, a bone, o's and a ruler

Sharyn said...

Here goes...

1. Sully from "Monsters, Inc." wearing a body-colored "Dad" backpack, dejectedly walking away from us (head bowed) because Boo just went back through her door.

2. A horta. The flowy stuff near the top is where it got shot by the phaser. (Really. When I look at that cake my first thought is "Pain. Pain. Cry for the children.")

3. A small intestine, dressed for success in a Jackie O. style suit, complete with a pillbox hat, sitting on a bus in the seat by the wheel well.

4. An enlarged view of the microscopic things that infest hotel linens. (I saw it on "Dateline.")

Of all the cakes, the second one makes me the most sad (and not just because I like hortas...) Look how much detail they used to make a cake that was completely unrecognizable. Someone took the time to do that.

WV: saccur -- What I exclaimed when I saw the first cake. "Saccur Bleu!"

TK said...

Sadly, since I have worked as a cake decorator...I can tell by the disasters what they are supposed to be on sight. But I still think they are cake wrecks. I HATED making CCC when I worked for a grocery store. Though, the idea of what people would order and have no idea of what they wanted the end result to be. Too many people treat cake decorating like it's just a job. Many of us are in it because we love to be creative. But creativity comes from having parameters. It breeds creativity, not stifles it. I am not defending these cakes by any stretch of the means, just asking that PLEASE, when you order a cake, have an idea what you want or what the person who is getting it wants. It is not a hallmark card you can just throw a few well wishes on and it can turn out perfect.

At the same time, cake decorators as a whole need to pay more attention. Then again, a lot of cake decorators have managers who put the decorators in charge of the entire bakery and expect them to do everything to keep it stocked as well as a full time job decorating...and still expect it to be done in under 8 a day.

That being said, I do love this website.

lilpea said...

These were easy:
1. Armchair
2. Golf Bag
3. Armchair with wooden arms and legs (not seeing the grill)
4. Various Tools

If only all pictionary games were this easy. I think I have the "challenged artist" eye. I wonder what Rorschach would think of my answers.

Nanette said...

Sometimes I think they are meant for people just looking for a sugar rush who do not care about what it looks like, maybe cakes for the blind.
That is the only thing that I can come up with, but they are meant to be served in a very dark room that way it might be edible, has anyone ever purchased an eaten one of these monstrosities does it even taste good or has it been in the case that it is as fresh as an old gym shoe left in the trunk of a hot car in Florida for a week.

Donna M. said...

It just hit me, the third one is Chairy from PeeWee's Playhouse!

Ok Kids, the magic word for today is "Wreck" Aaaaayayahahahayahajah!

Courtney said...

I LOVE Fluffy Cow's responses! LOL


Sharyn said...

@BB, Miami @12:33


Anonymous said...

#1 is an easy chair --- a big, over stuffed chair. A blue one. #2 is a golf bag, no doubt about it. #3 still has be a bit confused, I don't see a BBQ grill, but when in doubt, call it a grill. #4 is tools --- that fire hydrant thingy is a double ended wrench with a bolt in the end --- the other end is hidden by the reflection.

Loo-E Loo-I said...

1) Even though it's probably supposed to be a hat, I like Fluffy Cow's "mooning Smurf".

2) I initially saw a mug of beer/hot co-co/latte. I'm sure they're supposed to be golf clubs, my dad wouldn't use clubs like that....

3) An angry bottle of Pepto Bismol.

4) LOL at mary b.! I wouldn't use tools like that...don't know where they've been!

wv: poustint: What happens to #2 when you eat lots of blue frosting.

Julie B said...

Before I read the choice of hat for the first one, I definitely saw a tombstone for Dad and thought maybe it was one of those over the hill cakes in a cheery blue blob.

The third one was just about everything suggested BUT a grill. I was thinking maybe an arm chair with a white book nearby or maybe a hamburger-person where the big part is the hamburger torso, and there is the hamburger head with a hat and little hamburger legs...

wv: extuti
My daughter was all dressed for her dance class, but now that she has changed, she is extuti.

vertizoo said...

Seriously?? Can none of you see it??? It is so OBviously a beer stein wearing a cooler shaped like a German Beer Wench's lederhosen corset!

What else could it be???

wv - "inaph" as in "inaph already with the wrecks! Find me a REAL decorator!"

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you are making fun of people who have so many partners they don't know who the father of their child is! So insensitive! I'm never reading Cake Wrecks again... until tomorrow. ;)

wv: sille "I Love to start my day with a little sille, so I always visit Cake Wrecks first thing!"

BP said...

*waves hand wildly* OOOHHOOOH!!! Pick me! I know! It's the exploding mug of hot chocolate, for sure!

Anonymous said...

ball cap, golf bag, easy chair, and a saw, a ruler and several other things i don't recognize

Sherry said...

And so, after reading all the comments it is sad to report that I must be the only dirty minded creature out here! In picture number four I see a tool, but it is not meant for cutting wood per se. It sorta looks like some poor man who has... I'll let the rest of you take over that one! Hahahaha oh, and check out the proper use of the ellipsis in my comment!

Sherry said...

Dang, I must have missed Mary b's comment!!! Glad to know I am not the only dirty minded in the bunch!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I now understand why you hate CCCs.

First one is a very lumpy baseball cap.

2nd one is a very poorly drawn golf bag.

3rd one I had no idea until I saw your multiple choices, but one of my thoughts was a hamburger sundae.

4th isn't bad for trying to make tools out of cupcakes, but looks like something out of a toddler doodle.


Michelle said...

I have no idea what the first one is. But, I've figured out what the second one is! It is definitely an art deco locomotive being attacked by a giant skunk! Now, what that has to do with Father's Day is beyond me. But it is a striking work of art, is it not?

The third one is obviously Dad's head, with a mustache stylized to look like two hamburgers, marshmallows caught in his strange beard, and a chocolate bow in his sparse hair.

The last one might be a toolkit. Or it might be a bone, a ruler, a stylized phallus, and a pair of gunmetal-blue doughnuts. Not sure which is more horrifying.

wv: fored, adj, what you call someone who just got hit by dad's stray golfball

Anonymous said...

I asked my kids to play cake pictionary with me. I didn't show them your multiple choice; I only showed them the pictures and let them guess.

1. flower
2. cup of coffee
3. a man
4. dog toys

Then my son asked me, are these REALLY made by professional bakeries? I have never bought them a bakery cake. We make and decorate our own cakes at home.

Evin said...

1. A recliner
2. A golf bag
3. Testicle pie?

maidofclay said...

The second one = brown corset with Dad exploding out of it. No wonder they've fallen out of style.

and the third one = dude with some 'rolls' sitting on a too-small toilet. Now that's appetizing!

Happy Father's Day!?


Ceili said...

The last one is most definitely an Inuksuk. An Inuit landmark. Why someone would give it to a dad is beyond me, maybe they are from the north? lol

Anonymous said...

OMG you people are hilarious. Loving these comments--creative stuff!

meanwhile, if that's a grill, the white thingis the propane tank. I don't know why it's wearing a hat/has a chimney

Anonymous said...

WARNING: this post may upset sensitive viewers and may or may not be pornographic)

These are clearly the previously unpublished collection of victims of Jeffry Dahmer's CCC murder rampage.

A. Decapitated Smurf torso CCC (aged 5)

B. Innocent skunk murderd by drowning in cleverly disguised beer mug leather gimp suit (age 9)

C. Road kill armadillo (murder weapon: rollerskates. Age unknown)

D. Collection of murdered Smurf 'body parts', nuts, toolsetc'. Complete with tool measuring equipment. (Aged 5-19)

Kayto said...

Come now, number two is obviously a skunk in a saddlebag, celebrating the manly outdoorsy-ness that makes a father a MAN.

Jennifer said...

That last one....phallus with a measuring tape underneat that.

(you see what I did there?)

wv: ishaedal. Foghorn Leghorn is about to make a pronouncement:

I shaed, I shaed, I these cakey things....I shaed they were good if you don't look at'em.

Craig said...

#1 D: None of the above. Manager: "I'm about to run out of these 'special' stickers -- when I do, you will have run out of time to learn how to decorate."

#2 Having read the 'Horta' comment, I can't not see that. In a golf bag.

"A Horta! Mister Spock, we need that retardation mechanism." By the looks of things, I'd say that could be found in a number of bakeries. BTW, the first letter looks like a 'J'.

#3 A really bad (and damaged) armchair, propped up with a computer case. "There, that'll fix it!" Even as a loyal reader of CW, I cannot see a grill.

#4 Counter-clockwise, from upper left: A saw, a ruler, a globe (what toolbox isn't complete with one of those?), a 'wrench' (he said, invoking the unwilling suspension of disbelief) and two circular things.

Aurora said...

I just assumed Sendingtheclowns' use of "blantant" meant it was their wv word. In which case, I was thinking, good usage! Now the illusion is shattered!

I can't give any insight into most of those, but one is very much full of phallic references. Makes me wonder about the state of mind of the baker.

Marilyn said...

I guess I have been reading Regretsy too long, because all I saw in the last one was an unfortunate array of sex toys.

Anonymous said...

#1 is a Blue Smurf Sumo Wrestler. Totally. I don't know how you didn't see that.

Pat Carlson said...

I get it! Reading upside down, the Easter grass is really a plaque, complete with sprinkled frame, proclaiming "Happy Father's Day."

Aron said...

Oh dear! I too first saw #1 as a tombstone in the clouds. #2 was a stein of radioactive beer. #3 was an armchair leaking poo - sorry, no amount of squinting and twisting my head sideways will make that be a grill. Nope! #4 is ...well, to be honest, I first saw an array of phalluses (phalli?) with a ruler. But, sure, we can call them a "tool kit" if you insist.

Anne-with-an-e said...

I love the fact that people assume everything posted here are custom orders. My local grocery stores' bakeries can crank out some wrecky stuff on their very own, with no customer input. There are some optimistic wreckerators out there who do nothing but dream of the joy their attempts at whatever will bring, for the mere price of $3.99. Alas, I must confess I have helped them persist in this delusion, as I have relieved them of a few wrecks to photograph for submission here, after which I put them out of their misery.

Kimberly said...

I thought the first one might have been Skull the troll from PVP...

I went from steaming coffee to corset on the second, but I like 'dying horta' much better.

Sometimes I can squint and look at the cake, then the options, and go, yeah, I can see that. Kinda. I really really can't on the third one. It's not a grill. I thought maybe armchair on stilts.

But now I'm just going to have to go with 'Jabba the Hutt in a coconut bra on his pedestal'. The thing on the right could totally be Salacious B Crumb's seating area, or the snack holder.

You're welcome.

WV: thlem. I think these cakes are made of thlem. Which is totally like made of win, but not.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure the second one is an accordion in a wig.

Anonymous said...

Am I really the only one who sees Fat Albert in the third picture, or am I just the only one who will admit it?

Hey hey HEY!!! Have a haaaaapy Father's Day!!!

Craig said...

Okay, I see the plaque in #4. As for the ellipsis in #2, that can also mean 'message continues', which gives one pause to wonder what the rest of the message might be. Maybe a spoken "just kidding." Followed by concerned looks and helpful instructions, such as, "sit down here and have a corset-covered mug of Horta. That should revive you."

But hey, it's the thought that counts, right? (Note to self: just keep thinking, 'I want to be a dad -- it will be worth it.')

tiny p elephant said...

sofa chair
tool-saw, ruler,spanner nut/bolts

Anonymous said...

O_o can't...comprehend

Marie said...

wrench, saw, ruler, bolts? Those are my guesses for the last cake.

Anonymous said...

I asked my 5-year-old because I had no idea. According to him, they are:
1. a dress
2. part of a guitar with waves coming out
3. a girl person
4. a ruler, mallet, dog bone, Earth and donuts

Sure, why not??

Anonymous said...

1) It's a NoneoftheAbove!
2) A face corset with streak & spike failure hair.
3)Love child of wheelchair and pink beanbag chair. Hi Dad!
4) Tools for dyslexic dads (see ruler).

wv: imbless these not mine

Rev W

Anonymous said...

#4 is cow tools.


Anonymous said...

1. Baseball cap.
2. golf bag
3. chair and remote control
4. ruler, wrench, bolts, hammer, and what I'm guessing is a tape measure

Anonymous said...

That is clearly a skunk hiding in the golf bag...duh!

Anonymous said...

Definitely exploding hot chocolate.

ji11 said...

That last one looks like a ruler, an attempt at a hammer, a cake and while I am dumbfounded by the object on the right, my daughter sees a wrench and some bolts.

Adorably Dead said...

Oh my, that blue one looks like a bone with an anus. 0_o

peajay23 said...

I could kind of see all(after you somewhat mentioned them) except for the second to last. What IS that? Was that seriously supposed to be a grill? I would love to hear the explanation from the decorator. I say decorator and NOT baker because who ever did this could NEVER figure out how to make a cupcake.

Arlene said...

Oh my.. I prefer the exploding hot cocoa to that last looks like a variety of dirty things I shall not name lol. So that exploding hot cocoa one is decent compared to the others. Poor poor dad.

Roland said...

7 separate blue cupcakes are probably worth $3.99. Does jamming them together lessen their value?

It's sad that we've learned to recognize that as a grill by identifying the cupcake with the spot on it as a wheel.

rachel said...

A hammer, wrench, ruler, and don't know what the thing is in the corner!

CT said...

1) a rear view of Blue from Blue's Clues
2) a badger trying to put on a corset
3) Iron Man's ancestor, Regency Furniture Man
4) a tragic dismembermental accident involving some of the Mister Men

there's something to be said for celebrating Father's Day with, perhaps, lasagna...

flying gargoyle said...

Is #3 Santa in an electric chair?? No, wait, can't be. I must need more coffee (up too late celebrating the Bruins). Sleep-deprivation + cake wrecks = one surreal start to a day.

Anonymous said...

I believe the last one is supposed to be tools?? I see an almost ruler ( so my first thought was school supplies) but then I realized that there may be a hammer in there, and perhaps a tape measure. You really have to apply some abstract thinking here!!....??? ( I LOVE puncuation)


Vanessa Martin said...

That last one reminds me of "Cow Tools," by Gary Larson.

May said...

AHHahahaha! Win!

American Momma said...

Okay here's my guess - you have to let me know if I win a Dewey Button for those (my dad always asked if we wanted one of those)...

1)Baseball Cap
2)A Golf Bag filled with an explosive amount of root beer (guess someone shook it).
3)This cake caused some dissension. I thought it was a grill or a hamburger. My twelve year old said it is quite obviously a throne. And while she meant a King's throne, after I looked at the picture and saw the uneven leg with the white spot and the block of white next to it, I realized that the block of white could indeed be toilet paper and the uneven legs the pipes - so it could be a throne. However, my seven year old just delcared it disgusting. I think he might be right.

4.)Is a tool box with a hammer made of poo, a wrench, the world's smallest ruler that mom obviously used as an inside joke, err insult to dad as I have never seen a two inch ruler before, and two bolts, and I do believe that the blue round thing with the green sprinkles might be a tape measure going with the ruler above, or a box of nails or screws, which when looking at the wrench makes sense in a phallic kind of way :-P

Sarah said...

The first one is blues c lues(the cute dog from that show)without a face.

The second one is an exploding backpack.

The third cake is a really fat walrus in a pink hat, shirt, and skirt combo, siting on an invisible iceberg.

Sarah said...

1) Blues c lues (the cute little dog from the kids show) without a face.

2) A backpack full of exploding root beer.

3) A REALLY fat walrus wearing a pink hat, shirt, and skirt combo, while siting on an invisible iceberg.

4) An edible dog care kit, complete with a dog bone, a water bowl, two blue tennis balls, food, and a ruler(for disciplinary reasons unfortunately.)

Anonymous said...

that last one looks like it's got blue balls on a fairly below average endowed man. (according to that ruler).

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

I thought for a second that the first one was the "thinking chair" from Blue's Clues. Then I remembered that it's red. I still think the cake is Blue's Clues related somehow, though. I think we NEED Blue's Clues to solve this one!

Meghan New said...

1. It's a CCC, duh! Need we say more?

2. It's hot chocolate in a golf bag-shaped mug.

3. It's another CCC (ptui), need I say more?

4. A hammer, a wrench, a ruler, some coleslaw, and cupcakes. Every carpenter needs his lunch.

wv. hyphev -- I identified these pictures and could read the wv, give me a hyphev

Anonymous said...

Mom & Daughter L,
According to 6 year old Daughter L:
#1 *giggles* A HAT!
#2 uhhhhhhhh, a coffee cup???
#3 Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *menical giggles* I'm guessing poop! That's what it looks like.
#4 Fish, French fries, & chocolate.

WV- luteths We had to be a couple of 'lueths to figure these wrecks out!

Anonymous said...

I thought the third one was a catcher (like in baseball). With...a bag of baseballs hanging off his belt?