Monday, October 11, 2010

Something About Moose

Monday, October 11, 2010

My fellow Americans! Today is a great day. A momentous day. A day... celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.

[cranking up Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On"]

Yes, friends, today...we...CELEBRATE....allthingsCanadian. Which....INCLUDES....WilliamShatner. (aka Captain Kirk)

And as we all know, Captain Kirk "boldy goes:"

Sometimes under the name "Shayne."

But let's get back to Canada, shall we? CANADA! The country with a "can-do" attitude!

Or is that a "can-da" attitude? The accent always throws me.

Besides, today is Canadian Thanksgiving - or, as the native Canadians know it, "Thanksgiving."

I'm told it's pretty much like American Thanksgiving, only with a Canadian flair:

There's that accent again.

Canadians also don't have any Pilgrims in their Thanksgiving story. So instead, here's an evil mutant ladybug:

"Rawr! Give thanks, eh! Rawr!"

Lucky Canada. Why don't *we* get evil mutant ladybugs? Huh? It's just not fair.

But riddle me this, Canada: have you ever seen a turkey fly?


Well, now you have! Booya!

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada, and happy Columbus Day, other countries that celebrate Columbus day. Oh, and bzzz bzzzz zzz bzz, turkey flies.

Today we give thanks for Wreckporters Shayne G., Brian O., Joe I., Michelle H., Jamie G., and Turkey McFly.

Update: Anneke submitted this awesome video in the comments. And you have to admit: nothing says "Canada" like an adorably polite talking beaver. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

Wow, first comment!

But anyway, I wish American Thanksgiving had an evil mutant ladybug, that would make things quite interesting....

Prism said...

We LOVE the "Turkey Fly"--What an expression! But my daughter pointed out what I was too distracted by the "Goobling" to notice--that "Gooble" turkey appears to have his body made from a suspiciously shiny poo-like substance---YUM!

HeatherH said...


As we say in "Canda"..."Gooble gooble!"

WV-ophums: You better get someone else to carve the turkey, I'm ophums! (all thumbs)

Anonymous said...

Gooble, gooble, eh? Love the accent, but why, ... oh, why, ... was ... EVERYthing running ... through... my head... ala... William Shatner!??

I couldn't... stop. Please... please...


I don't get the ladybug. Do they come out for Thanksgiving in Can'da?

Poor mutant turkeyfly. Why do I keep seeing this with Jeff's face?


Jules AF said...

I've looked at the turkey picture upside down, on its side, and up close, and I still can't really see a turkey. I think that means I need to go back to sleep.

Danger Boy said...

I wasn't sure what this post was going to be aboot, but it looks like you've ootdone yourself. Later, I'm oot, eh?

Anonymous said...

That ladybird has its head on back-to-front. Useful for counting its own spots, I suppose.

Reverend Ref + said...

Shouldn't that be Candeh Day?

As in, "Don't be a hoser, eh."

Laura R said...

I lived in the same dorm William Shatner did at University!
And, boy! did we have trouble with tribbles!

Kiran said...

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! The cakes looks cute :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love these. Thanks for the hilarity. You just made my day.

Anonymous said...

A quote is required, from one of the funniest episodes in TV history...

"As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!"

Daisy said...

The "gooble gooble" is the best part of the post!

Susan said...

That last turkey has Jeff Goldblum eyes.

WV: sessew. My DH sess "ew," too!

Half Assed Kitchen said...

The big, puffy ladybug is kind of darling.

Great Aunt Maude said...

Maybe the Star Trek cake was meant to say "Baldy go?"

Stephanie said...

I'll take evil mutant ladybugs over evil mutant horseflies any day...
Anyway, this was hilarious. :D
Happy Thanksgiving to all your Canadian readers! :)

JKS said...

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly." - Arthur Carlson, CEO WKRP Radio

Jessica said...

"There's that accent again." Hysterical.

Gary said...

I love the turkey with the Canadian accent.
Canadian turkeys say "Gooble, gooble," as they go oot of the turkey hoose.

Anonymous said...

why celebrate canadian thanksgiving on national coming out day? turkey murder can be celebrated all year long and canadian thanksgiving isn't even technically today. but today is national coming out day. and that should be celebrated.

Morgan said...

gooble, gooble ... that'll make me chuckle for awhile ... thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:59,

Actually, today is Thanksgiving in Canada. It's the second Monday in October.

elissa said...

@Anon: If you'd submitted some funny "coming out" cakes, maybe we could celebrate.

Michelle S. said...

that "turkey fly" ccc is what I'd call a wtfupcake

Megan said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE the gooble-ing turkey!!! Time to clear my monitor of coffee splatters...

Craig said...

#1 Now that's some serious flotsam! If "Shayne" is so bold, why does he use an alias? The other thought that occurs is that maybe the cake is celebrating the completion of potty training -- I guess I'd want my real identity kept secret, too.

#2 Way to disguise a misplaced exclamation mark -- with the help of a cooperative bird. Why is the cookie sitting on what appears to be real grass?

#3 Looks like the wreckerator spends way too much time online. If only they had 'Goobled' CW -- then they would know that shiny, brown icing is to be avoided at all costs.

#4 Gimme a C! Gimme another C! Gimme just one more C! What does that spell? Patooie!

#5 This poor creature appears to be seconds from impact. Or else it just realized it's made from cupcakes, which is equally tragic.

A shout out to my fellow WKRP fans! And to fans of Jeff Goldblum, who pioneered the art of speaking every line parenthetically.

Jamie Kline (Bookerella) said...

The "Gooble Gooble" one made me laugh out loud. Too funny!!

Daisy said...

I knew you were going for a William Shatner-esque delivery before I could even scroll down to see the rest of the post...thankfully I learned from a past mishap not to gulp down coffee while reading your posts. Brilliant, as always....

ania said...

Cake 1 - "U.Q.M" pushed aside, this is actually a creative use of edible photo printing. I like this for a moderate skill-level cake design.

Cake 3 - Okay, one "Gooble" made me smile. But when I saw another "Gooble" at the top, I had a really good laugh. For some reason, that extra put me over the edge. I imagine this cute 17 to 20 year old girl working part time in the Store of Big Cookies In The Mall and being so perkily pleased with her cute turkey decoration.

Oh, no! Typing that, just now, I got a little sad at the thought that cute-17-to-20-year-old girl might see her moment of pride tarnished if she sees this here. Poor cute-17-to-20-year-old girl....

Anonymous said...

Anon: ...How is it not 'technically' Canadian Thanksgiving today, when it comes on the second Monday of October, which is today?

To all our Canadian friends, Happy Thanksgiving! :)

mizdarlin said...

What Canadian Thanksgiving has is an earlier harvest, because we are farther North...
just a little Geography, History and Biology for all the Yanks still at work reading this..
As for the Wrecks..well, I love Canda too!♥

Hawkfeather said...

as a canadian i feel confidant in stating that this last cake is more likely a representation of our traditional turkey frog...

you see it every year- the little children dressed as corn and first nations people and turkey frogs to tell a familiar yet timeless story of how a country came to be all because of some settlers who were experimenting with gene splicing- who also happen to run out of animals to experiment on and the kindly natives who offered to share their lab animals..which that classic day happened to be a turkey a frog and some ladybugs being raised without love or touch-
the story practically tells it's self.

i am off to braise my moose flank in maple syrup- the in-laws will be here soon.

Anonymous said...

Anon: As a yank, I had to Google all of this and ask my Canadian friends.

Canadian Thanksgiving has been celebrated on the second Monday in October since 1959. National Coming Out Day was established in 1988. National Coming Out Day is occurring on Canadian Thanksgiving Day, not the other way around.

For someone who's supposed to be showing tolerance and sensitivity, you're showing a surprising lack of it. :|

Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbors to the north!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Canadian Thanksgiving is pretty awesome. We eat pumpkin pie while the rest of you get a history class from the office nerd.

Anonymous said...

"I seen a peanut stand
And heard a rubber band
I seen a needle that winked it's eye
But I been done seen about everything
When I see a turkey-fly

I seen a front porch swing
Heard a diamond ring
I seen a polka dot railroad tie
But I been done seen 'bout everything
When I see a turkey-fly

I saw a clothes horse he r'ar up and buck
And they tell me that a man made a vegetable truck
I didn't see that, I only heard
But just to be sociable I'll take your word

I heard a fireside chat
I saw a baseball bat
And I just laughed till I thought I'd die
But I been done seen 'bout everything
When I see a turkey-fly

But I been done seen 'bout everything
When I see a turkey-fly
(With the wind)
When I see a turkey-fly"

Shinnewn said...

Canada home of inventions like the zipper, the treatment for diabetes, the electron microscope, the Blackberry and now...the poo-turkey. Curse you, cookie wrecker! What were you thinking?! (shakes head in shame on behalf of her country)

Andygirl said...

that evil mutant lady bug had me literally laughing out loud with snorts and tears coming down my cheeks. I thought I was okay...then I saw the turkey fly.

I mean honestly!

Anonymous said...

Great! At last, some Candian pride! Thanks for the post. Oh, and my mutant lady fly says to wish you guys a happy Columbus Day!

Anonymous said...

More holidays need an evil mutant ladybug.

Melinda said...

I'd rather not have the 'coming out' stuff popping up, myself. It's possible the blog writers recognized the huge can of worms it'd open if they tried it.

Ami said...

I asked my kids what they thought the Turkey Fly could be... "I don't know... but I don't like it." Was one response; the other, "cake...?" Quite intelligent for a 5 and 2 year old.

All That's Left Are The Crumbs said...

Happy Thanksgiving Canada.

I think that the turkey cake looks a little like roadkill.

Anonymous said...

God as my witness...I thought turkeys could fly.

tiny purple elephant said...


Danielle said...

That poor turkey fly. Kinda looks like someone decided to shove something up his butt. Eh?

Gooble. Gooble. GOOOOBLE!

MarieA said...

awwww thanks Jen.... as I sit in my elastic pants after a full feed of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce gravy and my world famous coleslaw. Thanks be to whomever.... no room for turkey fly cake!
gooble gooble to friends south of the border who wish us a happy Thanksgiving!

Columbus rules!

Anonymous said...

WTH is "Coming out day"?? (sorry, ignorant USA'er here)

And where is the moose? Why is there no moose?

Braised moose in maple syrup... hmmm, I'll have to try that next time my friend brings one home.


Linda said...

So glad I wasn't the only one who immediately thought of the WKRP in Cincinnati episode. FUNNIEST OF ALL TIME. Must watch now!

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of "Canda Day", might I recommend a cinematic masterpiece, which may, or may not, have been conceived in, made and marketed in Canda.

ThanksKilling. Google it.

No need to thank me.

UPDATE: it seems your pleasure has been doubled - Thankskilling 2 is a real thing in the world.

Aviatrix said...

For most people, the big dinner is on Saturday or Sunday, and Monday is just the statutory holiday, and the day you sleep in after eating all that turkey and pie the day before. And then maybe around noon you get up and clean the kitchen or else drive home.

I thought it was a little silly that US National Coming Out Day was scheduled on Thanksgiving, but then what better way to come out to your family than to show up at Thanksgiving dinner with your significant other? They're all obliged to be nice to him/her and share the turkey, because that's what Canadians do on Thanksgiving, then afterward everyone is too stupefied on tryptophan to raise a fuss.

Gooble gooble everyone!

Anonymous said...

WV: Buzzusor. I used to think Ladybugs said "buzzusor" but now I know they go "rawr". LOL Love it!

Amoniel said...

I didn't know that William Shatner's speech could be so funny!

Doctor Tarr said...

Gooble Gooble! We accept her! One of us!

Little Lovables said...

"gooble" hahahaha!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!

Drgns4vr said...

That last cake looks like it has a Don King haircut.

Allie said...

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow "Candans"! Gooble gooble to you too!

Skye said...


Thank you :) I'm a Canadian as well as a fan of yours and I found this hilarious :D

Just ignore any one who claims they found this insulting. They obviously have no sense of humor.

Jessica said...

lol - the "turkey fly" looks more like a startled goldfish wearing a headdress. It's a delicacy in Canada, dontchaknow. It's served right next to the moose with back bacon. We also specialise in maple gravy. Eh.
A happy gooble gooble to you! :)

Pamela said...

I'm thankful this thanksgiving for having discovering Cake Wreaks. A sure thing for a laugh. A lot of very witty post to-day from fellow readers. Hope everyones day was grand.

msyendor said...

Am I in the minority? Loved that WKRP episode but my first thought was Demento.

Star Drek/Boobyprize vs. the Space Turkey

Cpt. JERK: There's nothing out there. All I see are those
boring stars that go by all the time!

SCHLOCK: (To Lulu in a loud stage whisper) Psst! Change the slide,

LULU: Huh? Oh. (Pushes button. ANGEL appears.)

JERK: Oh no! Not another one! Mr. Schlock, it's another one of
those damned space turkeys!

SCHLOCK: Fascinating.

JERK: Lt. Lulu, ready our phaser banks.

[Sound and screen both go OFF.]

LULU: Captain, captain, all the stars have gone out!

JERK: No, you stupid schlepp, you've leaned on the button.

[Sound and screen come BACK ON.]

JERK: There. Now get the phasers on that bird!

[Hallelujah Chorus]

ANGEL VOICE: I am the Angel of the Lord! [SFX: Phasers firing.]

ANGEL: Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

JERK: Ah, that baked him good.

LULU: Oh wow--it looks just like Thanksgiving out there.

JERK: Don't think about it, Lt. Lulu.

LULU: I can't help thinking about it. Last Thanksgiving was
rotten. Just that food supplement pill with "Turkey" written on it.
It's not the same, Captain, it's not the same!

Anonymous said...

[Les Nessman's commentary on the dropping turkeys runs through my head every time the Hindenburg comes up...listen to both back-to-back and it will become clear.]

I wish to state, as a US American, I've always been on good terms with Canadians (also Americans- as are Mexicans and everyone in Central & South America) but, after reading Cake Wrecks, I realize not all of my countrymen are so wise. I say we shove turkey frogs and tribbles up their bums!! (Hawkfeather that was brilliant!)

-Barbara Anne

Chrystle said...

Actually, there are pilgrims in the Canadian tradition, as Thanksgiving originally came up north with the Loyalist settlers after the American Revolution (a.k.a. the people on the wrong side of the revolution). It just didn't become official until later.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Cake Wrecks, you crack me up again. Thanks for the laugh!

Melissa said...

Shayne is my daughter's name. Maybe I should make her a cake that says "boldy goes" once she is potty trained:)

And "gooble" was awesome!

Ladybug914 said...

I am so easily amused; I am still giggling at "Gooble Gooble"! I am sure I will revisit it at my own Thanksgiving celebration next month. :-)

BADKarma! said...

Is a "turkeyfly" anything like a "Brundelfly"? And... does it... say,... "gooble, gooble"... Because... It's from... CANDA?!?!?

Inquiring minds... WANT... TO... KNOW!

Wolverine Girl said...

Due to time zones, and Cake Wrecks being updated while we've all gone sleepybobos over here in Ozzieland I totally missed Canada Turkey Nomming Day/national coming out day (lowercase for the enjoyment of Anon at 10:59 AM who seems to be offended at capitals). Or should that be "coming oot" day?

Anyway, it's actually the 12th of October as I read this, which means one thing - it's Hugh Jackman's birthday! Yayyy! However he is Wolverine - a Canadian mutant. So today's Canadian themed post with its mutant insects was most appropriate.

Oh and Craig, I love your CCC cheer. "What does that spell? Patooie!" Brilliant!

Donna said...

Gooble Gooble

Anneke (Mudhooks) said...

Here is your official "Welcome to Canada" beaver...

"Gooble, Gooble!"

Anneke (Mudhooks) said...

Sorry.... Lol... Somehow I got my links mixed up.

THIS is the "Welcome to Canada" beaver!

Arlene said...

That last picture made me think of alien turkeys flying around town on Halloween.. lol yeah I admit it I am an oddball and proud of it. That Star Trek cake wasn't so bad if you ignore the bad spelling.

Alex H. said...

The "Turkey Fly" cake might actually be something else entirely. I suggest it is Kotaka, one witch of a twin-sister boss fight from the well-regarded video game The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time. Compare to the figure with flame-hair:

That the sticker denotes the creation as a "character cake" seems to give this suggestion some merit, too.

The "feet" on the cake do make the case for the turkey interpretation, I have to admit.

I don't check comments on CW often, if you have an opinion on this, email me: halla(at)southwestern(dot)edu

kmawesome said...

wonder if the last cake is depicting a scene where they forgot to kill the turkey before stuffing it.
Cool though i am going to have to learn more history because, sadly, i have never learned about the mutant ladybug of thanksgiving.
I am thankful that you think about us on our holidays!
Happy Gooble Gooble Day!

ania said...

@msyendor -

I've never seen that! But even reading the script is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the best wishes from a Canadian Fan!!! I goobled down 2 turkey dinners, and since my brothere lives in the US, I may get a 3rd out of it too (since we plan on being down there!). But in all my border crossings back and forth, I have never run into this Walmart greeter-esque beaver- and I just about fell off my chair laughing at this video!!!
Thanks so much for posting it!
Gooble Gooble Eh?

Roo said...

I'm sure the CANDA family that I know would be honored to have their own day.

Len said...


I'd love to see the "gooble-gooble" as a google doodle celebrating candian thanksgiving.

(btw my inner grammar nazi is suffering from my own comment lol)

Carolyn said...

Hilarious! Can't get over that turkey fly!

Karen said...

I am happy that you seem to have taken my request to mention us Canadians more to heart. Thanks Cake Wrecks!

Ophexis said...

That's funny, I've never heard all of those stereotyped canadian accent things in my whole life...Like the "Aboot" and the "eh"....but that might be cause I was born and lived my whole live in Quebec~

Do the rest of Canada celebrate thanksgiving as much as the americans? Personally I just overslept and relaxed the whole day~~ And I didn't know about the turkey thing. -w-

Oh well, that gooble gooble is hilarious.

Cupcakes Lady said...

Mutant Ladybug is real scary looking ;) xx

Anne-Marie said...

Great post, and the "Welcome to Canada" beaver is AWESOME!!!!!

Jen Paris said...

again, I am laughing OUT LOUD!!! you are too funny! thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

I would strongly encourage you to remove the video the the 'Talking Beaver.' My partner is a wildlife ecologist of over 25 years. After seeing the footage, he recognized that the "cute" behaviors of this animal were due to brain damage, most likely from it already being struck by a car on the highway. That the person taking the video did not take a more active role in helping the beaver versus recording its obvious stress and suffering shows a lack of compassion and integrity.

john (the hubby of Jen) said...

Anon @ 9:57,

It's always helpful to put your name.

This video is a parody of another, much longer video in which a girl, I believe, gets out of her car on a major stretch of highway to try to rescue the beaver risking her own safety in the process. Apparently, the beaver got away fine.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "active role" but if you've never tried to rescue an animal in this way, I can tell you it's very scary. I think she did the best she could and I think it shows amazing compassion that she even made the effort.

Have a great day.


Unknown said...

HAA!!!! That's my pal Shayne's birthday cake! Thank you for posting it.

low self esteem boy said...

HAH! I'm "Shayne"
That birthday was epic. We ate the cake on the porch of a downtown cafe next to a goth-bar. Sadly, it's not high tech edible printing, but rather a flimsy piece of plastic on top of the cake. That said, the Enterprise actually lights up (I kept it, clearly). We were all laughing about my name being in quotes until somebody pointed out the spelling of "Boldy." And for the record, I am potty trained.

Selky said...

Wow, I'm a little sleep deprived right now, so when I got to the turkey cookie I thought "Dooble Dooble?!? Now that's doesn't make a lick of sense!"
wv: Dizes I hope that turkey fly doesn't carry a dizes!