Monday, April 19, 2010

Taking the Mickey Out of 'Em

Monday, April 19, 2010

Everybody sing!

Who's the one that can't be made

into a CCC?


And who's the one that looks like he

Would like to break your knees?


Mickey Mouse!

We think that's him!

Mickey Mouse!

Orange you glad?

Bump badump badump badump baDUMP!!

[Singing slower with sad faces]
Who's the leader of the cluuub...

That's maaade for you and meeee


"C" is for "copyright violation!"


Why? WHY? WHY?!?



Ted, Shelly, Dana C., Amanda L., Colleen B., Stephanie, Jennifer D., & Dana C., I think the creepy tongue adds character. *Badumpbum* And in all fairness, that last one could be a really, really bad Princess Leia cake.

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nart said...

I concur with Brandy, that's definitely Liza Minnelli, and no I do not want a piece.

clare @ the pretty walrus said...

That last one looks more like a Michael Jackson cake than a Mickey Mouse one... o_O

Cyberjar88 said...

Am I the only one who thinks that the orange one looks like Mighty Mouse?

Lee said...

I want to throw darts at them.

msntnkrbll said...

On my son's 1st BD I made him a Mickey Mouse cake (my son's name is Mickey, btw...) I need to find that photo and post it's nearly as wrecked as these! These are hilarious....especially the last one. Hoo, Boy, Pluto!!

Steph said...

I have read almost all of the posts here, but this one... this one made me laugh until I sobbed. Literally. I've got tears running down my face here. Best. One. Ever.

sara said...

I'm pretty sure thats a mohito in the top right corner of the 3rd cake

loseitbyjune said...

the last one looks like michael jackson...

Lynn said...

Poor Mickey. It's a shame that nobody baking these cakes knows what Mickey Mouse actually looks like!

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