Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Eappy!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

You know how everyone's always saying that cakes need spell check?

Ok, NOW what's our excuse?

Many thanks to Amanda S., who knows an "ID:Ten-T"error when she sees one.
Anonymous said...

And the icing border will make you cross-eyed.

Sarah said...

OhMyGosh. *hides head in shame because the grocery store bakers are so stupid in our country. Well, SOME.*

Miranda Jacobs said...

For whatever reason, I totally want that cake. =D

Hermite said...

Hey, a big Happy Eappy to you, too!

Andrea L. Cole said...

And a Happy Eappy to you too!

Anonymous said...

You know, that's not just an ID:Ten-T error, it's an ID:Ten-T (Icing Confusion) error (ID10TIC for short).

Stephanie said...

Bite your tongue. Eappy is one of my favorite holidays.

Joel Polowin said...

Looks like it might be intentional, a family tradition. I can't find the photos referred to here; the link doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

wv: Vocakedu - a special school for learning the fine art of cake wreckeration.

Happy Eappy everyone.

mel said...

At last...a cake for those who don't celebrate Edster...!

wv - benda: Italian exercise

john (the hubby of Jen) said...


Good point and interesting link. However, Amanda S. found it it the display case of her local baker. I suppose it could be a custom order that was never picked up but knowing the astounding frequency with which cakes are wrecked, I'm inclined to say it wasn't.


elissa said...

"Happy Eappy" has kind of a nice ring to it, actually.

Jason said...

Happy Happy Eappy,
Happy Happy Eappy,

Happy Happy Eappy,
Happy Happy Eappy,

Happy Happy Eappy,
Happy Happy Eappy,

Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy!

Lydia said...

Yay! Eappy Sunday!

Jitty said...

Hehehe, I think it is cute! If you are going to wreck, wreck classy!

Luvin' Ewe said...

eappy- that's the new spring holiday where we dip rabbits in choclate and stake them with tulips, right?

Mella said...

That's actually kind of cute

Anonymous said...

Happy Eappy????

Micalah said...

Spell check?

antique engagement rings said...

Happy Easter!

Ellen said...

Somehow this just seems ripe for song parody to me:

Happy Eappy's here again,
The cake is wrong, I fear, again,
Let us eat it with some beer again,
Happy Eappy's here again!


Forget your spelling, c'mon, get Eappy,
You know there's gonna be heck to pay.
Shout "How'd I do that?", c'mon, get Eappy,
Get ready for the judgment day!

or, for the kids:

If you're Happy and you know it, clap your Eap!

from Cake Wrecks in the South Pacific:

Happy Eap, keep talking Happy Eap!
Talk about cakes that have a gaffe.
You got to wreck a cake,
If you don't wreck a cake,
How you gonna have a great big laugh?

And, for those who know their Easter hymns:

“Welcome, Happy Eappy!” age to age shall say:
“Spelling here is vanquished, wreckage wins today!”
Lo! the words are icing, stuck forevermore.
And this wreckerater we can all deplore!

wv - ingest.


Otava said...


Can't wait to see the good ones tomorrow!

Varika said...

Clearly, this is an iCake autocorrecct error.

Ivannabite2 said...

Oooh so glad the techs a my work told me what an ID 10 T error was this week! #TheMoreYouKnow :)

Spooky said...

the bunny is adorable though.

StriderGirl said...

Re: Ellen's song parodies:

Those are awesome, Ellen! But ... now I have to go to church tomorrow and play "Welcome Happy Morning" on the piano with a straight face while your brilliant parody is stuck in my head. *sigh* Wish me luck!!!

Hey, I just thought of something. Maybe Eappy is the cowboy version of the holiday? "Eappy-ky-yay!" y'all.

Oh, and a happy and blessed Easter to everyone.

Erin said...

You know, I picked up some Easter Cupcakes today that were mostly to satisfy my pregnancy craving for buttercream icing. Once home and gotten the lid off, I realized they were "artfully" arranged as a flower. Once I pulled out a cupcake though, I figured out HOW. They were in a cupcake-cake mold that told the bakery where to place the cupcakes. Isn't that cheating a bit?

Christie said...

That is how my two-year-old says it. Perhaps now we know who is working in the bakery?

SyracuseWolvrine said...

Eappy = Combination of Easter & Passover? (although, I'd be willing to bet that cake is NOT kosher for passover)

Anonymous said...

Do I even want to know how such an egregious error occured D:

Zoanna said...

That wasn't piped on, but I don't know the technique--some sort of transfer. Had it been handwritten, I can see how
they could've been absentmindedly writing "happy" again after the "E" was donw??? But with this transfer technique or whatever it is, wouldn't it be caught for if not intentional?

At any rate, it's cute and funny, but not nearly as funny as all your commenters today.

Anonymous said...

i think whoever wrote the lettering for that cake intended to write "happy easter" but then got carried away and started writing "happy" again, resulting in "happy eappy."

Ellen said...

@ Strider Girl:

I'm sorry.

I know -- I have always had to clear the Allen Sherman/Mad Magazine/Weird Al version of songs out of my mind as I sang, played or taught.

So far, I've never sung the wrong words or burst out in giggles at the wrong time -- I wish you the same!

wv: reirise

From: Jesus
To: Christians
Re: I rise

Meet me in church tomorrow.

Craig said...

@Ellen (2nd): Indeed. The memo isn't just to those of us who already believe, though.

Ok, maybe the tradition theory is strengthened by the fact of it being printed, but what's the story on the border? Why are the upper top and bottom piped in a different color and (lack of) style than the upper sides and bottom?

Happy Easter!

Kell-Dawg said...

LOL! Your WV explanation was too funny! Love it!

Nancy said...

LOL! My kids made up "I.D.Ten-T". . .or at least they thought they did!

Geekerella said...

Hmmm, tis an ID: Ten-T error indeed. Sounds like the problem exists between keyboard and chair.

wv. aboneso - This wreck must have been done by Aboneso Strooge

crowleyancanto said...

They've got the spirit of the thing why not just make it a "Happy Eappy" after all because you know, we get it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Considering how cute that bunny is, I'm seriously looking forward to tomorrow's Sweets!
Bummer about the spelling. The printing was so awesome.

priest's wife - S.T./ Anne Boyd said...

Happy Eppy to all!!!! :)

Lisa said...

and from the other side of the counter:

Anonymous said...

Well... maybe that's his name! Eappy! And look, he's smiling!

Happy Eappy the Easter Bunny!

Anonymous said...

Should your not rename your Blog "English as a second Rangwidge"?



StriderGirl said...

Ellen - I did it! I couldn't wipe the grin off my face, but I did play without giggling and sing the right words. Whew! ;)

That said, please feel free to keep up the parodies. They're wonderful!

Unknown said...

The machine they used to type up that message does not have a spell check... not that that really explains the typo.

Ellen said...


Whew! Fortunate us!

Or should I say fortunatus?


Marci S. said...

Hmmm...Eappy? I suspect it's a new holiday, along the lines of Festivus -- an Easter for the rest of us? As long as no plastic babies -- particularly ones encased in goo -- come out of the cake, I'm all for people making up their own holidays.

wv: oviaz -- It's oviaz that some peoplez lose their abilitiez to spell when writing on cakez. ;-)

Brie said...

Holy crap. I had an easter bunny toy that sounded like that. It went *patter patter patter* *boing boing* Happy Eappy! Happy Eappy!
This cakewrecker must have stolen that bunny from me.