Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Deep Fried Thoughts

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today I thought we might celebrate "Marti Gras"

Or maybe even "Mardi Gra"

Whichever it is, I'm just psyched to know that both cakes are deep-fried.

Yessir, and that means it's time to PAPTY!!

With a deep-fried PAPTY cake!

Now, to enjoy your "papty" you're also going to need a bunch of deep-fried donuts cleverly disguised as deep-fried cupcakes disguised as...uh...whatever this is:

Mmmm. Deep-fried goodness.

Next you'll need to clarify that when you say something with Mardi Gras colors on it is ugly...

NOTE: This is ugly.

In a deep-fried kind of way.

...you are, indeed, "dissing" the Mardi Gras colors in general. In fact, you're dissing Mardi Gras, and its cultural origins, and every single person who has, does, or ever will celebrate it. Because, frankly - and I only tell you this because I care - you're kind of a bastard.

You'll also need a small plastic baby on the OUTSIDE of the pastry, because NO ONE bakes a small plastic baby INSIDE the cake, and only an IDIOT would say that anyone ever has.

Check it out: this donut still has its center!

Btw, I'm going to show you a funny cake now...

Tee-hee! Funny!

...but we're going to ignore that and focus instead on the cultural, economic, and quantum mechanical differences between "Cajuns" and "people who live in Louisiana." Because this is a humor blog, gosh dang it, and that is very, VERY relevant.

And finally, my friends, we're really going to need an Avatar cake with Mardi Gras masks on it.

Just 'cuz.

Theeeere we go.

Let the deep-fried PAPTY begin!

Many sprinkle-covered thanks to Amy S., Kathlyne B., Linda, Dora L., Berny B., Auntie N., Georgia F., & Samantha G., who all know better than to ever assume a humor blogger might be a) joking, b) sarcastic, and/or c) fully aware of the fact that most King Cakes are not deep-fried OR donuts and just thought it was funny and had no idea cake was suddenly such a serious business and don't mind this facial tic I just need to have a bit of a lie-down now if that's alright with you.

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john (the hubby of Jen) said...

Let the games begin!


Donna said...

Wow. I got nothin.

Anna from UK said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Love it!! Truly amusing rebuke to the fun yesterday!

As an English Girl I am celebrating today by eating lots of pancakes (or crepes in your language) as it is pancake day!!!!

Maybe I should deep fry them?

Kelly said...

You guys crack me up! DAILY!!! Thanks for being so funny. Sorry when others don't catch the humor. In my book you're #1 in all things deep fried! ;)

Happy Fat Tuesday. Let's eat!

Ms. Blasé said...

Some of these Mardi Gras "masks" actually look like mutant butterflies.

Anonymous said...

I HEART Cakewrecks!

WV: baill
I would never baill on CW - I'd miss their delicious sarcasam and wit.

Janet said...


I can't wait for the fun to begin!

Anonymous said...

There, there...here have a fluffy pillow.

Ruth said...

Wait, is today Marti Gra? Why am I not eating hideous, deep-fried choking hazards!?

laughingmom said...

I bow to your greatness and perseverence - BRAVO!!

Let them eat (deep fried) cake!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, wondering if I should grab some popcorn to watch Epcot part 2 today? Or maybe everybody got it out of their systems yesterday?

Keep up the great snark! I, for one, am still loving the humor, and the many (!!!) wrecks. Parpy on, dudes =).

Word Verification: "rougyper" Someone who applies too little rouge to their cheeks. Or maybe someone who goes around wiping off excess rouge (blush) from others' cheeks?

Tiffany said...

Ohhhh, I love this blog. So, so much!! Happy Fat Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Best post ever! And I didn't even look at the cakes, because I was laughing too hard at the commentary.

You guys rock!

Gina said...

Dear Jen,
I heart you.


PS. Those other people were poopyheads.

UK Roo said...

I'm another English girl, so here it's Shrove Tuesday aka pancake day. No deep frying or plastic babies involved.

Stephanie said...

Ballsy post, Jen. And deep-fried. Yes, a deep-fried, ballsy post. I love the circularity of it. It's like a ballsy, deep-fried donut. Excellent work. Now, excuse me while I go stuff my face with pancakes. I hope I don't offend anyone.

vw-"Piedup" as in, "I bet this post is going to get a lot of people all piedup."

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post! and let that be a lesson to those who decide to take a humour blog a) overly seriously and b) as an insult to what are clearly "cornerstones" of Louisianne culture ;)

tantenoonie said...

This post may very well have made me love you guys even more!!

Personally, I think I'd like cake better if it WAS deep fried... mmmmm....

Cowgirl@Heart said...

Can't sleep... Floating mask with eyes will eat me... *shudders*

Rocka said...


Deep fried everything!! Hideous colors!!

I love this blog. Love, love, love. =}

But I can't BELIEVE you don't take CAKE seriously!!!


Keep on keepin' on, guys.

Anonymous said...

Little known fact:

The tradition of putting a plastic baby in the cake really stems from the origins of baking an ACTUAL baby into the cake. Whomever got the wishbone (do humans have wishbones?) had to procreate (quickly) and donate their spawn to next year's king cake.

I found this on Wikipedia.*

Seriously. Keep up the fantastic wo(sna)rk!

*Not really. I wouldn't want your readers to think I'm citing an unreliable source when providing new information.

A.J. said...

At first I had no idea what you were talking about, and then I ventured into yesterday's comments section. Yikes.

Happy Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/Tuesday of your choice! Enjoy your wrecky King Cake/donut/pancakes/crepes/sweet of your choice!

Let Them Eat Cake said...

Alright, having survived (barely) the King Cake Fiasco of 2011, y'all clearly need the remedy: that other fine Creole/Cajun/NOLA tradition, the Hurricane! Repeat as necessary until you no longer feel deep fried. (Caution, there are also strong opinions about the recipe for a hurricane, but just drink until you can't hear the opining anymore, and ya'll'll be just fine, suga.)

Hurricane, New Orleans Style recipe
1 oz white rum
1 oz Jamaican dark rum
1 oz Bacardi® 151 rum
3 oz orange juice
3 oz unsweetened pineapple juice
1/2 oz grenadine syrup
crushed ice

Combine all ingredients, mix well (shake or stir). Pour over crushed ice in hurricane glass. Best enjoyed through a small straw. Garnish with fruit wedge if desired.

16% (32 proof)
Serve in: Hurricane Glass

Read more: Hurricane drink recipes http://www.drinksmixer.com/cat/3226/#ixzz1G1Jtkmfe

Anonymous said...

I agree people are far too touchy! But, in the spirit of Mardi Gras, perhaps we should give them a party-size helping of benefit of the doubt.

Maybe those who don't see the humor are all just a tad defensive, because a true King Cake is pretty awesome and much of the world thinks those hideous representations found in big-box and chain groceries (and, appropriately, on CakeWrecks) are the real thing.

That's scary enough to put anyone on the attack!

(I'm just sorry I won't have time to make a King Cake today, and I refuse to buy one. The ones in the stores in my neck of the woods too closely resemble those on CakeWrecks!)

BarbW said...

Mommy, that cake is looking at meee. Make it stop. It's scaring me.

Seriously, that eyeball/mask cake is the stuff of nightmares. Not that the others aren't terrible, of course, but there's something really creepy about that one.

Robin @ Bird On A Cake said...

A perfect response to yesterday's out-of-control comments. Kudos! Keep the laughs coming!

Anonymous said...


Jenni said...

Holy jumpins Jen! I smell a breakdown of Epcot proportions! I also predict that for the next week or week and a half most posts will be by John and Number One ;)

Hehhe And I agree with the other commentor... Hurricanes STAT! And in abundance :) (John, get on that, would ya?... errr, and a couple sent my way surely wouldn't hurt.)

If I lived near you I would *totally* attempt deep-frying a king cake and bringing it to you!

Sarah said...

@Anonymous 9.58 am: I don't know whether to simply say "Thank You," or "I Love You, please marry me". You made me giggle almost as much as the post did- and I need to remember to stop reading Cake Wrecks while I still have abdominal stitches!

Michelle Krassan said...

John and Jen,
I can only IMAGINE the conversations going on in YOUR house yesterday!

And the amount of alchohol consumed.

Sending wine and chocolate to the Mardi Gras bunker, which is right next to the Epcot bunker :)

Anonymous said...

The funny ( tee-hee) cake is obviously supposed to represent the Onceler from The Lorax, as he lurks in his lerkim on top of his store. I can't tell whether you are disrespecting shut-ins or the environment with this one, but either way you should have known better than to make light of the issue on your very own humor blog.

Thanks for the drama yesterday! I love the way that you guys bring a diverse audience together to debate the cultural origins of baked goods. Fun and informative.

Unknown said...

I have to say that I couldn't handle the amount of stupidity you must deal with on a daily basis... Thanks for sticking through it for the sakes' of those of us who actually HAVE a sense of humor! :o)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! After reading the comments yesterday, and wondering what some people don't get about this being a humorous blog, this is just a great comeback.

John (hubby of Jen)...let the games begin, indeed!

JackieB said...

We all know everything is better including Cakewreck commenting:

a) deep fried
17)and with bacon

I, for one, postulate that a King cake would benefit from bacon!

Papty On

Libby said...

HAHA! You guys are amazingly terrific. The pokes at all the Epcoters made my day. The only sad thing is that we probably don't get a Kermit Flail today (single best line in yesterday's entire post). Now i want to go eat something seriously deep-fried... ((evil grin))

You do realize, of course, that your adoring fans are all now demanding some really awesome-looking Mardi Gras cakes for Sunday Sweets. Pleeeeeeease? :) Just remember that, no matter how pretty they are on the outside, we all know they're deep-fried (or WANT to be deep-fried) inside! *cough**cough*

Ya'll rock!

Maren said...

Oh, how I love this blog.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Who would those make sense to??

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Fantastic rebuttal to yesterday's ridiculousness! I read the comments but kept out of the fray. I'm still laughing at today's post.

I lift my deep fried, poorly frosted, I want sprinkles, plastic flotsam covered, baby encrusted cajun/creole culturally ignorant donut to you!

...and then I'm putting it back down, because who would want to eat that?

Happy Fat Tuesday Jen and John- my two favorite Wreckies! (Like Trekkies, but with more cake.)


Anonymous said...

Frankly I'm disgusted at your ignorance! How can you NOT know that "Papty" is indeed the correct Creojan term applied to the act of flashing strangers in the street in exchange for plastic beads?

Am I dealing with COMPLETE amateurs here?

Keep up the good work, guys. People like you keep me sane.

Caroline B said...

Foolishly I ignored your warning & wandered into yesterday's comments section ..that's fifteen minutes of my life I can never get back. Wow.

Papty....I had one of those tests at the doctor's, but no-one bought me a cake afterwards.

Yay, Pancake Day for the UK - I'm gonna deep fry mine, wrap it round a baby, cover it in coloured crap and think of you....

Amelia Poll said...

Hahahaha! Well played, indeed! And good for you.

I could not BELIEVE the comments yesterday. Obviously these people are not familiar with this blog at all. Go have a deep-fried cupcake and lie down, I hear it helps the facial tic :)

We are going to celebrate Marti Gra in Disneyland :)

Where's My Dream Life? said...

EXCELLENT response to yesterday's comments. I love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Janna here, again. Yesterday's kerfuffle (not the deep fried part...I didn't even want to approach that one) was a little over the top. I should explain: I AM a Cajun, and I don't like cake. That's all. There's nothing wrong with King Cakes, per se, and certainly nothing wrong with the Krewe of Zulu (although some folks who aren't from here have wondered if it's a racist term). OTOH, our local bakery DOES include the choking hazard; it's small and very hard.
BTW: hilarious response to yesterday's post. Deep fried fun for all!

Anonymous said...

Just wanna say " HAHAHAHAHAHA " out loud. I'm a daily reader and a daily laugher. Thanks :0)

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Deirdre said...

Heh. I had a slice of authentic King Cake in New Orleans, and I'll tell ya, I probably would have liked it better if it had been deep-fried! :)

I heart Cake Wrecks.

SuBee said...

1. I *am* kind of a bastard!

B. A hurricane sounds terrific, even if it's deep fried!

3. John and Jen, thank you. This post is basically my 15 year old's rant after she read yesterday's comments. She's kind of a bastard,too!

BADKarma! said...

Whoever "Marti Gras" is, evidently, she's manic-depressive... O_o

WV: tenesses - How many tenesses does "Mardi Gras" have, anyway?

runningrandom said...

I just want to state that I'm Cajun, and I love Cakewrecks!

That is all :)

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys, just wanted to say 'HAHAHAHAHA ' out-loud. I'm a daily reader and a daily laugher. Thanks :0)

Papty on! and Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Anonymous said...


(that's how it's spelled, right?)

Hey, what do I have to do to get someone to throw me some cheap beads? Oh, yeah. Here ya go:

(O) (O)

Where's my beads?

o o
o o
o o


Maureen said...

Great Cajun daisies on them thar deep-fried sprinkled cakes!!

LeftWingLock said...

I don't even want to see what comments I missed yesterday...it doesn't sound like I really "missed" anything...

It's cake people! Cake is supposed to be fun and and Cakewrecks celebrates the funnicity of all cakes, no matter how good or bad they may be.

Kudos to Jen and John for taking this bull by the horns and whipping it around.

And thanks to Let Them Eat Cake for the hurricane recipe...I LOVE those things!!

Kay said...

For some reason, I read this hearing the voice of the "Old Spice" man (you know - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owGykVbfgUE - THAT guy!) It just made it even funnier!!

wv: deuse - Deuse Marti Gra cakes are berry oogly.

KittyKat said...

Wait, this is a HUMOR blog?

I thought I signed up for a tour of Epcot.

Keep up the hilarity, cultural insensitivity (as if), and deep-fried humorous sarcastic commentary.

BTW, I googled "King Cakes" yesterday, and out of hundreds of google image results, there were maybe a dozen that didn't look like Leprechaun vomit (I am not being culturally insensitive to Leprechauns here, because I am a direct descendant of Hobbits, and EVERYONE knows Hobbits and Leprechauns share a common ancestry). I submit that perhaps King Cakes are the Croquembouche of Louisiana.

Lily Marie :) said...

So I was just a little bit confused by the commentary on todays post (not that I didn't find it amusing anyway...)
Then I went back and looked at the comments on yesterdays post....
Now as I'm sure you are absolutely never a) joking, b) sarcastic, and/or c) fully aware of ANYTHING, people explaining the cakes you published yesterday were delicious and beautiful are just doing the rest of us a favor! so that we don't ended confused for the rest of our lives!! Of course!!

Your response post today deserves a giant TOUCHE!!!

Jen and John,
In an awesome, deep-fried, totally-serious-and-never-ever-joking, way.
And I love you both a lot.
But not in a creepy way or anything....

Prof de français said...

I am from Louisiana... but not Cajun. I "get" all the humor and hilarity that is cakewrecks. I appreciate every word, every photo, and I usually laugh until I cry. However, I will always feel the need to correct anyone who says King Cakes are fried. They are not. (unless one particular bakery/donut shop decides to do that). The traditional King Cake is not fried.

In addition, I do feel the need to defend the honor of anything from my state that someone calls "ugly" or "disgusting" as I'm sure all of you would... if you take pride in your state and culture.

Good day, and laugh on, cake wreckers.

Katie (Kali) said...

Oh how I love you Jen! Perfect commentary!

Giana said...

I love you Jen. The kind of deep-fried, Marti Gras, plastic baby love that can only be given to a perfect stranger over the internet.

This was a perfect retort to all the overly sensitive wackos yesterday!

Seriously people, it's cake, get over yourselves!

Anonymous said...

Love you guys. Epcot smack talkin'! Woot!

Now I need to go deep fry something...


Ashley said...

Gaa-aaaah! Why is the funny giant cookie staring at me?? Make it stop!!

And Jen and John, I don't know what happened yesterday, but whoever did is are hosers. Sheer and simple.

You two rock my world, and I ain't the only one. Google Reader says almost 60,000 people agree with me and Google doesn't lie.

JayKuz said...

John, as a person with [insert connection to cajunica here] I feel I have to tell you how disappointed I am that none of the deep-fried brioche pastry cupcakes above feature beads of any kind.

As wikipedia and I know, and you should, the beads are a deeply spiritual part of Creolic celebration cake-feasting. Our ancestors in French Canadia used to deep-fry ceramic or sometimes metal beads, bake them into cinnamon brioches, then fry the brioches, then cover them with more beads, and finally a deep-fried baby on top. Historically these were real babies, but were ultimately replaced by the plastic variety. Shrove Tuesday is the day on which the babies were shriven. The deep-frying is why it is called Fat Tuesday.

I hope you'll be more sensitive to our important traditions in future.


NiteNurse said...

Dear Jen, John, Number #1, the cats, and anyone else on the CW team who might have been stressed--
I'm sad that it's been a bit rough lately in the "Folks, please get that it's a humor blog;not the place for rants, criticisms, earnestness, hurt feelings, scoldings, righteousness, diatribes, etc" Department. (However, as someone who works with the public I am constantly amazed by some people's sensitivity and others'
cluelessness.)I'm just sorry it's gettin' to ya.

So, I suggest we follow the wv directive of the day and "plamices." I think we're going have to dress as rodents. Wearing masks. And Marti Gra colors. Best news is that we do get to eat pancakes!!!

BeBe said...

I like the blog, but when you have to read the previous day's comments to know what's going on, it's taking a bit too far. Can't we just keep the two separate for those who don't want to become enmeshed in the drama? I realize some people "don't get the joke" - but they never will, so poking fun at them just seems a bit petty IMHO.

Other than this post, I really enjoy the blog. For the record, I have NEVER read the comments until today, and hopefully I won't have to again.

Anonymous said...

Jen and John (Hubby of Jen), I love you guys!

BTW - we watched "Muppets from Space" last night, and when Kermy flailed, I just lost it. MY hubby thinks I'm nuts. But that's okay - he always has, and loves me anyway...

Merry at Annie's Book Stop/Sharon, MA

WV: roingsh - whattheheck was roingsh with everyone yesterday??? I thought it was funny!

elissa said...

Ooohhh, do I sense passive-aggressive expression of simmering resentment?

We love you guys.

WV: mismi. I didn't comment yesterday. Did you mismi?

Promise said...

Jen, in tribute to you, and because I'm giving up bread and all bread-like things for Lent, I have been enjoying Krispy Kreme donuts today, in lieu of pancakes, as there really is nothing better than the deep-fried goodness that is a Krispy Kreme donut (unless, that is, you have access to beignets from Cafe du Monde, but I imagine it's a bit, well, insane there today).

Tonight, for supper, we're having Jambalaya, which isn't deep-fried, but is still full of yummy goodness.

KittyKat said...

Prof de français:

I am from Georgia. Well, I wasn't born here, so some native Georgians will forever brand me as a darn Yankee, but I consider this my home state. I have freely embraced such glorious traditions as Pecan Pie, Sweet Tea (one gallon iced tea, 2 gallons sugar), Deer hunting (free range organic meat, what's not to like?), mud bogging, and I've even come to understand the sentimental attachment of some to the "Stars and Bars" while simultaneously deploring the racist uses for which some have employed that symbol.

That being said, I can find you some redneck trailer park plastic decorations that will make your eyes water. They're that ugly. I have looked through some bakery displays and found cakes labeled as "Traditional Southern Red Velvet Cake" that make my teeth ache, and are wrecky as all get out. I find them disgusting.

Shoot, one of Georgia's very own boys made a fine living off of poking good-natured fun at some of the more ugly and disgusting aspects of Redneck culture with the "You Might be a Redneck" series. So, respectfully I must disagree. If something from my state is ugly and disgusting, and also coincidentally extremely funny, I have developed enough good old fashioned Southern humility to be able to laugh at it.

Most of the fine people of Louisiana also posses this gracious quality, but the ones who are too caught up in pride to see the humor alas are the more vocal ones.

Anonymous said...

I thought my love for you was complete before this but this post...this post completes me.
- Marcy

Jessica W said...


You are awesome! And hilarious!

::Positions chair for best possible view of impending EPCOT::

Did anyone bring popcorn?

Melissa said...

What? No Kermit flailing today? That was my favorite part of yesterday :D

msyendor said...

Soo glad I got in and out early on yesterday's posts. Some people have the weirdest religious fetishes (cake? really?) I check back in a couple hours only to see Kermit hightailing it to deep Bayou and hear the dry, dusty rattle of Mr. Bones laughing is tailjoints off.

WV: cented -- and may the cented air of other deep-fried goodies permeate your day!

Miss Mindy said...

Today's post makes me feel special! Those of us "in the know" are laughing 'til we cry. (Self-pat on back...I think I had the first EPCOT prediction at 10:49am but really! People even adding comments today? Epic...ot.) Too bad you guys don't write a humor blog - you would be really good at it. So,today's the day - laissez les bon temps roulez! Throw me some, mistah! Love y'all!

Amy's Mom said...

To JayKuz:Thank you. I love learning about other cultures as I feel it enriches my life.I will share my newly acquired knowledge with everyone I meet this week!

To Prof de francais: AAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!

wv: ambulanc-I need to call an ambulanc after that last scream!

Unknown said...

I love you guys, and I think this post was perfect! A good application of your witty talents to respond to an unnecessarily explosive situation. A+++ to you all!

Now excuse me, I suddenly feel the urge to go buy some donuts...

Sharyn in Superior said...

Apparently, many of yesterday's commenters gave up their senses of humor for Lent -- and in the interest of not starting a mini-Epcot in the comments, yes, I know it actually starts tomorrow...

One thing I'll never give up is Cake Wrecks. LOVE you guys, LOVE the blog, LOVE the book and am rabidly awaiting the next one -- in a non-threatening, no-I'm-really-not-a-stalker, deep-fried kind of way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jen and John, I love you both (although I've never met you), I read both your blogs, and I have your book and calendar. I'm happy to see you strike back (finally) at all those trolls who can't read a humor blog with a sense of humor. I thought yesterday's post was a very funny one, had no idea it could possibly cause controversy. Please keep up the great humor and good work...I can always count on Cake Wrecks to start my day with a smile, or a half hour of side splitting laughter. Your comments are always right on point...just perfect! Today included!
Your number 1 fan (just kidding!!!!! I'm not crazy) Take care of that tic!
signed in as anonymous, so I'll sign my yahoo name proudly
Betty Martin

Grumpy Housewife said...

Don't mind me, I'm going to sit over here, mixing up Hurricanes, and rolling my eyes over the King Cake Nitwit Krewe.

But then, I know a couple of people from Louisiana who live here, and they pine for the fijords regularly, and insist that Everything Is Better In Loosiana. So I just have to roll my eyes in sympathy with you.

Word Verification: psign

Used correctly in a sentence: I found the bathroom under the psign.

Loo-E Loo-I said...

{{Prairie-doggin'}}Is it safe to come out of the bunker? O.O

There, there...put your feet up, have a hurricane or 2 (or 7 or 8), have some *deep-fried* king cake, papty nekkid, and then have that well-deserved lie-down!

You guys rock! :-D

wv: dynap: A nap you take when you're so tired that you could "die" (figuratively) because of a Level 5 EPCOT.

Anonymous said...

I just read the update to yesterday's post, and cannot stop laughing about "kermit flail". Perfect, just perfectly sublime!!! I have tears running, soon I'll be "kermit flailing" on the floor in laughter!
Betty Martin

Anonymous said...

Dear Prof de Francais,

A little while ago they produce the most wretched cake I've ever seen of a "UK wildcat". Now, I'm a huge UK fan, HUGE. Don't mess with my Kentucky Wildcats. BUT, this is a humorous blog so I took it for what it was...HUMOR! Did I storm the blog comments demanding that they remove such an awful hideous looking thing that makes all UK fans look crazy. ummm, no. Why? Because...once again...HUMOR! Deal with it, move on, and don't visit CakeWrecks next year on King Cake day...
Jon and Jen, wonderful commentary. Visit everyday for my daily dose of laughter.

Toni W. said...

Jen and John and #1 make the world a better place. I'm so glad y'all and Cakewrecks is in it!


I'm buying the next round of Hurricanes. And fried cake. And pancakes. Wouldn't want anyone left out.

Nara said...

mmm. . . deep fried epcot.

Anonymous said...

I just think we're a little sensitive after this cake-related incident: http://thinkprogress.org/2008/04/24/flashback-as-katrina-raged-mccain-celebrated-69th-birthday-with-bush/ .

It's like making fun of Haiti (albeit 6 years later). We're a little touchy. SORRY if you don't "get" that.

Michelle P said...

FYI - "Mardi Gra" is the singular....in case there is only ONE partier.

The deep-fried wonder of humourless readers of a humour blog seriously concerns me.

Christine said...

Best. Post. Ever.

Ladybug914 said...

Mmmmmmm, doughnuts and hurricanes...the breakfast of champions!

Mad in Crafts said...

I bet you never guessed you would get more crap over a King Cake post than over the Charlie Sheen post.

Do they drink Tiger Blood at Mardi Gras?

Melissa said...

HMMMM... lent starts tomorrow - considering giving up something I love for lent. Cake Wrecks, or chocolate?

Chocolate. I can last 6 weeks without chocolate easier than 6 weeks without Cake Wrecks!!

wv: mazoo Stick it up your mazoo if you don't like it!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! I thought (most of) everyone's comments yesterday were sad displays anyways. It is a humor blog after all, and we all know you've never been sarcastic like EVER! :D You "southerners" should be ashamed of yourselves. I know us Mid-westerners would NEVER fly off of the handle like that and be so immature

Karen Valinda said...

So, note to self: do NOT go back a day and read over the comments, (seems like) it COULD be fatal!
I enjoyed the link someone put in their comment yesterday that I cut and pasted and it took me to an official looking site that talked about the history of the King cake. No pictures but informative.
My son assures me we do NOT need to try deep frying a cinnamon roll ;-}
Think "impervious*" and type on young Jen!
(I'm 56+, you are young)
* impervious, what some people are to humor and what humor bloggers are to comments from said people.

Alison said...

I guess the fourth cake is attempting to be a mask. Wow.

Craig said...

It seems there really is such a thing as deep-fried cupcakes. (Sorry, I don't have a specific reference citation, but there are these things called 'search engines' that one can use to see whether I am telling the truth. I'll wait. Not.)

Anyway, deep-fried cupcakes are apparently fast becoming a carnival (not Carnivale) staple, alongside other deep-fried favorites: ice cream (really), cement blocks, dirt, etc. Ok, I made up deep-fried cement blocks and dirt. I hope. Unless someone reading this regards deep-fried dirt as a delicacy, in which case nothing changes.

I was really offended yesterday by those insensitive louts who dissed the fine traditions of Cake Wrecks. And Wikipedia.

Personally, on my personal list of things I find of importance to me and therefore worth mounting a vigorous (and anonymous) defense each and every time someone anywhere in the universe mentions them, cakes (and cake-like objects, whether baked or deep-fried) are... just not showing up.

I follow a few simple rules (which work so well that I must insist on enforcing them for all of humanity):
1.) Don't visit [insert one's personal favorite news / information site here] looking for laughs.

2.) Don't visit humor blogs looking for serious information.

c.) When one is a fan of snarky humor (why else would one visit a site known for same unless one is just looking to pick a fight), one should expect that one's own personal sacred (animals, plants, cakes, etc) are going to turn up in the cross-hairs from time to time. One should therefore get over one's self and have a laugh or six because life is about 15 orders of magnitude too short and there is an oversupply of things going on 'out there' that are anything but funny.

IV.) Wreck on.

wv: adder

Green said...


Shoot. I thought this was an informational blog.

I just assumed I found factual and pertinent information humorous.

Doesn't everyone?

Kristers said...

Assuming yesterday's posters are correct and the King Cake is baked, not fried, it would truly be the ONLY THING that ISN'T fried in New Orleans.

I was in New Orleans on business and 5 days into the trip, I truly couldn't even look at one more fried item. I begged some confused waitress for something that wasn't fried. 'Wut wood thayt be hun?' "How about a salad?" I replied. She came back with a plate of iceberg lettuce drowning in blue cheese dressing and look that said I should stop being unreasonable.

Sariah said...

I had to quit reading the comments yesterday. That got crazy.

I LOVE all your deep friend, sarcastic humor. KEEP IT UP!!! Love you Jen and John (the hubby of Jen).

Kelly T. said...

WOWZERS!!!! Pics like this make me even MORE glad that I bake for Christie England at Sugar in Norman!!!

Holly said...

Mmmmmm...deep fried cupcakes!
Can you tell I'm on a diet?
Thanks for making me laugh!!
Paty on Jen, Paty on John.

Ellen said...

I guess some people don't get "straight face" delivery -- at least not in writing.

I guess I should be grateful I was raised by a father so good at it that I eventually assumed he was being funny whenever he spoke, unless I had evidence to the contrary in front of me!

Let me tell you, though -- if, when Hanukah rolls around in December, you start claiming that latkes are baked, you'll hear from me, my bubbe and my zaida!

And, if anyone needs more deep-fried goodness:


(not a king cake in all 66 pictures!)

wv- hyperin

Some people are hyperintense about cake.

Michelle J. said...

I was so confused (having not read yesterday's comments). Being "corrected" all the time must get really old.

I love the blog. Keep 'em coming!

Guinan said...

Sorry. I read "deep fried cake" and could go no further.

LOL Love this site. Papty on campers!

Ellen said...

On the yellow cupcakes -- think those are attempts at a fleur de lis?

Some look like L (for Louisiana, perhaps?), most just look like squirmy worms.

That's appetizing.

wv - synop

I didn't synop to eat wormy cupcakes (nor did I ask for the anal probe!)

Sandy said...

Oh how I love you guys! <3

PennieK said...

Snicker. Epcot is everywhere! I was just reading an article on Allrecipes.com about Mardi Gras cakes and they had the gall to refer to the plastic baby as a "Toy baby" which set off a major rant in the comments! It's NOT a TOY it's JESUS!!

It's a good thing they didn't mention the word fried.

Anonymous said...

OMG, laughing through mouthfuls of pancake. If this Canadian were Cajun she'd want to be deep fried for sure.

-Cheri, one of your many humourless Canadian fans.

Darla said...

Love you guys!

It helps when reading a humor blog to have a sense of humor. You can make fun of me and anything I love anytime. I'd be honored! :)

A.J. said...

@Craig -

Are you married? Do you want to be? Because I think I love you. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Awesome response to yesterday's much ado about nothing.

WV... kalgari
NOT where Cajuns are from. (I learned this in yesterday's comments!) LOL

Joanna said...

To Anon @ 11:54 -

Really? REALLY???? Somehow making fun of ugly king cakes (not ALL king cakes, just the ugly ones pictured!) is somehow connected with insensitivity to victims of Hurricane Katrina??!!???!???

Good lord! If you can't laugh about anything in life, life will ALWAYS be a tragedy for you. And THAT'S sad.

Jen and John - I love you guys. Keep being funny.

Lisa said...

Yesterday's post made me want to never, ever have any version (good or bad) of a king cake. Today's hasn't reversed that decision, because these are just awful.

I would like to find a good papty, though...

As my brother wrote elsewhere, Lazy Box Tops Rule!

Anonymous said...

I was reading through the comments last night and LMAO. You guys, probably not so much, because I understand that you don't print ALL the comments people send you, just the inoffensive ones.

That said, I usually like the one earnest, cheerful commenter who tells me a little more about whatever we're talking about that day. (Everything I need to know in life I learned from Cakewrecks.) But they tell me stuff I didn't know before, like the scientific name of something, or where it's really located on a map. The geek in me just soaks it up. Comments that basically say, "No, it's not." don't count.

Hope you have a better day today.

loisgroat said...

Love your humor. Love love love it.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Feeling a bit touchy after all of the "We're too uptight to think that this hilarious post is funny just because we are in some way shape or form associated New Orleans" comments are we? I can't say that I blame you! Awesome post!

Linda J-H said...

Righteous post!

SusanD said...

Wait...this is a HUMOR blog? You were joking? Being sarcastic?

Great posts both days! Though all this talk about deep-fried giant donuts is making me hungry for one...even a wrecky one!

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh, you guys. Now we've got people complaining about HAVING TO READ THE COMMENTS. They're not only complaining about it, they are POSTING A COMMENT to complain about it. "I can't believe you made me read yesterday's comments to get the joke... I'm really hurt that I had to go to all that effort... this post is so bad..." Hell, I've never read the comments here before yesterday either, but rather than thinking it was the worst day ever and whining about the joke, I thought it was totally hilarious and worth the 30 seconds of my time.

Anyway, if you get any more morons like the one's you've been juggling, send 'em to Regretsy. We've got a pretty good handle on the trolls over there.

Kati said...

And THIS is why Cake Wrecks is my happy place.

Harry.Potter.Nerd.11.21. said...

Did you know that King Cakes were among the top rated searches on Bing yesterday? I credit Cake Wrecks. You live in infamy (in Epcot, in a bunker, eating fried King Cakes and occassionally doing the Kermit Flail)! I am descendant from the leprechauns, and as I swill my beer, eat my cinnamon covered coconut delights (ick), and munch on my ham and potatos - I personally vow to be offended by the cakes sure to come on Saint Paddy's Day - okay not at all, as being Irish has fortunately given me a SENSE OF HUMOR!

Amy's Mom said...

To Anonymous @ 12:54

Here in NYC, we've had a few Bush related catastrophes of our own, but I believe we have maintained a sense of humor regarding our baked goods. Mock our overpriced cupcakes, make faces at our black and white cookies, chuckle at our artisinal bread. I invite everyone to laugh at us.
C'mon, you know you want to.

dustilies said...

I love this blog even more today . . . didn't think that was possible. Jen and John, you bring such complete happiness every day.

I think that we are all so nervous by the horizontally striped mask cake is that the eye is most certainly the mark of Count Olaf.

wv: dilesses. Anything is dilesses if you deep fry it. Gonna go fire up my deep fryer and put some ooomph into my Shrove Tuesday pancakes.

min said...

Did you ever know that you're my hero?

WV: arypelic - My god, yesterday's commenters (commentators, commentatorers, etc) went completely arypelic!

JayKuz said...

@Anonymous 12:54

Deepfried traumacake.

WV: "noingraz"

A person who is too traumatized by King Cake to attend martis graz.

Secondary definition: A person who has offended the tradition of King Cake and has become a personaz non grataz at Mardis Graz.

Anonymous said...

Oh snap! I'm looking forward to my Pancake Day Papty tonight! Nothing deep fried tho... that would be inappropriate and highly improper.

abi said...

Wow. As a non-Cajun/Creole/Arcadian/French Canadian/regular Canadian/regular French/Louisianan or Louisiana-adjacent person, I don't feel qualified to comment on today's post. Let me just say that the "Papty" cake reminded me of the "Parpy!" post on Hyperbole and a Half, which you should definitely go read, J&J(thoJ) -- you'll feel much better.

Queen Julian XIII said...

You guys ROCK!!! I love the snarky goodness! I only have one complaint today. I'm totally craving deep fried sugary confections now and I don't live anywhere NEAR Louisiana!!! What's a girl to do?

Puppygirl said...

Wait... that was sarcasm Jen's been displaying? ... totally missed it... :)
Being deeply disappointed that King Cakes are NOT deep fried, I eschewed going to the local bakery and ate a bunch of homemade DEEP FRIED doughnuts instead. (no sprinkles)

I'm sure everyone at the office was wondering what those noises were today as I tried to smother my laughter so as not to disturb the clients. I'm sure it sounded like I was crying. Or having a seizure. Maybe the laughter would have been less creepy.

Yesterday's debacle and today's bitch slap has been appropriately e-mailed out to everyone I know.

Anonymous said...

'Atta girl, Jen! What an excellent response. You be careful though, it's only one small step from a disrespectful post like this to a full on lampoon of the Eucharist! I think that was my favorite comment from yesterday. My goodness. Lots of panties in full-on "wadded" mode yesterday.

Hope there isn't a breeze from the northwest today in Orlando. I'm a bit concerned it may get a little smoky from the smoldering rage of a certain Southern state known for its unique mixture of French, Cajun, and Creole heritage (or it was something like that-- I can't really remember...)

Keep up the great work!

Also, Craig the commenter, you are hilarious.


Lindsay said...

Good post!

Nice to see you getting to vent some steam. The internet is a dark scary place. Even the fun sights. Dark and scary.

Some blog readers act as if they're a captive audience and fail to realize if they don't like what you're saying they can close their web browser or just go on over to Politically Correct Jokes Daily for their daily fix of non-humorousness humor.

If you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at? Oh! Right! Other people. Especially the up tight ones.

Yes, up tight readers, we did just have a joke at your expensive. A good one, too.

Lindsay said...

Oh and to commenters who still insist on keeping their panties in a bunch (really, just pick that wedgie, you'll feel better)...

Cultural pride does not mean being a cry baby. Or does it? On second thought, you might want to change out those bunchy panties for diapers.

ewinbee said...

I actually just tried to hunt down some king cakes that might be worthy of a Sunday Sweets post. You know, just really stunning ones.

It uh, yeah.

It didn't go so very well.

However, this is pretty darn funny.

Meg said...

Bwahahahaaa!!!! Well played, Jen. Well played. :D

RU said...

(In wobbly old man voice):
"Beware the Groove!"

Ha ha. Love it.

Anonymous said...


I'll be thinking of you while eating my Shrove Tuesdays pancakes tonight,which are not deep fried.. but perhaps should be...hmmmm....

Jen B said...

It is obvious that number 4 is a daisy.

Sylph said...

love love love love you (& your krew) and everything y'all write.

Can you add a disclaimer at the top of each post that reads "This is a HUMOR BLOG. If you're not laughing, chuckling, chortling, snorting, grinning, or at least smiling, please depart the premises posthaste."?

We had a king cake here at work last year (ordered from a reputedly reputable king cake delivery company based in NOLA). It was not as yummy as I hoped, and it had a decidedly wreckish quality to it. It DID have a plastic baby inside, though we had to eat THE WHOLE THING, as the baby was cowering inside the very last piece. Not sure who decided it had to be eaten, since I thought we could just mush it up until we found the little guy. I do think it's not actually baked into the cake, since it would melt, but rather inserted into the baked cake after the fact and before the icing. Probably. But it doesn't really matter all that much to me.

I will say that it seemed like more of a bread than a cake.

Please keep doing what you're doing.. striking the occasional nerve just shows that you're doing it well. :)

Anonymous said...

Are the orange and black sprinkles on the first cake suppose to be Marti Gras(s)?

Vanilla Cream said...

Papty. Bwahahahahahahaha!

I feel sick from laughing so hard...

Denee said...

Is it bad that after yesterday's post and the nuclear fallout in the comments-that as soon as I checked my email today I laughed until I cried when " Taste of Casa"*not real name* sent me links to King Cake recipes?!?!?!? Jen-please continue your blog as it has always been-ignore the extremists-they will suffer ulcers from stress because they overreact to humor(and everything else).

Kimberly said...

Touche! and I didn't think I could like your blogs anymore than I already do! You have officially become my heroes of snark!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anonymous @ 12:54, I can see why you might be "touchy"; leaving an uneaten cake out in the Arizona sun to melt is surely something to be "touchy" about. And making fun of a poorly decorated cake is EXACTLY like making fun of Haiti....*rolls eyes*


wv: tmaywe - "...we are gawwered togewer so Buwwercwup can tmaywe Pwince Humperdink..."

krillia said...

Actually, that first one looks more like "Morti Gras" to me. My guess is that the cake is celebrating the way corpses swell after they die.

gena said...

Holy Moses, some of those folks from yesterday need a sense of humor transplant. Threat Level Red, indeed.

Y'all just keep up the good work.

"[Kermit flail] AAAAAUUUUGGGHHH!!!"


Anonymous said...

For some reason I found "Papty" to be extremely funny had to stop myself from laughing out loud at work and choking on my lunch. Thank you for the great humor you all provide on a daily basis, makes the day less monotonous.

Oldish Lady said...

I confess to having seen ads for deep-fried cupcakes at last August's Indiana State Fair. I did not actually see such a cupcake, and I don't remember having passed the vendor that was selling them--it was probably hidden behind one of the deep fried Twinkie booths--but I think that's pretty good evidence for their existance.

WV: actic What I said about yesterday's kerfluffle.

Unknown said...

Anon @ 1:59:

Thank you. I have a new blog happy place go to to! Regretsy is FANTASTIC! :)


Cloudy said...

OK, wait, you English-type folks! You DO fry your pancakes, right? (Just not deeply?) Otherwise, how do they cook? Baked in the oven?

And wait! Again! Are they crepes or pancakes? Big difference--crepes are little thin things you wrap yummy sweet things in, but pancakes are fluffy thicker things you pour sweet stuff over (and sometimes whipped cream if you're a restaurant).

Which ones are the pancakes made on Pancake Tuesday??

WV: manit, as in, "manit sure is crazy how incensed poeple get over their cakes."

Unknown said...

Oh, now this is one of my favorite posts! I stand and applaud your snarkiness in the face of those who take cake too seriously!

Jen W. said...

Well played =) I highly enjoy your ridulously funny website!

Chantelle said...

The best (worst!) thing about TODAY'S comments are those bastards from yesterday who have come BACK to once again defend their migraine-inducing "clarifications" in the comment section!!! AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!! STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT!!!!

*deep breaths*

Where's those hurricanes everyone is passing around?? I'll take two or three. :)

Jay said...

Aw Jen I just love you! Thanks so much for all the laughs. I didn't wade into the hip-deep chocolate icing blobs that was yesterday's comment section but I got it enough to appreciate today's commentary.

(And to think I abandoned Awkward Family Photos because the 'Baby-Pee-Photoshop' controversy was too much drama. Wow.)

wv: platics: Ugh, this baby tastes like platics.

Kathy said...

Am I the only one that saw swastikas on the 6th cake?

Christie said...

Papty is my new favorite word.

WV: Bleab. Bleab is what I utter after waking up having paptied too hard the night before.

Tricia said...

Just died a little bit from laughter! People are so sensitive. Geesh!

Pease Family said...

You guys rock. So does Kermit. Wreck on!

Auntie Meme said...

Deep-fried plastic toy baby Jesus. I just had to try that phrase all together.

John (not hoJ) said...

We all appreciate the pearls of wisdom posted here by Prof. Frankenfurter and friends.

J&J, to be considerate of their valuable time (which would doubtless otherwise be spent volunteering in soup kitchens and conducting cancer research), perhaps you should adopt a "truth in humo(u)r" policy, akin to the "truth in poetic license" policy used by Terry Pratchett:

The Pearl of Cities!
This is not a completely accurate discription, of course- it was not round and shiny- but even its worst enemies would agree that if you had to liken Ankh-Morpork to anything, then it might as well be a piece of rubbish covered with the diseased secretions of a dying mollusk.

And yes, this is in fact, sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Jen and John (hubby of Jen) et al - I'm *still* laughing at the Kermit flail from yesterday.

EVen as I type the words 'Kermit flail' I snigger. I am going to work it into one of my lessons tomorrow...

much love to you wrecky geniuses


wv: intaina (in southern US accent) these cake wrecks gals and guys sure do intaina

Anonymous said...

English pancakes are not as thin as French crepes but are nowhere near as thick as American ones...but are the size of your frying pan and so are thin, but not lacy. They are rolled up with fillings, and can be sweet or savoury, but are best with a squeeze of lemon and sugar. and the rule is, the first one is always rubbish.

(still giggling over Kermit flail)

Jessica Beaudoin said...

The sarcasm is full of awesome. I love you guys!

Kate B said...

thanks for making me piss myself laughing in a public computer lab. I now have to change schools.

JestheCakeEater said...

I am a daily reader, and oh lordie, yesterday was wackery that will live on in infamy!

Get your deep-fried parpy on! We're here for you, John and Jen. We'll always be here.......

WV: inbwate - like ingrate, but inbred too!

Marnie said...

Joking, sarcasm, and reality aside...Jen, you rock!

My name is Michelle. said...


Wolverine Girl said...

Dear Jen, john, and Number 1

Keep up the good work, this post made me laugh out loud.

If you ever do a post about ugly traditional Aussie cakes (and I've seen a few ugly Lamingtons around) I'll have a good laugh, and if you get one of our traditions wrong, I'll sit back and wait for the Aussie Epcot, and laugh some more.

Kermit flailingly yours,

Wolverine Girl

MadTigerKitty said...

I want to buy Jen, John #1 and everyone else associated with Cake Wrecks several rounds of Hurricanes, shake everyone's hand, bow down and bask in your glory. This is the best set down I have ever had the pleasure to read. As someone else phrased it, "yesterday's debacle and today's bitch slap." Thanks guys!

Alma said...

I heart Cakewrecks! It's my happy place :)

Jen, John and number 1, you do an amazing job. The real wreckies appreciate you... along with a good papty and a Kermit flail every now and then!

aaauuugggghhh! Creepy butterfly/mask cake is coming for me!

Ann of tn said...

Smiles for yesterday and today. Let the good times roll! Papty on!!!!

Jen said...

who's winning the bet? a wager to guess the amount of comments. Does the winner get a dozen deep fried donuts? Did you make a drinking game...a shot for everytime someone says cajun, king cake, deep fried? Gotta do something to fill your time in the Epcot bunker!

Keep the laughter coming!

Ellen said...


Yep -- that definitely beats "party hearty."

Crystal said...

Wow, last one was the best - LOL!

Eve S. D'ropper said...

Just remember: Any cake can be a Wreck with one easy step...Deep Frying.

~Eve S. D'ropper, of http://wordsfromthehallway.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

the donuts to cupcakes one is a pair of Mardi Gras glasses.

Heleni Smith said...

h\Has anyone tried making pancakes with whole wheat flour?

Anonymous said...

And now, in honor of Madrid Gris, a bedroom inspired by a king cake!

Yes, you heard right. King. Cake. Bed. Room.

PS: Don't bother if you're one the noobs from yesterday. You won't think its funny...


A Isaacs-Bailey said...

"I just need to have a bit of a lie-down"
PLEASE tell me this is an IT Crowd reference! Because if you haven't seen (and fallen in love with) that show, you must now, now, now! It is chock-full of geeky goodness! :)


Word verification: sated. As in, these King Cake wrecks have sated my craving for pukey looking cakes.

Paula said...

Today's page is funnier than yesterday. I truly enjoy making fun of the crazies, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo glad you guys write this blog and not me b/c I would have ripped those fact toting mardi gras king cake Louisiana New Orleans deep fried freaks a "new one!" Senses of humor are obviously in short supply these days! I love you! I love cake! I love funny! And I love you being funny about cake! Parpy on Garth!

Anonymous said...

NOTE: This is ugly.

In a deep-fried kind of way.




Anonymous said...

The "Mardi Gra" is a special type of women's lingerie. It is made of multi-colored satin (green, gold & purple). It is worn by women who want to lift their shirts during the parade, but retain some modesty, while still being festive.

JenericFN said...

LOVED this post! Much better than just letting it go. And I will never throw a party again, from here on out it's PAPTY TIME!

Anonymous said...


(Is it safe to come out of the bunker yet?...No?...I think we're gonna need a bigger bunker!)

-Barbara Anne

Heidi said...

So do you guys keep a big world map pinned to the wall in the Epcot shelter, and just add pushpins to the areas that are no longer safe to relate to humorous cakes?

The "Deep Fried Thoughts" title of this post had me out of the chair, on the floor in stitches of laughter. I knew where this was going. Thanks for never letting me down!

MC said...

I have to wonder if people EPCOTify this blog on purpose, knowing that we will all reap the comedic rewards the next day?

bejay said...

At least you're getting paid for it ;)

E.M. said...

Not to stir up more controversy, but...is that a swirly swastika on one of the cupcakes? Oh dear...

Papty on!

Elly said...

As a long time New Orleanian I take great offense at this, and yesterday's posts!

Not really. Actually, not at all. Ya'll are hysterical and most King Cakes do suck and look terrible.

I'm far too exhausted right now, having just gotten in from runnin' around the French Quarter having fun and trying to avoid King Cakes, to say much more on the subject except Happy Mardi Gras you all. Wish you could have been here.

P.S. I got a picture of a great King Cake costume someone wore today. I'll post the picture on facebook once I recover a bit.

Sarah said...

The party time cake looks like a cookie! Yummo

Jamie said...

I have loved a great many of your posts, but none quite so much as this. So bold, so funny, so dark. Your next deep fried melted baby cake is on me. If I can find one. I'm told there's no such thing.

Marie said...

I love your blogs. This one makes me laugh daily and I can always use a laugh. I had to give up reading your comments some time ago, though; because there are too many and I have no time to get through them all. Today I had to go back and see what the fuss was about...all I can say is, keep doing what you do and if people don't like it no one is forcing them to keep reading!
BTW to quote Gina "I heart you"

Anonymous said...

OMG- I just figured out what King Cake is good for: luring trolls out into the light and skewering their sorry hineys!!

Rock on.

-Barbara Anne

(Yeah, I'm slow on the uptake sometimes but I do get there. Thanks for waiting on me to catch up!)

wv: unciv
those trolls be dam unciv- it's huntin' time

Anonymous said...

Well, I think we'd all understand if Jen and co. decide to give up moderating comments on their blog for Lent!

You guys need a well-deserved break after this week. :-)

Arlene said...

I fear the maker of that first cake. Sadly I would still probably eat it due to the fact it is cake lol and other than the horrid gel like substance on top I think it would be delicious.

Kiwi said...

You guys just rescued the Internet for me. Keep on Wreckin'! : D

akprincess72 said...

Lol! Jen, while still here in the Epcot Memorial fall-out shelter (slumber party!!!), I'll save some pralines for you too!
*but could you bring me some more Diet Dr Pepper? Thanks =D

Daya said...

I have no words!! Only tears of joy!! I am so happy that you told yesterday's whiners to shove it in your own fantastic way. Your sarcasm is so absolutely perfect!! I fully admit to skipping over pictures today just so I could read your next comment. I love this blog!!!! I will be a fan for life!!

Ashlee L. said...

Here’s the thing: I’m a Christian...but did Auntie Meme’s comment of “Deep-fried plastic toy baby Jesus. I just had to try that phrase all together” offend me? Oh no, dear ones. Not at all. I had to do the world’s fastest hand-covering-mouth to keep from waking my entire sleeping family with the laughter that would have been ear-splitting in its intensity. Because I understand and appreciate awesome humor.

@MC Jen’s critics aren’t that smart. Unfortunately for us.

Jen…dearest Jen…Trekkie after my own heart Jen: I think TODAY'S set of comments should solidify in your deepest soul-corner that you have the coolest, most supportive and BESTEST reader-fans. EVAR. :)

hyphen8 said...

Jen, take a deep breath and don't stress too much. The trolls need to remember that they don't *have* to read Cake Wrecks. Or comment. The rest of us are more than happy to enjoy your posts and appreciate what you do. (Is that culturally insensitive to trolls? Oops.)

I stayed at work too late to go to the church pancake supper and I'm wishing I'd had a couple DEEP FRIED malasadas today - although recently it's become politically correct to say malassada instead. I grew up knowing the word with one s but I don't actually care how it's spelled as long as it tastes good. And yes, I linked to a couple of news sites instead of Wikipedia because we know those are always reliable... :P

BTW, a co-worker was eating Corn Nuts yesterday, and I realized that I'll never think of them quite the same way again thanks to Cake Wrecks and Sandra Lee. You've changed my life!

Marie said...

It appears that some, who posted yesterday, still do not get this blog today. Apparently, they must be right no matter how ignorant it makes them look.

Good blog today. Love you guys.

Shelley Parker Chandler said...

Hmmm... every King Cake I have ever had a bite of had that tiny plastic baby baked INTO the cake. I've never seen one with the baby on top, because where's the suspense in that?

Joie said...

Seriously? You guys are trolling your own blog? I thought you were better than that.

The people who were upset yesterday were upset because some of the information John posted was, quite simply, WRONG. That's it. If the information had been right, you probably wouldn't have had all the fallout.

But instead of admitting, "Hey guys, some of our information was incorrect, here are some crazy looking cakes to laugh at." He chose to antagonize the people who were actually just trying to tell him he made a mistake.

And now, you're making a completely separate post (one that's not really even funny, I might add) prolonging the conflict.

Frankly, I don't get it. Is admitting when you're wrong about something really so difficult that you feel you have resorting to attacking strangers on the internet to save face?

Maybe you're just having a bad week. Maybe you guys need a vacation. I don't know.

Not really your most sterling moment, though.

JWB said...

I'm seriously craving donuts now. Thanks!

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