Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wreckies Of The Month

Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's been far too long since I featured you, my faithful henchpersons! So, without further ado, here are the Wreckies among you who've succeeded in making me smile this past month.

As always, the Naked Mohawk Baby Carrot Jockeys continue to dominate. Here Angela M's sister made her a whole armada for her birthday:

And "Another Jen" and her friend Darla made this diverse "Cornucopia Rodeo" for their desks:

Banana and corn jockeys? I guess the little guys are branching out.

Yet another Jennifer had these made for her daughter's 14th birthday:

[singing] "I believe the children are our fuuuuture.
Teach them well and LET them wreck the waaay..."

Good work, Jennifer.

Duncan S. stayed up just a little too late reading the wreckage, and got inspired to draw a few hilariously wrecktacular pictures:

Hah! Nice job, Duncan.
(And thank you for putting a diaper on the cowboy jockey. No, really. Thank you.)

One of the book-exclusive Wrecks got some love this month:

Katelynn S. made this for her birthday. Since I hear she's prone to shouting "Nappy Blob Blob!" at other people's birthday parties, I find this only appropriate.

And here's Danielle Q.'s version, which she made for one of her fellow pastry chefs:

Wow, that jockey has some seriously orange hair. Nice.

Wrecky henchperson (wrenchperson? henchky?) Cat T. decided to try her hand at cake decorating. So what did she choose to make for her very first decorated cake? Why, this, of course:

Hee. Ahee. Hee.

And finally, I got a real kick out this e-mail from Hannah:

"I am a government employee working overseas, and part of my job duties include acting as chief coordinator when we have VIP visitors in my city. A few weeks ago I was working with a high-level government official...(and) our schedule included lunch with a major world religious leader, who found out that it was the official's birthday. The religious leader produced a cake that was, by all accounts, incredibly delicious. However, as soon as I saw it, all I could think was CAKE WRECK!!

So let's recap: I'm sitting at a table with the spiritual leader of several hundred million people around the world and a high-powered go-to guy in DC who could destroy my career in one phone call... and I can't stop snorting into my napkin in an attempt to pass my laughter off as bad allergies.

I hope you're happy with yourself."

Me? Happy?

Aw, you better believe it.


And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: yesterday's winner!

Actually, your one-liner entries were so good that I decided to pick *three* winners. And they are [drum roll, please] :

Jenniffer ("Now Dolphin-Free!"), Lynn ("Get used to disappointment."), and
Dolores ("In some foreign countries this is actually a compliment.")!

Congrats, ladies! Please e-mail me with your addresses & any special requests for the personalization.

And since I'm sure most of you didn't read through all 1000+ comments yesterday, I've added a bunch of my favorites to the end of yesterday's post. Be sure to check 'em out!
shikishinobi said...

If this site didn't provide me with many happy thoughts to brighten my day, I wouldn't read it.
Mind you, some of those cakes were a little questionable in taste, not to mention hygiene. The baby thing? Not cute. You never know when childish incontinence is going to strike upon your cup/cake.
"No, marmite!"

Missy said...

Egads, our fireman looks even creepier in 3-D. But despite the fact that he looks like a Weeble made out of Play-Doh, he still looks delicious.

The Beans said...

I *love* those drawings! :-D

-French Bean

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

I love the drawings. Very talanted!

Jules AF said...

I love the cornucopia one.

Catsnkites said...

WAIT! Did Hannah send a PICTURE of the cake in question?????

wheatless said...

Hannah, don't torture us so! At least *describe* its wreckiness to us!

webmaster seo said...

I love those drawings! :)

Jenny said...

Danielle Q. should get a special award for the most phallic carrot ever seen on Cake Wrecks. :)

The frosting in her swirl looks so creamy and delicious.

tuckerclucker21 said...

Hannah needs to send a description or a picture or something, because even though it was a religious leader she was eating it with, if it's a wreck, it's a wreck and it's her duty to not just tell us about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the religious leader's cake... Hannah don't leave us hanging! :(

MissNay said...

I just want to know where they find these tiny creepy babies...

Anonymous said...

Oh my. The veggies and fruits in the Cornucopia Rodeo are rather small and make the carrot jockeys look really obscene. I hope those aren't displayed on their desks at work. The boss might have to have a few words with them :P

Unknown said...

These cakes look like a wreck waiting to happen.


Stephanie said...

today my 8 year old happened upon my laptop with of course this post open... "MOMMYYYYYY come look at this.... it's little babies on carrots!!!!"

Yes honey, the lady who writes that website thought those were funny on cake.

My 8 year old scrolling down the page "MOMMMYYYYY .... these are so cool!" ...stopping at the cupcakes ..."MOMMMYYYYY look at these cupcakes! MOMMMMYYYY i want those for my birthday -- can you make them PLLLLEEAAASEEE???" (I'm a bit of a wreckinator myself)

The funny part, my 8 year old is a huge star wars fan... mabe there is a wreck/wars genome....

I will send a photo when we have carrot jockey cupcakes.

Sandy said...

What? No picture of Hannah's cakewreck? I'm disappointed.

Ado Annie said...

I was scrolling through Hannah's story with bated breath in anticipation of a truly wreckerated cake of diplomatic proportion and there was NOTHING! AUUGGGHHHH, noooo! How am I going to get to sleep tonight wondering what the religious wreck LOOKED LIKE?!?!?

Craig said...

#2 Above a certain size ratio of rider to 'ridden', the babies stop being jockeys. Just sayin'.

#8 This version seems like it might be close to the original concept, before 2-D perspective shifts and an 'L that looks like an 'S' conspired to produce mayhem...

Is @ Shikishinobi a 'Vicar of Dibley' fan, perchance?

We need a picture of Hannah's cake.

Anonymous said...


L.B. said...

Love them carrot jockeys!

WV:testste - uh... nope. I'm not even going to try.

Anonymous said...

now I really want to know what that cake looked like at the high powered lunch! did she get a picture? can you post it on Facebook so only your FB friends could see it (and not said world leader?)

Lucky66 said...

Hey, have you even posted a pic of your own wedding cake? I'm just curious. I'm sure it wasn't a wreck.

Angela said...

My birthday cake! on Cake Wrecks! My day is made! I was checking the site to see the sunday sweets, and continued scrolling, and I saw the cake my sister made for me, and jumped out of my chair screaming for my mom to come see it, then called the aforementioned sister. Oh yes. I feel famous now! :P

Anonymous said...

wow...I like this.

Demi said...

I don't get the creepy naked babies. You have to wonder about someone who is making a cake and thinks, 'you know what this cake needs, creepy naked babies.'
Nope I don't get it.

Beth said...

My sister got me interested in this blog, little did I expect one of her cakes to end up on the site, luckily it was a good thing and not bad! Also, this cake was made by a Jennifer, along with the other few that follow. Just thought you should know :)

misyon5ice said...

I love cartoon :) very good drawing

Haiku Joy said...

Wrecky mystery
remains Hannah's forever.
Keep "sneezing," lady.