Friday, January 16, 2009

Big Day, Big Wrecks

Friday, January 16, 2009

By popular demand, here are a few more Inspiration vs Perspiration Wedding Wrecks. And shame on you all for finding them so funny.

What was ordered:

What was received:
(Fortunately Christine C. reports the the bride and family had a great sense of humor about this Wreck, and even dubbed it the "bamPOO" cake. Heheh.)

And received:

Uh, since the cake itself leaves me speechless, I'm going to comment on the background. Hey Jessica M., is that Chewbacca through the window? I mean, given the Han Solo & Leia topper, I was wondering if Chewie was the ring-bearer or something.

And lastly, ordered:
Aaaand received:

You have to wonder if that swipe was a result of the bride fainting at the sight of it, don't you? Still, I guess she should count her blessings: imagine if the wreckerator had been asked to write something on it!
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Z_gal said...

Deepest gratitude to Anonymous (Bride of Cake # 3)! You are SO my hero for laughing and for having the maturity to put it all in perspective.
I hope your marriage is also full of such laughter!

Unknown said...

While we don't know the whole story on here I would just like to point out that it's not always the cake decorator that says they can replicate something originally done in fondant in buttercream.

Yes the bamboo cake looks like poo... but it also makes me wonder if the bride was advised against doing it in buttercream because it would not look the same but the BRIDE insisted on buttercream (probably because she didn't want to pay extra) and then complained when it didnt look the same.

This has happened many times before.
- bride brings picture of 3 tier with pearls and flowers. But cuts it down to 2 tiers because of cost. Then she takes of the pearls. Finally she decides they will buy fresh flowers and add the flowers themselves. Baker then gets a call asking why the cake doesn't look *the same*. Um because what you actually ended up ordering was a plain cake?

I'm not saying that this is what happened because I have seen some real disasters. It's just not always the baker's fault.

Pizza said...

The bamboo cake--my 4yo son saw it and said, "That one's GOOD, that one's BAD." Even at a young age they can tell that the substitute didn't work!

Anonymous said...

Actually, our wedding cake baker had some lovely cakes in her portfolio that I would have sworn were fondant. When I said that they were pretty, but we wanted buttercream, she told us that they were buttercream.

She has won several national awards for her work, so she's obviously quite talented, but it can be done if the person has the right skills.

Denver Designer Cakes said...

Frankly, as far as the bamboo cake goes.. Who's to say that the bride didn't want to pay the extra for the fondant and actually asked for buttercream instead? Some people are cheap and stupid and just want something for nothing. OR, maybe they did actually pay for the fondant and it just wasn't done right obviously. Who knows, but it does look pretty bad!

Anonymous said...

And maybe, Plum, if the pseudo-intellectual complainers would read all of the comments before posting, they would realize that the explanation for repeat posts has been posted a bazillion times.

Don't worry, I'm sure your mommy still thinks you're smart.

Cupcakes Lady said...

Bam-poo cake. Love it! lol xx

Wedding Tips said...

Sometimes it is just better to dump the cake and just start again. Sydney Wedding Cakes

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