Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And Now for Something Completely Different

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

[through intercom, with British accent] “Ms. Jones, could you come in here, please?”
- door opens and closes -
“Yes, Mr. Reynaldo?”
“Ms. Jones, about that cake in the conference room…”
“Yes, sir?”
“I’m not sure it’s entirely appropriate for the board meeting.”
“I did make sure it said ‘Mr. Reynaldo’ on it, and not ‘Nigel’, sir.”
“Yes. No, I do appreciate that. But, ah, about the photo on it…”
“Don’t you like it, sir?”

“I’m sure it’s quite nice, Ms. Jones, but who is it?”
“I don’t quite know, sir. Why do you ask?”
“Ms. Jones, I’m not gay, you know, I’m British.”
“Really? Are you sure, sir?”
“’Course I’m bloody sure!”
“Sorry, sir. It’s so hard to tell the difference, you know.”
“I’m sodding married!”
“Yes, but Mrs. Reynaldo won’t be attending the board meeting, sir.”
[brightening] “Oh, really? Well, alright then. Carry on, Ms. Jones, carry on.”

(Why? Three reasons: because I doubt I’ll ever find a cake with a dead parrot on it, I think “Nigel Reynaldo” would be the awesomest name ever, and for my new friend Anthony, of “Oh, you’re British? I thought you were just gay” fame.)
Anonymous said...

What amuses me most about your commentary is that the man in the photo is so very clearly NOT British, it's crazy.

That cake is the reason "edible printing" should be abolished. Stuff like that can result.

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

You certainly have a...um...vivid imagination! :-P

Anonymous said...

Your writing style cracks me up! I know I can always count on you to lighten my day. It's just so amazing to me what people put on cakes. I had no idea there was a whole genre of bad cakes. Here's a toast to bad cake decorators everywhere: May you live long and prosper so the rest of us can laugh at your expense.

Betsy said...

your blog is so fun to read. the pictures and commentary had me laughing the whole time I was reading past posts! Who knew that cakes could be so awful yet so amusing?

I hope you don't mind I posted about your blog on my own blog. I couldn't resist sharing this gem!

Events by Evonne, LLC said...

OMG, you crack me up!

Anonymous said...

The photo is of international football player Cristiano Ronaldo. As I assume you're American from the British=gay joke, this is the sport you know as soccer.

Cool blog, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, really. If you know who it is a photo of it makes a bit more sense as sort of an inside joke on this Mr. Reynaldo character.

Anonymous said...

The funniest thing about this cake is that the photo is of pretty boy soccer star Christiano Ronaldo and they misspelled his name! LOL!

Unknown said...

i'm assuming that the birthday boy has the last name Reynaldo and they connected that with Cristiano Renaldo, the soccer player pictured.

i'm not going to attack you like 'j', as i'm also an american who doesn't give a shit about soccer, but maybe this background info will help you understand the cake a little more (never thought i'd 'help someone understand a cake' before).

Anonymous said...

That's a famous football (soccer) player- Cristiano Ronaldo.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that if Mr.Reynaldo was british he would know Cristiano Ronaldo for sure, since he plays in UK!

Anonymous said...

Oh if you only knew how much I loathe this Manchester United striker after his elitist display during the World Cup. Every time he strikes a goal, my stomach turns. Gay? That's only the beginning...

Anonymous said...

Caption Contest: "I get the abs!"

Zhenya said...

HA HA they can't even spell ronaldo's name.

it would have been better if the pic showed ronaldo crying though (something the poor chap does frequently).

this blog is hilarious.

Crayl said...

I seriously enjoy the cake wrecks, but this dialogue is hysterical, had me in tears and laughing so hard there was no sound...thank you. I needed that.

Anonymous said...

Given what looks like a partially healed scar on the side of the guy on the cake I had assumed that he was the victim of one of those all-too-frequent Motel room kidney removals.
I guess being a reviled international football star is close enough.

benniboi said...

I heard ur blog from my landlady's daughter. I m an ameteur patisserist. She sent me ur blog for some new idea lol.
I love ur blog but this one really cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody else hear Carol Cleveland and Graham Chapman while reading it?

Anonymous said...

but, now you DO have a cake with a dead bird on it! granted, it's not a parrot...you posted that poe cake a few days ago, right?

vampirefriends said...

I would almost be offended by the "Brits are gay" remark if:
1) your blog hadn't already reduced me to tears of laughter on more than many occassions
2) I didn't totally love you because you reference Monty Python, and not to mention Douglas Adams (both of which are English, of course)
3) I didn't also think that the English accent is pretty darn gay.


Haiku Joy said...

When I want beefcake,
I always circle him with
blue glowy frosted stars.

wv: prenda

We're just going to prenda I didn't say that.