Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Makes Ya Wonder What the Card Said...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For that matter, does Hallmark even have a herpes section? Hm. Oh, and just for my own personal reference - how much do you have to whine about minor skin irritations to get yourself a cake?

But you know, the best part is that whoever gave this cake managed to convey an effective "Get over it, you ninny" while still getting brownie points for doing something sweet. How perfect is that?!? I'm going to have to re-evaluate my whole nagging process. I wonder how well these would work on a cake:

"Yay! You finally put the seat down!"
"Happy Hangover! Here's to many more!"
"Let it go already."
"Guess who's PMS'ing?"
"Who needs a working car/AC/dishwasher, anyway?"
"This is dinner."
"We were on a break!"

Anyone else have suggestions?
Mi.and.Ry said...

I have no idea who you are or how your cake-judging blog came into existance because but I do know that I am in complete love. I am now going to venture to the supermarket by the most neon-plastic-tasting-buttercream-topped cupcakes I can find and shove them in my face while I read each horribly awful/fantastic post.

preach on cake man.

Anonymous said...


Your comment gives me the kind of warm gooshy feeling normally reserved for just-out-of-the-oven cupcakes. Many thanks. ;)

Anonymous said...

Are those oozy yellow flowers supposed to resemble the pus from the cold sore?

Matthew, Eve, Noah, Noelle, and Brooke said...

Your blog is hilarious!!! This cake is my absolute favorite. If I need a laugh in the next few weeks, months, etc...all I have to do is think of this cake! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

In the "what can I get them to write on the cake" vein, I bought a cake for dessert and the woman at Coldstone insisted we put a message on it.

My 7-year-old daughter (who's not a big fan of cake) suggested "I hate cake". The cake decorator decided to add a little frowny face to accentuate it.


B. Durbin said...

I had a friend whose idea for her wedding was to have a number of cakes and the explanation "they lost our cake, and gave us these to make up for it." Captions included "You Flew the Coop!" (complete with bird), "We'll Miss You, Mr. Jingles" and my favorite, "Congratulations, It's Not Malignant!"

The practical part of this was that wedding guests could get the flavor of cake they wanted. And it was pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that maybe the recipient was also the giver. That is, he or she threw themselve a whale of a party when they found out that - ta-da! - it's not herpes, it's just a cold sore! WOOOOO!

So they bought a cake to convey that.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's more of a 'what a relief' cake... like telling a worried boyfriends "Hey guess what, I'm not pregnant!! Here's a cake!"

Brenda Shaw said...

I'm thinking that someone had already had and recovered from some really bad disease, maybe cancer, and when they got a mouth sore they thought it was coming back. But it turned out to be a cold sore. Yay! You are all invited to an I'm-still-in-remission party!

Anonymous said...

I have tears of laughter.. streaming down my face.. the pictures are hideous but the commentary is GOLD.

As for a suggested topic..

It was only a car.

Sorry about the cat.

I am sure I locked it.

No one else will see this video.

Anonymous said...

Actually...I read this cake as "It's just a GOLD sore"

Albeit a strange caption, it would explain the "gold" (actually yellow) flowers on the corners

Anonymous said...

The best cake I ever saw, can I order three dozen?

Corrine said...

ok that is funny.

for a third wedding:
Third time is a charm.

"Well at least you have insurance"

"It doesn't get much better than this"

"It's gonna sting"

Its not contagious

die Frau said...

"I was just late, after all" [girlfriend's cake to boyfriend]

"Congrats on your parole"

"At least you got the house"

I love this cake. Truly.

Anonymous said...


*cough* Sorry. But, y'know, they are. So... yeah. Herpes cake.

Anonymous said...

- we can still be freinds*

- I'm not gonna say I told you so

- Happy Rehab Release Day!

*misspelling intentional- they never really mean it.

Jen said...

When I separated from my husband, I had a pregnancy scare. I was staying with my best friend and his room mates at the time and when I took the test, they all cheered along with me that it was negative.
Then went and bought me a cake that actually said "You're not pregnant!" Best cake I've ever eaten

Juliet said...

This is now the wallpaper on our computer desktop.

I enjoy pondering what inspired this.

Here are my suggestions:

"I said I was sorry! Gawd!"

"The next time you see me I'll be sober!"

"You said you'd call!"

"Good luck beating that sexual harassment charge!"

Melissa Wood (née Hazelton) said...

OMG, I'm literally crying from laughing!! This is just SO good!!

Now I want to bake a cake just so I can write "Sorry about the yeast" on it.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out that I don't think the cake makes much sense, since a cold sore IS the herpes virus.

Anonymous said...

Okay, if we're going to get clinical about this, one type of herpes virus causes cold sores. Another type causes sores, um, elsewhere, but can cause cold sores too. So the cake is basically saying, "It sucks, but it could have been so much worse!"

But I love that the cake seems to be individually sized. "None for me, thanks, that little herpes cake is all yours."

Anonymous said...

Actually, to be clinical, both types of the herpes virus can cause cold sores around the mouth and down below. So cold sores above and below the belt are all herpes.

What I love about this cake is it seems to say to the recipient is "It's only herpes. You could have gotten something much worse. Loosen up - it'll be fine!"

Wonderful cake! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this cake for its jubilant exclamation. It's the kind of event that deserves a cake! Also, I totally want a cake that says "This is Dinner".

I love love LOVE your blog, by the way... I just discovered it yesterday and I'm in love.

TiminSD said...

“We were on a break!” I had to climb back up onto my chair!

I can just see the Cake Decorator saying to the customer: “Um, ok; but if it winds up on CakeWrecks I’M going to sue YOU!”

Anonymous said...

Well, not nearly as funny as this, but on the day I first got my period, my dad brought home a cake that said "It's About Time!" (at least it was spelled right and appropriately centered on the inscription).

But good grief...I was 12, not 27!

Anonymous said...

I seriously Love your blog and As a serious chef in training I want to Make a cake that says "Its OVER honey!"

Sarah said...

It's nice to see that even "a serious chef in training" will continue to make grammar mistakes after reading this blog. Hope to see your work here soon, Angelia!

Unknown said...

I'm perusing all of the old posts, and this one cracks me up. I also have some suggestions:

"It wasn't me"
"Congratulations on your new appliances!!!" (extra punctuation and everything)
"Hooray! You're potty trained!"
"Yikes! I didn't know she was jailbait"
"You're an OK friend."
"It's not what you think"

Bill Albertson said...

My guess is that the person who, um, received the gift that keeps on giving decided to send a cake to the, um, giver.

One with a quote of their famous last words on it. Probably to their workplace.

poptop said...

I was introduced to your site recently by a friend (we started with "Good Luck in China", which is brilliant) and find the cumulative effect makes it hard to read in public--gentle amusement becomes the church giggles pretty quickly.

I assumed the giver of this cake was the one with the "cold sore"; isn't this one of those common mythical reassurances like, "don't worry, you can't get pregnant the first time"?

Trusty said...

yes heres one...
you finally got an F!Now you're just like the rest of us!

Ken said...

How about one that says "Ha! I told you I wasn't the Dad!" with the rolled up paternity papers sticking out of it.

Unknown said...

"We were on a break" - nice "Friends" reference!

Cupcakes Lady said...

hahaha I'd hate to see what they would come up with for The mumps or something else?! lol x

Amy Bailey said...

Maybe it was like "Sorry, I might have given you herpes" and then they found out it wasn't really, so they felt bad and made a cake saying "nevermind, it's not that bad".

estelle martin said...

how abot "just so you know its not that common it doesnt happen to every guy and it is a big deal!"