Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wreckies Of The Month

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Every month we get literally hundreds of thousands* of e-mails from people who have made cool Cake Wrecks tribute cakes, and once in a while (i.e. when Jen makes me) we like to post a few.

(*Ok, that's kind of a guesstimate. [On a side note, my spell checker didn't flag the word "guesstimate," which clearly means that the English language is doomed. DOOMED!])


Jessie M.'s sisters combined her two favorite things here: Napoleon Dynamite ("Decroded") and CW ("Falker Satherhood"). The best part, though, is the bakery decided to "fix" the Satherhood spelling to the far more appropriate "Satherloud." Fabulous. It's like a nesting wreck.

And lastly, Sonya D. took a cue from our April Fool's post and pulled a fun prank at her hubby's birthday party:

Those little egg salad sandwiches are actually cake filled with cream cheese icing and marshmallows. Pretty convincing, huh? Oh, and of course that means the birthday "cake" is...


And finally, I thought we'd end with the mother lode of Wrecks tributes. Check this out:

Awwww yeah. Can you name all the Wrecks here?

Megan M. writes:

"My friend and co-worker Killian was getting married, and the only way she would agree to having a party at work was if we would create a Cake Wreck for her. Considering we're a team of copy editors, we probably had a little too much fun with this."

My favorite angle:


And lastly, most of your e-mails make us smile, snort, or guffaw. This one did all three:

Sara writes:

"So I'm not a professional, but I was informed by my older children today that instead of the bubble cake I was trying to make, I made boobies instead. My mother took one look at it and said, "Send this booby cake to cake wrecks."

Gee, I love my mother."

And finally, Sharon Evans from Sharon's Edible Art decided that there weren't enough Cake Wrecks tribute songs in the world, so she wrote a few of her own. This one's my favorite.

[to the tune of "We are the champions" by Queen]

We Are Cake Wreckers

I've paid my dues,
time after time.
I've piped my worst,
but committed no crime.
And bad mistakes,
I've made a few.
I've had my share of cakes smashed in my face,
but I've come through.

Under neat, I want, I want, I want sprinkles!

We are cake wreckers, my friends.
And we'll keep on wrecking to the end.
We are cake wreckers,
We are cake wreckers.
No time for Spell Check,
'cause we are cake wreckers
of the world.

I've swapped the vowels,
from the telephone call,
I've brought you creepy, bizarre, and everything that goes with it,
I've wrecked it all.

But it's been no bed of roses,
just swirls of poo.
I consider it a challenge,
how do you spell that?
I have no clue!

Congratu, gradu, radu lations!

We are cake wreckers, my friends.
And we'll keep on wrecking to the end.
Flotsam and Star Trek,
Barbie and green Shrek.
No time for grammar,
'cause we are cake wreckers
of the world.

We are cake wreckers, my friends.
And we'll keep on wrecking to the end.
Grooms cakes and Epcot,
Is that Chewy? Great Scott!
No time to fix it,
'cause we are cake wreckers.

We're looking for a Queen cover band to sing this for us. Know any? We can't actually "pay" you with "money" but there just might be some "cake" in it for you. [winkwink] [finger gun]
Diana Dang said...

Insane but smart prank! xD

The Dream Police Person! said...

Awesomness! I hope someday I'll have friends who would actually make a cake wreck just for me! :D

A Paperback Writer said...

"No bed of roses/just swirls of poo...."
That, my dear, is your finest line ever.....
Ah! :)

Anonymous said...

:( My first thought with the sandwich/cake swap is that I hope there were no vegetarians at her party. She took two veggie-friendly foods and make them both inedible!

sendingtheclowns said...

John, John, JOHN...!!

Not to be nit-picky, but ...well...
Yeah. I'm sure (really!) that you totally MEANT to call the second entry "lastly."
Just as I'm also sure that you meant to call the third entry "finally," --right before you labeled the very next (4th) entry: "lastly."

The 5th and ACTUAL last entry is so aptly labelled, "finally."
Did you get much sleep last night, dear?


Manggy said...

Fail fail! It should read "At least YOUR pretty" ;)

Tricia L said...

Folks, if you haven't clicked on the chocolate sheet cake, do so. Only then can you see the flamingos are with dinosaurs, Tigger is riding a swan, and the tiny naked mohawk baby carrot jockeys. That cake needs its own page with close-up photos! Can't tell if that's a bride next to Tigger or Princess Leia.

(Note to self: Think I'll make the pound cake sandwiches next time I'm "refreshment lady" at church.)

Hannah said...

Haha... these are fantastic. And actually, yes. I do know a Queen cover band. Lol.

Anonymous said...

*tears* can't... type... shaking too hard... from laughter... PAIN....

*wiping face* Ahhh.. I needed that.

Love the wreckerator's fix of the 'pretend' wreck, making it a 'true' wreck.

I love the bait and switch on the cake/sandwiches. True genius and church coffee hour worthy!


Rita said...

Too Funny!

Jules AF said...

I have to make a wreck one day.

Anonymous said...

Love the song! Love the wrecks!

Fanboy Wife said...

These are great! (I thought the last cake was a booty cake, but it's still funny.)

sandra said...

These cakes are amazing!

Brie said...

-sigh- Just shows how much more I should be doing. A BOOK IS NOT ENOUGH!

Kashmir said...

<< Contented happy sigh >> I have coffee, I have a new washing machine being delivered and I have an hysterical Saturday bonus Cake Wrecks. I have hit the mother lode!!

Anonymous said...

deliberate wrecks don't work for me, sorry, but I do like the unintentional blue boob cake wreck

Geisha_Girl said...

My dog, the Queen lyrics are genius!
"I've brought you creepy, bizarre, and everything that goes with it,
I've wrecked it all."


Anonymous said...

Psst... "Mother load" should actually be spelled "mother lode."

john (the hubby of Jen) said...

Anon @ 11:54,

What are you a miner? Who knows these things? You're right, of course, but I'm attempting to make myself feel better about my lack of obscure knowledge.

Fine! I'll change it.



Megan said...

Hey, thanks for posting my submission!

If anyone wants to see more up-close photos of the wedding shower wreck, I have them in a flickr set here.

Anonymous said...

Well, who'da thunk? "Guesstimate" actually IS in the dictionary, so your spell check was correct. This from Merriam-Webster:

Main Entry: guess·ti·mate
Pronunciation: \ˈges-tə-mət\
Function: noun
Etymology: blend of guess and estimate
Date: 1923

: an estimate usually made without adequate information

— guess·ti·mate \-ˌmāt\ transitive verb

Tricia L said...

Thank you, Megan, for the link to the close-ups of the chocolate cake. Fabulous!! Debating whether that is a generic bride or one of the Disney princesses, but disappointed that it wasn't Princess Leia.

The Social Mediatrix said...

That Cake Wreck song is a thing of wonder.

Green said...

Considering I just sat here and sung that entire song in a whisper I'd consider sending a sound clip of full volume, but your ears are probably a fair amount more precious to you than that.

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

I love the boobie cake.....classic!

Annette L. said...

Sara,don't feel too bad. I did basically the same thing for my daughter's Sweet 16 cake. We were having an ice cream theme so I cut a giant cone from a half sheet pan.
I used a ball pan for the ice cream scoops. They weren't wide enough for the cone so I put them side by side. Yeah, they looked like boobies and it didn't help when my brother in law put a marichino cherry in the middle of each one. When I saw the "pumpkin fun" cake in the CakeWrecks book, it reminded me of the cake too.

Kelsey said...

I think you should know that I used some of your cakes in my safe sex project for health class.The caption is, "You could end up like this"

Meep! said...

OMG I LOVE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! that totally just made my day :)

anywho...... all the lastly's and finally's made me giggley..... didn't know you could have a last of anything that many times (unless you've seen the "Last Cigarette" episode of How I Met Your Mother..... hahahahaha! cause it's none of their's last, even though that vowed it would be.... bwahahahahhaahahhahahahahaa...... i'm going back to bed now.... too little sleep.......

StefRobrts said...

I am going to remember the meatloaf cake/sandwich cake prank for the next potluck I get invited to - that is AWESOME!

The song is also awesome :)

Dorci said...

I took my son shopping for a Father's Day card the other day, and as I was browing through the selection I was so wishing that there had been a Happy Falker Satherhood card! Hallmark needs to get right on that.

Wreck on, Jen and John! Maybe I'll get to come out and see you on Monday!

Melinda said...

Sharon Evans, you're my kind of person! I'll bet we could have pee-your-pants fun writing song parodies. In high school, my sister and I wrote one to Suzanne Vega's "Luka" called "Puka."

Love the meatloaf "cake," but I have to wonder how they kept the meatloaf and mashed potatoes warm.

Lola Sunshine said...

The truly sad part is, I thought the "bubble cake" was a very large rear end... just an extremely round one like the one Sir Mix-a-Lot is standing on in the "Baby Got Back" video. The blue icing didn't help, either... it just made it look like the cake was somehow wearing a pair of daisy dukes!

Lola S.

Lenora said...

Um, am I the only one that thinks of something besides boobs when they see two blue ball-shaped objects side by side?

Kelly said...

There is an amazing queen cover band called Almost Queen. I've seen them several times. I wonder if they know of this site and would make a youtube video or something.....hmmmmm maybe someone wants to contact them

CookieMonster said...

That song is totally awesome.

wv: boope: how a wreckerator would misspell Betty Boop

sdreader said...

The song is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

XD XD this made me laugh so much

Bridgete said...

I was thinking, you should do a Sunday Sweets of really awesome non-pro cakes. Kind of as the opposite of the tribute cakes (which I love!).

Okay, maybe I'm only thinking that because my two best friends have been having a lot of fun making and decorating cakes and they've all been AWESOME.

Lori said...

Queen is my favorite band EVER & I just sung the entire song - just loud enough that DH couldn't hear me or understand why I kept snickering... dude, I would pay to download that song if you got a cover band to record it!

MissNay said...

The song is brilliant!
I love that before each cake a crafty 'lastly' or 'finally' was strategically placed to make me greive the post end. Then, hoisting my spirits like a flag pole wedgie, came the realization that it wasn't the 'last' or 'final' cake. You have taken me on an emotional roller coaster of cake and awesomeness. Well done

Anonymous said...

Awesome song!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, it needs to be "at least your pretty."

Emerald76 said...

Boobies? my husband balls?

Donna said...

Gosh, I'm kind of disappointed that the cap on the first cake actually LOOKS like a cap and tassle....drat! Then it would have been utter perfection!

Sara said...

Oh my goodness, I've enjoyed reading the comments about my "booby cake" My oldest thought it was a butt, my middle child and mother thought they looked like boobies. Never thought about the blue balls... I really laughed at that.

mystic_eye_cda said...

Apparently I am weird, I thought the "boob" cake was an ass and the number 2 was a poop joke.

Umm, ok, I'll be over here hanging my head in shame, someone please join me?

Jen said...

HalloQUEEN is your cover band from Seattle! I know Sean who sings and I'll have to send this his way...

lisadh said...

We all salute Cake Wrecks!! LOL!

Super song!

Anonymous said...

These are horribly great!

check out my blog:

Anonymous said...

I bought an ice-cream cake at Kroger for a friend's graduation and asked the lady to write "Congratulations, graduate!" and wondered if I should write it out for her, but didn't want to insult her. She asked how to spell "graduate" and I was relieved that she asked before piping it on... until I got the cake, which said "Congraduations Graduate!"

I didn't bother asking her to fix it since it had sprinkles under the words and would've looked like a mess, so we just kept it and had a good laugh at the party :)

BeckyR said...

Great song!

Anonymous said...

for a recording of the song, take it to your closest university and ask someone for the a cappella group on campus. I'm pretty sure there's an arrangement already written out in the a cappella world -just need the new words :)