Sunday, February 1, 2009

Come to the Dark Side: We Have Cake

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Could this be the coolest shower cake EVER?

I think so-ooo! [sing-song voice]

Seriously, let me count the ways this cake kicks every other baby shower cake's butt:

1) Darth friggin' Vader is holding an adorable little beribboned baby girl on it. Really, we could just stop there. (But don't worry; we won't.)

2) Airbrushing that's actually... pretty? [gasp] Wait, you mean that's actually possible?!?

3) Best. Use of sprinkles. Ever. Baby want sprinkles? Baby gets sprinkles!

4) The lettering! The outline! The ruffly border! The itty-bitty baby bottle!!!

[pauses to catch breath]

5) Say, did I mention that Darth Vader is holding a baby on it?

Case closed. Maximum awesomeness has been reached.

Well, until someone makes a cake with SPOCK holding a cute baby girl, that is. Aw yeah.

Many thanks to Erica for sharing her kickin' cake, and to Woullet Bakery for making it.
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KatjaMouse said...

Dark Side? More like "Dork" Side! HAHA *snort* HAHA!

/I'm lame, I know...

holly said...

I'm with Jasry. Two years later and I had to come back and take a look at this cake again. I still love it. It's *not* smooth fondant, tiers and perfect gumpaste flowers it's *just* a pretty cake. Sometimes, the perfect gasp-worthy, 'that's CAKE???' cakes just don't do anything for me. A simple sheet cake with pretty colors, interesting story (and SPRINKLES!) is good enough.

(I still use that line sometimes - 'Baby wants sprinkles? BABY GETS SPRINKLES!')

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