Sunday, May 11, 2008

Submission "Guidelines"

Sunday, May 11, 2008

1) The Wreck MUST have been professionally made. That means someone somewhere actually paid for the cake. (We go by the theory that if you're paid to do it, you're a "professional".)

2) What NOT to send: excessively gory or obscene cakes (kitty-litter cakes included), or anything you were forwarded by e-mail (trust me: whatever it is, I've seen it).

3) If possible, rather than sending me a whole website link, pick some of your favorites and just send me the links to those.

4) I generally credit submitters by first name and last initial. If you don't want your name attached, be sure to mention that in the e-mail. If you do want you name attached, make sure your name is written somewhere in the e-mail.

5) Don't have a wreck, but just want to say "hi"? Please do! I absolutely LOVE hearing from all of you!

6) I've reached the point now where I can no longer answer every single e-mail. This is both good (lots of e-mails) and bad (no time to answer them all). So, if you're just submitting a cake photo, you may not hear back from me personally. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

7) Fellow bloggers: no need to ask my permission to link to Cake Wrecks; feel free. (And thanks for all the shout-outs!)

Thanks, all!