Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tour Wreck - UPDATE

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hi all,

Unfortunately, disaster has struck our CW "World" Tour: John is currently in the ICU in a Dallas hospital with pneumonia, and now I've been hit with the sick stick as well. I had hoped to make it to the Austin show today by hopping a flight out this morning, but, well, let's just say my "gut instinct" is to stay near the "porcelain throne." Heh. (Ug.)

I cannot tell you how heart sick I am over this.

As it stands right now, we are canceling the Austin and Kansas City tour stops. Depending on how John and I are doing, we may still be able to make it to Bethesda and/or New York City, but it's too soon to say. Stay tuned to my Twitter feed for all the gory details, and I'll also update here on the blog when I know more.

Thank you all for your well-wishes, and please know that I am so truly sorry. (Especially for the bakers - guys, I promise I will make this up to you somehow.) A re-scheduling is not completely out of the question, but we'll just have to see what happens.

In the meantime, prayers, warm wishes, good thoughts, rain dances, etc., are all very much appreciated. It really stinks to be sick and alone away from home.

UPDATE: More bad news: in addition to the pneumonia, John has developed a staph infection in his blood. He's in critical condition, and so won't be leaving the ICU - much less the hospital - for many days. I'm moving to a hotel closer to the hospital so I can be with him, and I'm afraid this means that the rest of the tour is off. :(

Thank you all again for being so wonderful. Believe it or not, John is still moderating your comments from his hotel bed (talk about an addiction...), so please comment here if you'd like to say hello to him. Better yet: tell him your best joke. He's bored, and needs the laughs right now.

(Hey all! Anne-Marie here! Don't worry, I'm robust and healthy up here in Maine, publishing your comments like crazy! 334 as of a minute ago! John, Jen and all their little viral buddies are loving all the jokes and well wishes. Thanks so much!)
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Caitlin C. said...

I definitely know how miserable it is to be sick far away from home. I did a study abroad trip in Europe for six weeks a couple of summers ago, and in the middle of one of our small group free travel weekends, I got some nasty bug. Try walking around Amsterdam in the middle of summer with a fever and aching stomach while the rest of your group is all anxious to see as much of Amsterdam as possible! Trust me, not as easy as it sounds. In the end I had to let my group go do their thing (because I was only slowing them up) and just sit in a park all by myself for the rest of the day (oh yeah, did I mention our hostel was in another town so I couldn't go back and lie down until that night?). It was a beautiful park, but still. It sucks when you're sick and traveling, because traveling involves, y' know, MOVEMENT. And when you feel like a dead slug, movement is pretty much out of the question.

Still, I'm glad you guys were able to make it to Powell's, but I hope you get to reschedule your tour dates eventually so everyone gets to behold your awesomeness. :P

But yeah. Health first. Then awesomeness.

OH HEY. And here's a stupid joke. So. Some wreckporters are eating a wrecky clown cake, and one of them says to the other, "Hey, does this taste funny to you?"

...Well, I said it was stupid. But seriously, did you hear about the crematorium that gives discounts to burn victims?

Wow, this comment is way too long. kthxbai

Rachel said...

Get well soon! Damn the germs to the seventh circle of cake wreck hell!!!


Jane said...

Get well soon both of you.
As for a joke, how about;
Two elephant fell off a cliff.....Boom, boom.
Sorry jokes not my forte.
Take care and hope you feel better soon.

Lucille Ball Jr. said...

get well soon john and jen!
i would say a joke, but every time i try to be funny i am not, and when i am serious people laugh their faces off! um, weird.
p.s. that is why i call myself Lucille Ball Jr.

Isabella B. said...

Dear John and Jen,

I hope both get better soon. It is not always easy being sick away from home.

This is the first time I have replied to your blog, I think I will do it more often.

Isabella B.
London, England

Rachael Lea said...

Please get well, both of you! I'm sorry to hear you're stuck away from home.

I was planning on attending at Bethesda tonight with my family, but just got the e-vite cancellation. (I haven't been to the blog in a couple of days.) Selfishly, I hope you can reschedule, but getting well is the first order of business.

CathyBB said...

Which do you prefer I put on your hypothetical virtual cake?

"Get" Well Soon

Get "Well" Soon


Get Well "Soon"

=) I bet someone else already posted these in the last 1200 comments, huh? Well I'm not really a wreckerator, so I do mean it.

Wish I could ask which hospital you are currently uh, vacationing in... I have two close friends who are ER docs at Dallas hospitals. At any rate, know that they have a lot of talented medical folk there, so I'm sure you're in good hands!

Caroline said...

Favorite joke:

Two cupcakes were in the oven. One says to the other,"Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?"

The other says "AAAAAUGH! Talking cupcake!!!"

kimc said...

Please get well soon and completely!

I read all the posts and I can't believe how many repeats of jokes!
Here's mine:

Why was the blond overjoyed when she finished the jigsaw puzzle in only six weeks?

Because the box said, "Two to four years"!

These I learned when I was in fourth grade:

There were two cows standing on a hill. the first cow says, "Moooooo."
the second cow says, "Bahhhhh"
the first cow says, "What do you mean 'bahhhh', you're a cow!?!?"
the second cow says, "I'm takin' up a foreign language!"

And this is my all time favorite:

Where do you find most of the fish?
Between the head and the tail!

Caitlin C. said...

P.S. I forgot to mention that later on the same study abroad trip, when we were in Italy, I got a nasty eye infection and had to go spend my rapidly dwindling money on a clinic bill and prescription eye drops...instead of souvenirs. ;_;

Also, it was blazing hot and sunny in Florence, and I got dragged away from seeing MICHELANGELO'S DAVID (SADDEST DAY EVER, but at least I got a glimpse of him) just to go to the clinic. And the doctor was like, "Avoid bright lights!" And then I had to walk around Italy with my bright sunlight. My poor eye constantly felt like it had a handful of sand in it and was all watery and gross.

But anyway, yeah. Definitely been there. Not to the point of hospitalization, but still. It sucks. A lot. Get better!!

dreya@eat my cake said...

What's the fastest cake in the world??



(geddit... it's gone.. s'gone ...scone!)

what's the second fastest cake in the world??



(meringue, but fast!)


CrankyOtter said...

OMG! Just sent my mom a Cakewrecks book (along with the image of the cake with the toe sticking up on a card) to wish her well in recovery from surgery to fix her toes, which were pointing upward just like the weird cake.

So sorry to hear the bad health news. Wonder if there's something in the air in Dallas, a good friend of mine went there on a one day work trip and wound up in ICU for 2 weeks after emergency surgery to untwist her guts. Yours sounds both better and worse. Best of good wishes for getting better soon to the people who bring so much good natured, sweet, delicious cheer to the masses.

verify: comon = common misspellings

sendingtheclowns said...

I haven't been on here in ages, and this horrible turn -upside-down of events is a like a kick in the gut!!!!
Oh, my GOD.
I am so sorry to hear about John~ and Jen's sick, too, now??
I'm so scared for you!
This is ridiculous and unreal...!
My heartfelt thoughts and prayers and good vibes are shooting out to you at the speed of light.
You all HAVE to get well.
You just have to!!!

Deb P. said...

I hope you're both much better soon, and thanks for all of the cheer you bring. John, I've been hospitalized with staph infections before, and I know they are just not a bit of fun...hang in there!

--Deb Patterson
Nashville, TN

Deb Patterson said...

Oh, and some silly cow jokes (begging your pardon if they are already submitted by someone else)

Q. What do you call a cow that has just given birth?

A. Decaffeinated!

Q. What do you call a cow with no legs?

A. Ground beef!

Q. What do you call a cow in your front yard?

A. A lawn moo-er. (yes, yes, I can hear the groans now) :)

Sarah said...

Okay, the best joke I know:
What do you call Winnie The Pooh's Grandmother?
Go ahead, say it out loud.
Heh heh...
Please get better soon!!!

Jen said...

Sending you good thoughts and healthy sister told this joke to her kindergarten class:

Do you know how to catch a polar bear?

You cut a hole in the ice and put peas all around it. Then, when the polor bear shows up to take a pea, you kick him in the ice-hole.

I'm sure the teacher was anxious to meet my parents at conference time.

LaRissa said...

I'm very bumbed about the tour being cancled:( But more inportantly I hope you both get better your in my prayers! (here is my joke: So two guys walk into a bar and the third one yells "Duck") OK OK lame but I tried!

Anonymous said...

Okay, as someone who HAS read all 1200+ comments, here is a variation on a joke I have seen waaaaaaaaaay too many times.

Two cupcakes were in the oven. One says to the other,"Gee, it's getting hot in here, isn't it?"

The other says "Hot? Just wait. Right now, you're only half baked!"

(Kinda like this joke or am I going to get creamed for saying so?) Happy to hear you both are feeling better!

Bryna said...

OMG! I'm just catching up on reading and I hope all is well! I hope you are happily reading over comments and are fit as a fiddle at this point.

Sending "Happy Healthy Cake Wishes" your way!

lori said...

Oh, boy. I'm late to this post, but I sure hope things have brightened for you two.

Best wishes for the speediest of recoveries!

SeriousCakes said...

My dad used to tell this joke all the time, not very funny but it should at least make you smile:

A string walks into a bar and orders a drink. The bartender says, "Hey, we don't serve strings!" and throws the poor string out. The string ties his head into a knot and fluffs out the top. He walks back into the bar and orders again. The bartender says, "Hey, aren't you that string I just threw out a minute ago?"
The string answered, "No, I'm a frayed not!"

Love and hope things are on the mend,
SeriousCakes from youtube :D

Anonymous said...

Hey John and Jen,
Hope you feel better soon and get to do the rest of the tour!!

Melch said...

I hope you both feel better soon! What a doozy. The last story I heard was one of the few mass e-mail forwards that have made me lol.

A blind woman and her seeing eye dog are regular passengers on a flight from Seattle to Los Angeles. On this flight, they are forced to make a stop at Sacramento for an hour or so and the airline decides to give their passengers a chance to stretch their legs, etc. As everybody else files out of the plane, the pilot calls back "Cathy, do you need to get out and stretch your legs?" She has no need and answers, "no, but Buddy may want to." So the pilot debarks the plane and customers scatter and scramble to switch flights and airlines when they see their pilot exiting the plane with the aid of a seeing eye dog.

Shadrach said...

I hope you're feeling better! I'll be praying for you.

Shelly said...

Hi Jen and John,
So, nothing cures like a mention in Food & Wine Magazine! Way to go. I served cake at your signing in Dallas and loved every minute. Your fans are adoring and awesome!! Did I mention "AWESOME?"
Take care to get well soon, both of you. Tours will come around again. Only one of each of you:)

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, both of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jnamow said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery from Alaska. Get well soon, then come visit us up here! In Alaska! In February!

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