Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wreckies of the Month

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's been a while since we featured the handiwork our noble and crafty henchpersons, so here, without further ado, is what had us in stitches this month:

Get it? Stitches? Eh?

(Wait. Does crochet use "stitches?" )

This was made by Regina W., who was inspired by the classic Cycloptic Smiley Clover of Despair.

(What, you don't remember the Cycloptic Smiley Clover of Despair? How could you forget the Cycloptic Smiley Clover of Despair?!? The Cycloptic Smiley Clover of Despair is a classic. CLASSIC, I say!)

Next we have a slightly more edible homage, which the lucky Becky F. received for her birthday:

Gotta love the ring of "sprinkles."

Then there's, uh, this:

This baby shower cake is actually a Wreck to the third power: Sharon K. made the Jockey homage for her sister's shower, but en route to the party had a brake-slamming incident which resulted in...well, what you see here. Good thing they were already going for a Wreck, huh? :D

Laura M., ran into the most bizarre problem I've ever heard of while trying to order her own Wreck homage: the bakery told her they couldn't do anything, and I quote, that the "Cake Wreckers do, because that's a trademark."

Note to bakers: yes, you can, and no, it's not. (Well, the name is, sure, but feel free to use the popular stuff like "I want sprinkles" or "falker satherhood.")

So, left with no other choice, Laura made her own cake wreck:

And what a lovely wreck it is, too. :)

Next we have Megan T.'s gravity-defying homage:

Megan would like to point out that the jockeys are riding candy corn, thereby making them seasonably appropriate. And also tasty.

By now I'm sure you are all familiar with the classic Good Luck in China/Fireman cake. (And if not, go read Scott's story immediately.) Well, when Jenni T. got a new job, her colleagues made her some impressively wrecky versions of said classic:

There were actually two more, but these were the most amusing. ;)

And finally, Max from Freed's Bakery in Las Vegas put together a fun video of a little literal cake wrecking. Check it out:

Looks like fun. Well, except for the icing-in-the-hair part. [shudder]

Have something wrecks-related to show us? Then send it in! We just might post it. And we even promise not to mock your efforts. Much.
SuBee said...

Does Laura M. hold the copyright on her Happy Falkersatherhood cake?
I'd like to order one for my own Falker's Satherhood.
It's beautiful.

Marie said...

That video was awesome! Really made my day.

OtherRobert said...

Methinks a bakery was too paranoid about winding up on this website so they used the copyright bs to get out of the job.

Maureen said...

Awesome post! Totally awesome video, really well done how they edited that. Thanks Jon and Jen!

Suzanne said...

I love every one of these cakes! And how cool of the Freed's bakery to put some fencing in the middle of the video! En garde!

wv: partax Please hold our swords while we partax of this cake.

Classic Steve said...

Those "Good luck" cakes look even worse than the original. Now that's Stylistic Suck!

Anonymous said...

I love the occasional misspelling of the word sprinkles on the monkey cake!These cakes are a thing of wreckiness and a joy forever! Or at least until they get eaten.

Anonymous as always, because I am too lazy to set up an account and don't want another password to remember.

Lissy said...

Love, love, love the wrecks of the month... They were all awesome! YAH to Freed's Bakery!!

JL said...

Jen, I know the site has to be profitable, but I'm getting an RBC pop-up window that covers a significant portion of the text, and you can't get rid of it except by clicking on it. Grrr.

Donna said...

Most of the cakes look cute. The spelling is bad, but I would cover that up with some almonds or something... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey JL,

Thanks for the heads up about the pop up. We have removed that provider from our site.

John (The Hubby of Jen)

Liz said...

For my best friend's 13th birthday, I made her a cake. It was awesome, and multi-tired, and homemade by a twelve year old. I was going to submit it to Sunday Sweets, but, at the party, we were all a little too jacked up on sugar...the cake now stands as a testament to frosting facails and beautiful fondant-covered crumbs.


Jenni said...

I am so excited about my good luck cakes appearing on cake wrecks :¬) as are my wreck makers!

The other two are equally appalling, and I laughed til I cried when all four were unveiled. (it did also mean that 5 of us had to eat 4 chocolate cakes between us - dammit!)

thanks cake wrecks, we love you :¬)

Anonymous said...

That first fireman has a creeeeeeepy grin! 8-| And where's his OTHER hand?

kayk said...

Regina W. has too much time on her hands and should be barred from yarn shops everywhere.

A Paperback Writer said...

I love how sprinkles is misspelled, too ("sprinkels").

Ariane said...

My very, very nearly 3yr old looked at the wreck to the third power and said "I want that for my birthday! I like it."

I'm taking this to mean she has a keen eye for humour, and not as an indictment of my cake making skills. :)

FelixAndAva said...

Yes, crocheting uses stitches. Check out for more info. :)

Lissanee said...

Let me guess, the London office got that for Thursday Next when she took the Literatec job in Swindon?

mystic_eye_cda said...

Do the baker's maybe mean that the cakes on cakewrecks are copyrighted by the original baker/bakery?

Then again they copy things out of magazines all the time? I'd assume that Martha Stuart is more likely to copyright her design than say Costco or your neighbourhood bakery.

Anonymous said...

Thankyouthankyouthankyou for posting the Vegas cake bash.

I very much needed the laugh today.

I'd send you some of my Star Wars stuff, but it's not in response to any Wrecks, they're just wrecks in and of themselves, though my son loved them.

Ever try to make Yoda in cake? Or a Wampus? *sigh* Do you know the only way to see a Wampus long enough to TRY to draw one is to freeze frame a StarWars ps2 game? Horrific.


wv winednme -- I need more wined-n-me to survive more CCC wrecks.

Anonymous said...

love the reverse wreckage! (the video where the wreck is put back together on rewind)

those flesh colored hoses are still creepy

wv: supher. Supher job, everybody!

Lily Marie :) said...

Hahahahahhaha about the bakeries worried about trademark (or possibly just avoiding screwing up something that was supposed to be a wreck and making it more wrecked and having hundreds of wreck fans LAUGHing at them?!!?!!?)

Also, the first time I looked at todays post, I thought the good luck/fireman cakes had a wrecked spelling of Sweden on them.. you know, instead of china, some one was going to Sweden.

It took looking at the post twice to realize that didnt make any sense. ( although when does it ever with wrecks? )

Anonymous said...


Psychocat said...

So that's why there were frosting-covered folks wandering around Sunset Park last weekend! I thought that one of the other groups at the Renaissance Faire had had another cake battle using the trebuchet again...

Anonymous said...

I must say that I love your site it makes me smile at times I never want to smile at and I thank you heartily for that.

Cinders said...

Does anyone know the name and artist of the song in the Vegas cake video?

Anonymous said...

Hi Cinders,
The band goes by the name of Leeward Fate and the song is tentatively called "The Cake Song" for the moment... We kind of ran out of creative juices when it came time to name the song : )

Max @ Freed's Bakery

Carolyn said...

Thanks, Jen, for posting Max's Freed's Bakery video. I used to work as a decorator for them and they've always been awesome! I am so excited that my favorite cake site and my favorite bakery have finally met! YEA!

Debbie Bell said...

I actually made the monkey cake for becky, her friends ordered is to be a "cake wreck" and I was looking at this site, and saw my cake!! I am honored!!! I loved spelling words wrong on purpose!!!!

Aliza said...

*Loved* Megan's cake. Particularly since those giant balloons looked more like... sperm factories... than the usual sperm! And the troop of corn-jockies definitely earned a snort of laughter :)

Becky's cake is a Wreck perfection!

And I agree with @OtherRobert, the bakery was probably too afraid of ending up here on a Mon-Fri. Clearly, CW strikes terror into the hearts of untalented (and know it) bakers everywhere :)

Anonymous said...

Freed's Bakery: wouldn't that be a cake un-wrecking?

Anonymous said...

I dont even know what to say about some of these disasters lol.... that peach one is supposed to be a baby shower cake? HOW?

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