Friday, December 17, 2010

Our 1000th Post!

Holy Schnikes, Wreckies, can you believe this is our 1,000th Cake Wrecks post?!?

Yeah. So can I. ("Hey, John, write up another apology. This time you ticked off Weimaraner owners.")

Still, we've come a long way since that night I was bored and thought someone piping "under neat that" on a cake warranted a goofy cake blog. 'Course, at the time, I didn't think a cake could get much worse.


Yep. We've come a loooong way, baby.

We've discovered the uncharted horrors of the cupcake cake [patooie!]:

Delved into the creeptastic world of cakey cannibalism:

Learned to put numbers in their proper place:

Not to mention quotation marks!

Then there are the mounds of pastry poo, unintentionally suggestive turkeys, wedding day disasters...oh! And the hardest word in the English language to spell:

I like it.

But *most* importantly, we've learned what giant golf balls are called:

Say it with me, now:

Mission: Space!

Many thanks to wreckporters Kimberly F., Christopher T., Kathryn H., Cyndi P., Dao, Erin B., Jr M., & Kellie B., who all got that joke.

I hope.


CCC Day #5

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.

Please click here to donate your dollar via First Giving.


  1. Congrats on the thousandth post! Here's to another thousand!

  2. Congratulations on your accomplishments; keep up the good work!

    Chubby Yummy

  3. Oh, no, I think you're mistaken... I think that that cake, while not a great cake, is supposed to be Epcot!


    I STILL love that post. The comments were epic!

    Congratulations on your 1000th post!!! That's amazing. I still love coming to your site every day.

    I rarely post, but you make me smile all the time. Yesterday's post had me giving myself away at work.

    I hope you keep going strong. You are really one of my favorite places to visit. Congrats again!

  4. I'm starting a betting pool for guessing how many "Epcot" references this post will generate.

    wv: sweratin. "To sweratin Epcot cake makes you feel better, but to swearata wreckerator REALLY makes you feel better."

  5. Wow! 1ooo posts -- amazing! Thank you for bringing a smile to my face every day!

    Also thank you thank you thank you for making TWLOHA your ccc for today. What a great organization! We need to get rid of the stigma of depression and support those hurting. So, again, thank you!

  6. Congratulations on your 1000th "post", Jen and John! I'm looking forward to thousands more! ;-)

  7. Actually, you wouldn't call it "Epcot." It's Spaceship Earth.

  8. "Happy" Burthday!

    Udder Neat That


  9. And I have read every last one of them! Keep up the good work! It may seem like a "silly cake blog," but having a daily guaranteed smile (and often a belly laugh) is a great thing, and many of us need it.

    To a thousand more!


  10. Congradulations! And "thanks" for all the laughs. I love your blog.

  11. Congratulations on your 1000th post! May there be many, many more.

  12. I'm thinking the first "Wreck" is a reference to the rather apathetic Kim Pine from the Scott Pilgrim comics & movie.

    Regardless, congrats on your 1000th post!

  13. Contrabulations! And it can't be Mission: Space when it's so CLEARLY The Living Seas.

  14. john (the hubby of Jen)December 17, 2010 at 10:01 AM


    Email me with your concerns.


  15. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That's Epcot! I'm pretty sure the giant golf ball is Epcot! I don't care that you made the cake, thus should know what it is! ;)

    In all seriousness, I worked at Mission: SPACE so the shout out made my day. :D

  16. I don't get the Weimaraner reference, & I own one. :^|

    "Keep on Wrecking", thogh!

    below that put a smilly face

    ......Did I do it right? xD

  17. Congtulations Jen & John - here's to 1000 more wrecks!

    wv - blegish, as in the fish ccc (patooie) makes me wanna blegish all over my desk

  18. Congradulations
    oh heck with it...

    "Yeah!" You did it!


    I'm under my desk in preparation of another EPCOT...

    Love your blog and have read it all - great stuff. You. Guys. Rock!

    wv: hailin: Hailin, hailin the gang's all here!

  19. Happy 1000th post. And may it be an Epcot.

  20. Congrats on the 1000th post, looking forward to the next 1000 and all the laughs they will bring.

    ... also looking forward to many more sunday sweets (secretly my favorite part... wait, well okay, now not secretly ... the jig is up)

    Thanks for this and epbot, love 'em both!

  21. Cogradutions!!!

    Manny hapy returns of the blog!!

    Keep up the "good" work!!

    Epcot! Epcot! Epcot! LOL

    May you be bloggin for many more thousands.


    Wv - intwini - I love the intwini of wit between wrecks.

  22. Congratulations!!! Epcots all around!

  23. Congrats on your 1000th post!!

    Also -- To Write Love on Her Arms is a wonderful choice! My family lost my beautiful 17-yr old cousin in May of 2009 to suicide and TWLOHA works very hard to help as many people to NOT go thru that as possible. In fact, on what would've been Charlie's 18th birthday, our family and her friends held a benefit in our little town for TWLOHA and managed to donate about 4x what we thought we would. The love and support we received (from so many sources) thru all of this has been invaluable and I love the work they do, in making sure those who need that help and support receive it.

    It makes me tear up to see you guys mention them, get the word out and help others. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!

  24. In honor of your 1000 post, I shall now type "EPCOT" 1000 times!!!


    oh look, shiney!

  25. Congrats on your success!!! Yay Disney reference!

  26. Congratulations on 1000! These posts keep a smile on face every day... a smile and looks of absolute bewilderment.

    And I have to say that every time I see a 51th or 21th or simply a 1th, I imagine that it's a secret homage to Colin Firth. It makes the cake seem so much more special. ;)

  27. Congratulations on 1000!!!
    underneat that
    Hope we get to read another thousand!

  28. Congratulations (is that how you *really* spell it?) on your 1000th post!

  29. Sandy C also in SoFlaDecember 17, 2010 at 10:46 AM

    Congtulatons! "on your 1000th" post. Luv you bunches and cannot get thru a morning at work without getting a dose of wrectaluar disasters.

    As long as there are blind, two left handed Sandra Lees in the world, you will have material.

  30. DITTO all of the thanks & congrats!

  31. hi jen and john!! i'm one of your devoted daily readers. the blog totally makes my days. could i make a request?? could there be a link on your main page to all the CCC donations?? i like to see the progress of each day's donations, and i have to go back to each post to click on the link to see how far they're coming along. just a thought. THANK YOU!! and carry on with the wreckiness!! :)

  32. Ha! The "Happy 61th Birthday" kills me. I absolutely love visiting your blog, thank you for bringing humor to my day! Hope y'all have a great holiday season :)

  33. Congrats on the 1000th post!

    And a "Holmes on Homes" wrap cake? How awesome is that? (come on Canada, you know what I'm talkin' about!) Only like my favourite. show. ever!!

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  34. Conga..tu..cond...."Well Done" on your 1000st post!

    'She liked Chocolate'...I think I'd like that on my tombstone.....

  35. Thank you for sponsoring TWLOHA. My youngest daughter self-mutilated, not for long, thank God. She just passed the two year mark celebrating no more cutting, and is tattooing Love on her arm to commererate. She is a beautiful, healthy young adult with great compassion for those who suffer through this kind of pain.

    And thank you for making us laugh on a daily basis - we need more laughter in the world!

  36. Did I mention that the wreakiness of the Holmes on Homes cake is hilarious, considering what the show is about??

  37. Happy happy 1000th. And a gratuitous Epcot thrown in just because I can.

    May I have a tour now of this famous Epcot bunker I've been hearing about? I'll bring the chocolate covered pretzels.

    P.S. If I don't find your calendar at my local bookstore today, I'll give in and buy it online.

    Wandering off to donate a dollar on my way to the bunker.


  38. Congratulations! I wanted to say how excited i was when a friend of mine gave me the 2011 Cakewrecks calendar for a Christmas it!

  39. that nip slip on that pregnancy cake? Some particularly haunting cakes on your 1000th post. Congrats, Cake Wrecks! And thanks for making each day a bit brighter with the horrors of the cake world and your wit.

  40. You're 1000nd post! Conjugalations! Hapthy I am for you! "In red with ranbow sprinkels!!"

  41. Congratulations! Your blog is terrific!

  42. CONGTULATIONS on your 1000th post! On this day in history, let them wreck cakes!!

  43. Wait, I'm confused, I thought the giant ball in Epcot was Spaceship Earth. Isn't Mission: SPACE the flight simulator? Did I miss the joke?

    *so confused*

  44. Congreatu--, er...
    Contragul--, um...
    Congratulations, you crazy kids!

    Who knew?! Here's to many more!

  45. Congtulations on your 1000st "post"!

  46. Congtulations on your 1000st "post"!

  47. Oh, never mind, I skipped over the "thanks" bit. dur-da-dur.

  48. Congratulations!

    I got the joke - I could tell by the font :)

    Love your blog!

  49. to write love on her arms is a truly amazing organization. I'm in high school right now, and every year the kids at our school write "love" on other people's arms. Some people are skeptical and say that doing awareness campaigns doesn't actually accomplish anything, but they do encourage people to donate, and when you have the word love written 20 times on your arms, you really do feel loved. Thanks!

  50. condrads on your epoc poo filled caked out day...did you get a wrecked out cake to celebrated the spacious occasion? hopefully it was suggestive and fun :0 )...LOVE CAKE WRECKS

  51. #1 The 'I don't care' comes through loud & clear.

    #2 'Happy Boatday, Robin?'

    #3 Intriguing pattern. Too bad they couldn't have put it on a real cake.

    #5 "What's the rule on numbers?" "All numbers after '3' end in 'th'." "Oh yeah -- I forgot. Thanks."

    #7 I don't know a 'Carey', Honey. Honest. And I have no idea what 'congtulations' means.

    #8 A giant puffball? I shudder to think what might be inside. It isn't EP-- er, whatever-it-is-called because it isn't gray and fuzzy-looking.

    Happy 1000st post. I'll bring the marshmallows and the blue frosting to the shelter (since I'm a guy, I don't really care if the frosting matches the decor) -- someone else be sure to bring the army surplus angel food cake and the trowel. We'll use whatever is handy for the 'decoration', food-safe or not.

  52. Conglautlions on your 1000rd post!

    My 3 year old son looked at the baby shower cake and said "BungeSpob!" aka "Spongebob!"

  53. Happy 1,000th! Here's to many more!

  54. WOOepcotHOO! CONGTepcotULAepcotTIONS!

    Seriously, you guys and the blog are the highlight of my day. Thanks for all you do!

  55. I keep repeating the word sixty-oneth in my head. I like it.

  56. People are at their most creative and/or most dangerous when bored. Condragulitions on 1000rd posed.

    wv: tronutum ... the place where cakes cycle off the grid.

  57. "Congretulatoins!" on you're 1000nd post. It has been "amazing." !

  58. Cungrab.....kongra....Congrtult....Good Job!

  59. Congratulations on 1000 marvelous posts!

  60. Craig - Nice Sandra Lee reference there!

    I do see an epcot a-brewin!

    I'll bring some eggnog to the shelter - it goes great with gingerbread... things...

    Love your blog and facebooked a request for everyone I know to come join in the donating.

  61. Speaking of words that are hard to spell... Well, I don't know if you have Millie's Cookies in America, but if not then it's a chain of cookie shops, usually just a little counter, in shopping centres. Normally, they don't do masses of icing- and now I see why. Passing a week or two ago, I saw a luridly and wobbily iced giant cookie reading 'Merry Critmas!' Sadly, I had neither camera nor phone with me at the time.

  62. Conratulations, no congatulations, no congralations, oh what the heck, well done on 1,000 posts!

  63. A huge mazal tov on 1000 posts (see, an easy way to avoid spelling "congratulations"!). May we get to enjoy many, many, many more :)

    Love your blog-- it's the only one I read daily. It just makes my day better. And funnier :) And is fun to share

    When you were in junior high, and people asked you what you wanted to do with your lives, who would have thought the answer would be "Make thousands of people, all over the world, giggle each and every day by disseminating funny captions on pictures of ugly cakes". Definitely a benefit of the Internet!

    PS Yup, the Holmes on Homes wreck is particularly humorous since the show's about fixing home reno wrecks. (Wow, CanCon two days in a row! I guess all the retirees have descended on Florida?)

    PPS I see nothing wrong with wearing a label "she likes chocolate". yup works for me!

    PPPS Epcot. HAD to say it ;)

    WV scloc. a wreckerator's mispelling of "schlock". Definition: something cheap or inferior, or shoddy.

  64. YAY!! 1000!! Happy Epcot!

    @Kayk That's at least two so far.....

  65. Woohoo!! Congrats Jen & John!! Thank you so much for all the hard work & long hours you put into this blog!! I love reading it everyday and giggling at the "wrongness" of these tasty delights!!

    p.s. I was really excited to see a cake for Mike Holmes!! I love that man and his shows!!! :) :)

  66. I heart Cake Wrecks. You guys write the only blog I've seen that manages to be creative, witty, intelligent, funny, and yet still remain PG-rated. Even better? Frequent references to all the movies and tv shows and books beloved by millions of geeks but denigrated by the current pop-culture-fashion world! Thanks for making geek-dom downright cool!

    Thanks for 1000 hilarious posts, and keep 'em coming!

  67. Oh my God. That pregnancy cake . . . well it takes the cake. :O I just wish someone would actually take that cake and wrap it up as a White Elephant gift. Sheesh. And a million KUDOS to the 1,000th post & to choosing TWLOHA for the charity today!! <3

  68. Congrats on your 1000th post! Looking forward to the 1001th and many more after that!

  69. Congtulations (did I get it right? Er, wrong???) on your 1000st post! And I'm a Weimaraner owner, too!

  70. Congratulations!

    That one for the contractors (Holmes on Holmes) is just too wonderfully ironic to be true. I'm almost sorry it's here. It deserves its own post, LOL!

  71. Congratulations! Or should that be "Congatulations"?

  72. Do you think you'll find enough wrecks for another 1000 posts??? lol... nevermind.

  73. Congradtulahuns!

    I recently bought my sister a cake to celebrate her good news- treatment was successful and she's now cancer free! So I wanted, "Congratulations on being cancer free!" written on the cake. Many long minutes later the lady comes back out and says, "I'm sorry, I feel really stupid, but do you mind spelling 'congratulations for me?"

    Needless to say, I almost misspelled it just for kicks, but I was too proud of her for admitting her flaws to torture her like that.

  74. "Congratulations" on the 1000st post.
    Mornings on the interweb wouldn't be the same without you!

  75. Congratulations on a blog well done!!

    I visit often for mirth and merriment and am never disappointed!!

    Here's to 1000 more!! :D

  76. Congratulations guys! Thanks for all the laughs! Can't wait to read the next thousand posts!

    I also want to say that I especially appreciate today's charity! Wonderful choice...thank you.

    WV: dineu. "I dineu what I'd do without my daily Cake Wrecks!"

  77. Contagrulations (yes that was intentional) on your 1000th post! Next stop 1,000,000! You guys make my day. Every day.

  78. Contgrats on post 1000 and may there be many thousands to come.

    I'm pretty sure that's EPCOT there at the end!

    Love you guys!

    Happy 1000 and many many more!


  79. Congratulations on your 1000th post! I've been reading you since very near the beginning and am just now starting my own blog! Here's hoping ours will be near as successful as yours. :)

  80. "Congradalations" on your 1000sd post! You've proven again and again that you have waaaaay too much time on your hands!

  81. Happy to have read EVERY SINGLE post you've done. May you go forth into the future (or ride down gently backward as on Mission: Space) with Wreckmania! :)

  82. Yes, that last cake is the infamous Mission Space olive line. Less intense than the orange, but more nauseating than the green!

  83. Forgive me if someone beat me to it, but... I believe it's actually called "Epcot".

  84. Contulations on yur a-thousandth post!

  85. On the subject of the belly cake my brother's girlfriend looked through the Cake Wrecks book and when she came to the belly cakes she actually likes them and it now saying that when the time comes she wants me to make her one. I've tried to explain why I don't want to make it for her but she does not seem to get why it's a bad idea.

  86. Conga-rats on your 1000th (or, in the spirit of things, 1000st) post!

    The Holmes wreck made me giggle, because I believe I saw that one on one of his shows. My husband adores Mike Holmes and has watched every H-on-H episode, so I'll have to show it to him.

  87. Congradulititationses on 1000 posts!

    Regarding the top one: I've found the wreckplica I want someone to make me on my next birthday.

  88. I appreciate the irony of the cake for Holmes on Homes (who make homes right) that is so spectacularly not right. Maybe Mike Holmes can fix it?

    Congratulations on finding cakes for 1000 posts.

  89. I forgot to comment: nice Tommy Boy reference!!!

    That's gonna leave a mark!

  90. I saw that Holmes on Homes cake when they aired the show and totally thought, "Oh! I hope someone got a photo of that cake to send to Cake Wrecks!

    Congtualtions Jen, John and Number 1!

    Shelley in So. IL

  91. Nicole

    Congratulatulatulations (deliberately spelled in wreckorator fashion) on the 1000th post! Keep 'em coming, pretty please!

  92. Jen and John, congrats on your 1000th post-keep the fun, wit, and humor going for another thousand - and another!

    Is the first line of this post a subtle homage to the TV Batman and Robin? Sure sounds like it, and if so, I love it!

    Thanks for the daily dose of laughter - I look forward to visiting your site each morning.

  93. Congrats, John and Jen (and the newly inducted Numbah 1)

    Hey, don't you think that last cake looks a bit like Epcot?

  94. Is there a way to see how the charities you are sponsoring are doing all at once? I would love to know if we are getting close to the goals each day.

  95. Epi 1000nd Birfday, Cake Wrex!

  96. "Congraduates" on your 1000rd post, Jen, John and Number 1. "Great Job" I can't believe I've read that many (and since I re-read so many I'm probably in the 2000 and up point)! Here's to your next 1000st. And come on people, everybody knows that the giant golf ball thing is called Spaceship Jupiter. Oh wait, I'm sorry its called Spaceship Epcot. A round of Epcots for everyone on me. Woooohoooo

    WF: encybes: These cakes make my encybes sick.

  97. Happy 1000th post!! :-D Can't wait for the next 10000000000!

  98. Congulations on yore 1000st post.

    "Thanks" for the mammaries.

    Under neat that.

    She likes Cake Wrecks in blue frosting! Whatever. I don't care.

  99. "Congradutations"
    on your
    "1000th" post.
    And udder neat
    "best witchs"

  100. "Congradultalatons" on yur wun thowzunth post! Keep up thE goood woRk!

    Ah, I do enjoy my Daily Wreckage! :D


  101. "Congratumatations" on your 1000th Post ;)

    Keep 'em coming!

  102. Wow! 1000! I'm sending you a carrot-jockey-drawn carriage shaped like "Epcot" (*smirk*) to take you on a royal ride to a beautiful "garden" of phallic-flowers and poo-lined lanes, marked with redundant and misspelled signs. It's the least I can do for you guys after all the guffaws you've elicited.
    Thanks! And please don't stop now!

  103. 61th? Am I the 61th person to comment? Am I the 61th person to notice that 61th isn't a number???

  104. Congrdu...congattu....contuta...oh stuff it, well done on your 1,000th post and thanks for always giving me something to smile about.

  105. I leave it to those who are so much more articulate than I to express how much joy you give all of us each day! I'm so glad you decided to make your "little blog"...! Love you both!

  106. L'chaim to your site-it's given me many laughs. And YIKES who knew there were soo many wrecks out there

  107. Congtulations on your 100st post! Ok, I dont even know how to pronounce that spelling!

    Oh, I just wanted to let you know too (maybe this is just on my computer) but the green color that you have made your links is IMPOSSIBLE to read with the background color...maybe just make it a lighter green

  108. I don't read you at work- I save you for the night before I go to bed. I do have weird looking dreams but I get a great laugh to chase away the workday stress.

    The simple things in life are always the best- and Cak Rex, too!!

    -Barbara Anne

  109. Congratulations, Jen & John, on your 1000th post.

    Mission: Space. Classic.

  110. 11 yr old girl in ausDecember 18, 2010 at 12:16 AM

    #1 golf ball looks like epcot

    #2 yesterday me n my bro sang ur song 2gether. great lyrics

    #3 congratulations on 1000th post

  111. YAYAYAYAY for 1000th post

    and YAY for TWLOHA. They are my absolute favorite!

    Love is the Movement :)

  112. Congratulations on this your 1000th post! See I can spell it correctly too lol. Man with wrecks like these there will be many more posts to come.. yay :D

  113. Congrats on a thousand. I've giggled myself through quite a few of days with y'all! I've had to wipe coffee, spit, and cake off off my screen. . .

  114. That fish CCC is quite possibly the greatest cake ever. It's so earnest, yet so ... adorably bad.


  115. Congratulations!!!

    And I think that's actually THE SCARIEST pregnant belly cake you have ever shown us. It's the lopsided undies that really push it over the edge. Ye gods.

    Whatever. I don't care.

  116. By the way, to answer a question you posted a long, long time ago, funny pictures of cakes can be seen any old time. I believe it's called Flickr.

    To make it Cakewrecks, you need the witty commentary. Not to mention the inside jokes, the snarkiness, the pure geekery (is that a word?), and the audience participation. And the singing, can't forget the singing.

    So, happy 1000th. You made it this far for a reason.

  117. Congratulations on the 1000th post; here's to many more! And as hard as I try, I just can't bring myself to spell congrats incorrectly, haha!

  118. contraglasions on your 1000st post!!!!

    You and your team have brought humoUr into our lives daily. We do appreciate your "little blog" so much. Keep on doing what you love.

    Felcitations from Canada.

    wv fooduos - these wrecks are surely food woes

  119. Another Weimaraner owner wishing you "congdratulashuns" on your "1000nth" post!

  120. Congtulations on you're exiting millstone!

    I haven't read all 1,000 yet, but that just gives me more to look forward to...

  121. I sure hope Goueznou meant "exciting" and not "exiting." I just read that and went into immediate panic, shock, and grief in a matter of seconds before reassuring myself "No, no, no. It's okay. Jen and John are not exiting. They're exciting! Yes!" Right?! heh heh (nervous laugh) Right??!! (lip trembling) RIGHT????!!!!

    (I'll be whimpering until I see your 1001st post.)


    1 "congratulations" misspelling
    1 Cake Wreck reference
    1 your/you're mixup
    1 incorrect apostrophe placement
    1 ordinal-number ending mixup
    1 set of unnecessary quotation marks
    And, what the heck, another CW reference


    And here's the cake!

    Underneat that
    I calculate that your'e 2,000nd post will "be" written around late July/early August 2013. IN RED

  123. Congratulations! And thanks for my daily chuckle!

  124. I'm so glad your featured charity is TWLOHA! They have helped countless people, including myself. Thank you.

  125. I think the number on the side of the cake is kinda neat, personally, but wouldn't be the first time my opinion is weird. XD

    Congrats on 1000!

  126. Wow!!!! 1000th posts. When I discovered your site a little over a year ago I spent every day after work reading the archives till I was up to date. I haven't missed a day since. Thank-you for your witt. wv bring: Yeah bring it on another 1000

  127. Many Congratulations, Jen and John.
    I'm proud of both of you for your hard work and sharing your humor and life.
    Here's to shaking off the bad flak, and holding onto the truth!

  128. Congrats on 1,000! Thanks for including TWLOHA in the celebration.

  129. Congratulations! (better late than never, right?)

    May you have a thousand (or so) more!

    Lisa in Austin

  130. Thank you for covering my life with frosting of fun. Not quite sure how to read your blog AND not crave cake (since my arse doesn't care how it's spelled).

    Go team. - Kirsten


  131. The cup cake cake looks like corduroy.


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